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261: Sexy Santa Costumes: The Art of Using Sexy Santa Costumes to Kick Up Spice in Your Sexy Marriage
Sexy holiday costumes are the sexiest, naughtiest way to spice up your marriage. You're probably wondering, "Well, how can some random sexy Santa Baby outfit help me save my marriage? And how am I supposed to find one?"

262: French Kissing in Perspective
A French kiss is not related to France. It is an expression of love between a man and woman ever since the dawn of civilization. Maybe for the devout one can say from the time of Adam and Eve.

263: Get Extenze Male Enhancement: For Relationships That Last
Tired of getting the same reaction from your partner every time you lie down for some cuddling and sex? Don't worry; there is still hope for your seemingly hopeless diminutive penis size. Check out reviews on Extenze male enhancement, a product known to deliver results in terms of boosting penis size and at the same time setting off a significantly increased sexual mood in men.

264: How to Give a Woman Earth Shattering Explosive Orgasms and Be the Best Shes Ever Had (Amazing Tips)
If you want to learn how to give a woman earth shattering explosive orgasms and to be the best that she has ever had, then you have come to the right place. Learning these amazing tips won't just give her the mediocre orgasm that she is expected, but they will help you to literally send her into completely and pure ecstasy. She won't know what hit her once you are done with her and that is exactly what you are trying to achieve.

265: How to Talk Dirty to a Guy - Learn the Sexiest Things to Say to Him to Drive Him Wild With Desire
In order to talk dirty to a guy, you are going to need to learn the sexiest things to say to him that will drive him absolutely wild with desire. You need to learn exactly what to say and when the best time to say it is. You can either make dirty talk work in your favor or make it work against you, so use these tips to the best of your ability.

266: Female Ejaculation/Squirting Orgasms: How to Enjoy the Best Sex Ever Every Night
Giving a woman a squirting orgasm has finally become the ultimate goal for many couples. It really is such an awesome orgasmic release that many couples dream about it. This is great as couples are starting to realize that there is more to sex than simply missionary position and more to orgasms than simply the one kind of orgasm that most women have experienced... a lot more! This guide explains how you can enjoy these fantastic orgasms tonight.

267: Squirting Orgasms: How Women Can Ejaculate and Enjoy More Powerful Orgasms
Squirting orgasms are often called the ultimate orgasms by the women lucky enough to have had them. The feeling of ejaculating as well as orgasming is massively more intense and satisfying for women. For all couples, it is the ultimate way of celebrating both of your sexualities. The best is that you need both of you to do everything right to have one of these orgasms, so they bring you closer too.

268: Sex Help for Women - Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Making a Man Orgasm Revealed
You need some sex help for women. You want to be able to please your man and you want to give him amazing satisfaction. You want to watch his body shake in a way that you haven't seen in years and you want to literally watch him explode in bed. You need to learn everything you ever needed to know about making a man orgasm and you are going to learn that today.

269: Five Things That Can Hinder Men From Enjoying Sex
Sex is one of the most enjoyable experiences between married couples. The process involves the ability of both partners to synchronize as one in a mutual arrangement to increases the mutual love and bond of both individuals.

270: Going Down on a Woman Is the Only Way to Guarantee a Screaming Orgasm Every Time
Bringing women to a climax through sex is hard work, not only because you need to outlast them in bed but also because only 20% of all women actually reach climax through intercourse. The best way to give your woman the sexual satisfaction that she craves for is cunnilingus or going down on a woman. Here are 3 cunnilingus tips.

271: How to Go Down on a Girl - 2 Cunnilingus Techniques to Make Her Sexually Addicted to You
Learning how to go down on a girl is more important than any other sex related act because cunnilingus gives girls orgasms, simple as that. These orgasms are way more powerful than any that are (rarely) achieved through penetration. Most women don't receive many climaxes from their men so if you learn to lick her vagina the right way then you can make your girl reach a climax 99% of the time.

272: Does Your Man Have Premature Ejaculation? Heres How You Can Help
Ladies, I know you want to help but there are certain things you should consider before you do. It is important that you approach this subject in just the right way.

273: Oral Sex Tips That Are Guaranteed to Give Her a Screaming Orgasm
Giving women a screaming orgasm is only possible with cunnilingus, sure they can orgasm from sex if you last long enough but a real, loud and intense orgasm is only achieved by licking her vagina. The key to unlocking a womans orgasm door is patience, everything you do concerning cunnilingus must be done slowly and with love. Here are 2 oral sex tips to help you make her scream.

274: Dominate Woman With Sexual Erotic Hypnosis - Be an Outstanding Man
You can be an outstanding man if you dominate woman with sexual erotic hypnosis. It is something extra-ordinary which electrifies your presence and thrills women with your sexuality. You know, I am not here to describe you the roots of hypnosis or make you a professional hypnotist.

275: Why Female Sexual Enhancers Have Increased in Popularity
There is now much more awareness of female sexual enhancers as women try to bring that extra bit of something into the bedroom. It's a market which has seen a real increase in recent years and there are now several different products that can be bought both online and offline.

276: Rules And Etiquette Of Strip Clubs - 7 Tips For Maximum Fun
Strip clubs can be lots of fun, but you've got to know a few things about the rules and etiquette first. This article gives you 7 tips on how to make it as fun as possible.

277: Proven Ways to Sexually Arouse Your Woman
If men failed to give women the pleasure they deserve in bed, they will feel inadequate and may question their sexual capabilities. Sexual dissatisfaction may lead to many other relationship problems like infidelity. Men should know that most women find it hard to reach orgasm during intercourse that is why they fake their orgasms. However, there are various ways to sexually arouse your woman and knowing the right techniques and timing can be very helpful to give her multiple orgasms. The following tips can be very helpful if you want to sexually arouse your woman.

278: Make Your Wife Orgasm and Put the Spark Back Into a Dull Sex Life
Everything becomes a routine after a few years of marriage, even sex unfortunately what used to be a pleasurable bonding of two bodies is now just another job on the list of chores. Why not put the spark back into your sex life and make your wife orgasm by using one of the oldest and most potent sexual acts around. In fact it is the only sexual act that nigh on guarantees an orgasm for your wife every time you do it.

279: How To Give Women AMAZING Orgasms - 3 Sizzling Moves To Unleash Her Orgasmic Floodgates Tonight!
Stop guessing if you are the ultimate lover in the bedroom and start knowing that you are. There are many hot moves that any guy can use to get a woman aroused as well as bring her over the edge when it comes to giving her orgasms. You can dazzle her and get her sizzling with delight by using simple, proven moves and be the lover that she has always dreamed about. Here are 3 hot and sexy moves that are guaranteed to give her thrills in the bedroom, tonight!

280: Tips to Give a Girl an Intense Orgasm
To give a girl an intense orgasm there is only one sexual act that cuts the mustard and that is cunnilingus. Intercourse can give women orgasms but unless you are a stallion between the sheets then these orgasms are few and far between. Whereas cunnilingus is virtually guaranteed to bring a girl to a climax whenever you lick her vagina.

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