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301: Ejaculation Trainer: A Book For Better Performance
Are you not happy with your performance in bed? Are you worried and thinking much about the satisfaction you give to your partner because you come early? Well, you are suffering from premature ejaculation.

302: Astroglide Personal Lubricant Review!
When it comes to personal lubricants, one of the most well known brands on the market is Astroglide. However, how much do you really know about Astroglide Personal Lubricants? Well you will be glad to know that in this article you will discover everything that you need to know about Astroglide personal lubricant; so that you can decide if it is going to be the best lube for you to use in regards to both your health and intimacy.

303: Erotic Tantra - The Path To Complete Sexual Empowerment
Ancient tantra scripture describes erotic tantra as something much more than just a feast of the physical senses. In fact, erotic tantra is a magnificent spiritual experience that is unlike any other because it zeroes in on the practitioner's mind and soul. As the practitioner builds up erotic energy, he or she becomes aware of many new layers and sub-layers of this sublime energy. The power that the knowledge and practice of erotic tantra techniques generates permeates and finally transforms the practitioner's life - forever.

304: The Essentials Of Female Orgasm
Ever wonder what is one of the things that kill sexual tension, attraction and arousal in a woman? This may be shocking to a lot of men because the answer to this question is trying too hard to please her!

305: Astroglide Sensual Strawberry Personal Lubricant Review!
Odds are you enjoy the taste and sensuality of fresh strawberries and if you've ever experienced the pleasure that comes from Astroglide personal lubricant you probably enjoy those sensations as well. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way that you could combine the sensation of strawberries with Astroglide? Well guess what, with Astroglide Sensual Strawberry Personal Lubricant you can expect to come as close as you possibly can to experience this powerful combination of sensations all in one.

306: Real Tips for Giving Your Man Fantastic Oral Sex
If you want to learn more on how to give head, then you should read this great article. Spice up your sex life with some great tips and tricks, and let you man fall in love with you again.

307: How To Use Swingers Chat Rooms For Swinging Vacations
Using internet chat rooms to aid your swinger lifestyle is very effective. Here I will give you great info on how to use them to arrange what we call "swinger vacations!"

308: Want A Cuckold Sissy Husband? New Tips On Cuckolding Your Husband!
If you DREAM about cuckolding your husband then I have tips that will almost certainly ensure your success. It is fantastically easy for anyone to do it if you follow some simple steps.

309: Types of Female Orgasms - Make Her Cum Multiple Ways!
Us women have an immense capacity for sexual pleasure, even though some women have been taught that it is wrong for us to enjoy sex. Unlike men, we can experience many types of orgasms, from mini-orgasms to whole body orgasms. Today, I am going to discuss a few of the many types of orgasms that women can have.

310: The Need For A Savior Perpetuates A Search For True Love
There is something inside humans that makes us long for love. Usually, seeing someone we feel is beautiful will stimulate these feelings of wanting. At times, some would call this desire being "horny".

311: Sexual Personality (Hidden Traits)
There is no denying that a man with sexual personality is like a precious gem for women. The whole thing, of course, is that women badly seek a sexual man in their lives. They feel excited and fulfilled when they surrender their sexuality and emotions in front of sexual masculine man.

312: Foods That Can Enhance Your Love Life
Will rose oil really make you irresistible? Can exercise give the libido a lift? Over the centuries, everything from oysters to chocolate has been heralded for their amorous effects.

313: Is The Female Orgasm Really Elusive?
The female orgasm has long been described as elusive, fickle and a mystery. If this sounds like what's going on in your bedroom, you are not alone. Only 11 percent of women report always or almost always having an orgasm with their partner. Up to 70 percent of women report that they don't achieve orgasm during sex unless there is some type of manual stimulation or sex toy involved. I don't think it really matters how an orgasm comes about, as long as it does.

314: Give a Girl the Best Orgasm - Give Your Girl the Orgasms of Her Life Tonight
To give a girl the best orgasm you have to be skilled at cunnilingus, simple as that. Yes intercourse will give her the odd lucky vaginal orgasm but cunnilingus will give a girl the best orgasm 9 times out of every 10 times that you lick her. The facts cannot be ignored, over 80% of women said that they only receive orgasms from cunnilingus and another huge number is the 65% of women who cheat did so because their men was not able to bring them to climax.

315: How to Have Great Sex With Your Husband Even After Years of Marriage
Having great sex with your husband can be difficult when you have been married for a long time, it can be hard to rekindle the passion and put the spark back into your sex life. There are ways though to have great sex with your husband and roll back the years. Here are 2 things that will drive your husband wild in bed.

316: Weird Sex Is a Human Trait
Humans are not like other mammals; they enjoy weird sex. Those wild desires can get a person in trouble and there are plenty of emergency room records to prove it.

317: Is Your Man Suffering From Premature Ejaculation?
You need to know the various ways you can assist your partner in fighting premature ejaculation. The steps you need to take are all stated in this article, read to get more detail.

318: 7 Reasons Why Im So Fascinated By Penises
Yes, my boyfriend caught my girlfriend and I talking about one of our favorite subjects so I had to spend a lot of time explaining things. I thought I'd share why woman are so fascinated by penises with you too.

319: How to Give a Guy Good Oral - 3 Tips on Giving a Guy Good Head
If you don't know how to give a guy good oral then there are numerous reasons why you need to learn. Any one of those tips on how to give a guy good oral will blow his mind but if you combine all three then you are a sex goddess in his eyes.

320: How to Give Your Girlfriend an Orgasm When You Lick Her Vagina
Learning how to give your girlfriend an orgasm can make her love you for life, a bold statement for sure but true. Most men are selfish lovers only concerned about their own sexual satisfaction but you can set yourself aside from these men and be her best ever lover by learning how to give her orgasms on tap when you lick her vagina.

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