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2781: Penis Pumps - Do Penis Pumps Measure Up?
We all want something bigger and better, maybe parts of our bodies, maybe houses or cars. In men it's usually our manhood but do the tools on the market, especially the penis pump, do the job?

2782: Size Genetics Review - An Honest Review of Size Genetics
Are you looking for a Size Genetics review to help you know whether or not the product is any good or not? Well if you're looking for a size genetics review then look no further. In this article I'll give you an honest review of this product so you'll know whether or not it's for you.

2783: Size Genetics Penis Extender - How Exactly Does This Product Work?
Size Genetics penis extender is a male sexual enhancement device designed to help men attain larger sexual organs. Many men are still not sure about how size genetics penis extender works.

2784: Penis Enlargement For the True Man
Does size really matter? Should someone with a small-sized penis go through a penis enlargement treatment? What does the size of the penis say about a man?

2785: How to Make Your Penis Bigger - 3 Stunning Facts About Penis Enlargement Techniques!
If you are considering penis enlargement, you should definitely read this article before continuing with a decision. It is important to know a few facts about making your penis bigger using certain techniques. This is a must read for anyone trying to get a larger penis!

2786: Men - Do You Fall Into This Group Thats Spending More on Looking Your Best?
It's no longer embarrassing for men to admit they use a facial moisturizer or get their hair cut at a salon. Looking your best is an important component in feeling your best and performing your best. Getting a good shave is an important part of your grooming regimen since you do it every day. Find out how to make this tiresome chore a little bit more rewarding!

2787: Natural Health - 18 Steps to Create Something New
Whether its health, beauty, education, financial growth, enriched relationships, spiritual advancement, or just plain joy... the beginning of a New Year, and other significant calendar dates and events, are excellent markers to signal to us that it is time to act on what it is that we want and what has great meaning to us. are the "18 Steps" that I think are vital in realizing and creating what it is what we want... and that includes all dreams!

2788: Music As Therapy
The idea that music helps us calm down is as old as music itself. Whether it is a pop song or a symphony, the sounds seem to go through our brains like waves that wash our stress out to sea.

2789: Investment With Amazing Returns
We make daily investment consciously or unconsciously. Investments in relationships, home, mutual funds, stocks, business etc are a risk, but how about finding an investment that guarantees to pay dividends every time you make the decision to invest? It's not a joke and no magic pill, but when harnessed it works.

2790: Coccyx Release For Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons
Describes an unorthodox and little-known method of holistic healing which releases stagnant energy in the Coccyx, or tailbone. This effective technique, with roots in Polarity Therapy, is especially beneficial for empaths and those who are highly sensitive to emotional, spiritual, and environmental energy.

2791: Feeling Forsaken Or Abandoned? Homeopathy Has Answers
Forsaken is another word for abandoned. In human consciousness the forsaken feeling whether true or imagined can overwhelm to the person it affects. An affected person tends to give up, renounce life, or sacrifice something that brings pleasure. The devastation can go deeper and create a terrain in the tissues that brings both physical and mental issues. To overcome this feeling people turn to drugs and unhealthy habits. There is a long history of successful treatment in homeopathy to transform these feelings.

2792: Solve the Feeling of Insecurity With the Magic of Homeopathy
With the process of birth comes insecurity. Our life begins in complete dependency and we are not always comfortable with the transition from the womb. We have come to an unknown, fearful place and it is normal to feel insecure. It only becomes an issue when that insecurity dominates and creates chaos in the insecure person and everyone around.

2793: Resolve Your Fear of Loss With the Magic of Homeopathy
There is much that we lose in life and the results pose a heavy burden for a lot of individuals. In our outside world we lose loved ones, mates, jobs, security, and endless objects we hold dear. In a deeper sense the loss of self esteem, reason and memory, self control, senses, support and connection produce an even more profound loss. Loss is deep seeded emotional issue in human beings.

2794: An Appreciation of Stanislav Grof, Founder of Transpersonal Psychology
I learned about Holotropic Breathwork during a May, 2009 seminar in Fort Collins, Colorado. One of the speakers was Psychiatrist Stanislav Grof who had created the breathwork process. After his presentation I got the feeling that Holiotropic Breathwork would be valuable in my alternative health practice. With that in mind I went to Taos, New Mexico for a Holotropic Breathwork experience.

2795: The Holotropic Perspective, Where Breath and Sound Transform the Journey to the Self
I began my journey to experience Holotropic Breathwork with a 530 mile auto trip to New Mexico's Ski Valley near Taos for a six day experience of Grof Transpersonal Training.I went as a result of a talk by Stanislav Grof. Grof is a psychiatric researcher who along with wife Christina developed Holotropic Breathwork as an alternative to drugs like LSD in the field of transpersonal experience. During the past 50 years he has published over 140 articles and numerous books about finding doors to human transformation, enhanced mental states, and raising awareness of the self.

2796: How I Lost My Fear of Death in 1970, a Stranger Than Fiction True Story
In 1970 I took a leave of absence from the family business to pursue the development of an invention in Phoenix, Arizona. While there I went to a Scientology meeting. Scientology is the brain child of L. Ron Hubbard. I had earlier read his book; Dianetics, The Science of the Mind. I decided it would be fun to do a Scientology audit. Scientology audits were conducted with an electrical device called an E-meter that guided an auditor. The session was about remembering moments of pain.

2797: Role and Importance of the Interlife State Exploration
The Interlife state is the state where we exist when we are not incarnated: we analyse and assess our previous life and at the same time we design our next step on the ladder of our spiritual evolution, drafting the blueprint of our next incarnated existence. This, in itself, can give us great insights into our spiritual path and our life-plan in this present life. We can see wrong choices of the past, how they affected the following events, and learn from our past mistakes.

2798: It Matters Not What Happens to You, Its How You Handle it
Life is simply a series of situations and circumstances. The way we react to them is called stress. Stress can both vitalize and penalize. We are vitalized when our stress leads to good outcomes and penalized when stress drains energy. When energy is lost to stressful situations the mind/body begins to break down and sends you signals to lighten up or pay the penalty.

2799: The Abortion Rate in the United States
About a year ago, the Alan Guttmacher Institute in New York published data that indicate legal abortions in the United States dropped to 1.2 million in 2005, the lowest level since 1974. This came as good news to mainstream Americans, most of whom believe that abortions should be safe and legal, but rare.

2800: Bacterial Vaginosis Natural Remedies - Simple Treatments For BV
If you are considering trying bacterial vaginosis natural remedies, then you may already have gone through seemingly endless rounds of antibiotics and invested hundred of dollars on over the counter treatments, all to no avail. The very nature of BV is such, that conventional medication can only give symptomatic relief.

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