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181: 3 Simple Steps to Turning Your Girlfriend On
Are you new to the make out game? Do you know what do to get your all hot bothered? Well it's not as hard as you think. So sit back, take notes, and learn something. Trust me she'll thank you for it later.

182: Are You a Spontaneous Lover?
Have you ever experienced a quickie or are you confined to doing it only in the bedroom? Doing anything outside of your usual sexual habits is being spontaneous but it means something more than trying positions other than missionary. Timing is of the essence if you want to become a spontaneous lover.

183: Balancing Healthy Relationships With Various Men in Our Life
Women enjoy a variety of qualities from many different men in their lives. We can still enjoy and honor a monogamous relationship; however one man is sometimes not enough to fulfill a woman's many needs. We are extremely social creatures and experience unique connections with most everyone we meet. In being ultra sensitive and highly intuitive, most women are naturally compassionate and enjoy nurturing others. Our inherent maternal instincts compel us to console and comfort our family and friends including plenty of men who are organically drawn to our kindhearted nature.

184: Take Home a Hot Girl Tonight - Discover How You Can Make This Happen?
It is 3 am on another Saturday morning and once again you are headed back to your house alone. It is so hard for you to talk to girls. You don't know what to say. You can't even think of a good one liner to open with. When you do screw up your courage and try to talk to a member of the fairer sex, you quickly stick that size 11 in your mouth.

185: Can a Man Be Raped?
In Delhi the capital of India not a day passes when a rape is not reported. There is no doubt that the act of rape is mostly against a woman. But there could be a chance where rape can be against the male as well.

186: Sex Tips for the Creative Person Inside of You
If you are a creative person, someone who likes to write, or make videos, or draw, or make music, why not make use of these interests to enhance your sex life?Instead of looking for sex tips from others who may not share your creativity or imagination, why not rely on your own resources to come up with ideas that will surprise and delight your appreciative partner.

187: Alcohol and Sex - How Alcohol Can Damage Your Sex Life
Perhaps you and your partner would like to improve your sex life but aren't sure where to start. You may even be worried to bring up the subject with them. A solution may be to down a few drinks to get up the courage to talk to them or to make a suggestion on a new move you'd like to try.

188: 7 Ways to Start Improving Your Sex Life Today
It can be a difficult to admit that your sex life is not what you would like it to be but you're not alone. Busy lifestyles and heavy workloads can put pressure on a relationship and especially on your sex life. It is a common problem for most couples in a long term relationship.

189: The 3 Biggest Mistakes Men and Women Make During Sex
Lovemaking between a couple in a committed relationship is an expression of their love and should be an enjoyable and fun act. In a long term relationship, you probably know all the moves and tricks to turn your partner on, right? Perhaps not.

190: Healthy Sex Life - How Food and Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life
You may enjoy sex but can you make it better? One way to improve your sex life is to commit to a healthy eating and exercise regime. That doesn't mean lettuce and lentils for every meal after a 2 hour gym session.

191: Giving Women an Orgasm Is Not Easy - 2 Cunnilingus Tips You Can Use Tonight
If giving orgasms to women was easy we would all have happy and sexually satisfied partners. Alas bringing a woman to a good climax is very difficult if you don't know what you are doing. That's why you should become a master labia licker because cunnilingus is without question the way to give women their best orgasms.

192: How to Perform Oral Sex on a Man - The Very Best Blow Job Techniques to Make a Man Orgasm
This article will show you how to perform oral sex on a man. The three tips are aimed at women who have never sucked a mans penis but want to learn so they can give their man the pleasure he craves for.

193: How to Give Your Man an Incredible Blow Job
Anyone can give a guy fellatio but to give your man an incredible blow job you need to do a bit more than just sucking. The ultimate in oral starts with some teasing and ends in him having the most powerful orgasm of his life. This article will show a three step fellatio guide that will blow his mind.

194: Female Enhancement Supplements and Boosting Female Libido
A lot of women experience a reduction in their libido as they approach and pass through the menopause. This article discusses this issue and female enhancement supplements.

195: How to Make a Man Come From Oral Sex - The Greatest Fellatio Tips to Make Him Explode With Pleasure
By learning these great fellatio tips, you are going to be able to make a man come from oral sex in a way that he never thought was possible. You are going to give him pleasure so good that he will literally explode. He isn't going to know what hit him but all he is going to know that he will want it again and again.

196: What Every Man Wants in Bed Revealed - How to Make His Wildest and Darkest Fantasies Come True
Instead of prying into your man's brain to know what his deepest and darkest fantasies are so you can make them come true, they are going to be spelled out for you today. You are going to learn what every man really wants in bed and how you are going to be able to give him just that tonight.

197: Exotic Pole Dancing - How to Pole Dance For Beginners
Whatever your opinion of strippers, there is no doubt about it, exotic pole dancing is an astounding skill requiring amazing flexibility, upper body and core strength! If you fancy giving it a whirl, the best way to learn how to pole dance is to grab a couple of girlfriends and enroll in a class. But if you're not quite sure you're ready just yet, the following guide might get you thinking about performing a private show for your lover, or perhaps even inspire a few random moves the next time you've hand a few drinks and find yourself face to face with a pole.

198: The Best Way to Make a Girl Climax Fast And Have a Mind Blowing Orgasm That She Will Never Forget
The best way to make a girl climax is by arousing her through her g spot and clitoris. These are two places are that are very sensitive and can actually give her an earth shaking experience. A word of advice is that you should not rush to both the g spot and clitoris. In order to prepare her for the main event ensure that you fully arouse her. This helps to prevent a painful sexual experience where she cannot manage to achieve an orgasm. Here are some tips that will help to make your girl aroused:

199: Discover How To Give A Woman An Orgasm So Powerful She Moans And Ejaculates In Ecstasy
Every woman is different, but the approach to making her ejaculate is almost always the same. To increase her chances of reaching sexual nirvana, you must be able to tap into her emotional button as well the physical one.

200: Sex Tips for Women - How to Give a Man an Explosive Orgasm
There are lots of ways to give a man a good orgasm but to really blow his mind and give him the best most powerful orgasm ever there are two things that work every time. The second way of giving a man an orgasm is so powerful that you can make any man ejaculate in seconds using it. This article will give a brief description of each of them.

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