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321: How to Make a Woman Orgasm From Cunnilingus - Tongue Techniques to Make Her Climax Fast and Hard
Even if your oral sex skills are lacking, using these proven tongue techniques will surely blow your woman's mind and make you the best she's ever had in her eyes. You can be a great lover and you can give her amazing oral sex. It's time you went down on her and gave her amazing cunnilingus tonight.

322: Tips to Give a Female an Orgasm - How to Give Her Pleasure So Good Shell Be Screaming Your Name
You want to learn some tips to give a female an orgasm. You want to give her pleasure so amazing, that she literally screams your name. You are done being mediocre and you are ready to be amazing. Now is the time that you made this happen and now is the time that you learned everything you ever needed to know about the female orgasm.

323: Sex Counseling For Christian Couples
There are several idealistic ways for a Christian couple to seek sexual counseling. For the couple that feels they benefit from reading, there are many books authored by Christian doctors and writers that focus more on...

324: How to Make a Woman Squirt - Female Ejaculation Tips and Techniques to Drive Her Wet and Wild
In order to make a woman squirt, you need to get your woman in a different frame of mind and you also need to learn some female ejaculation tips and techniques that will assist you in giving her a very wet and wild orgasm. It's time that you did this for your woman tonight.

325: How to Give a Woman Good Oral - Tips and Techniques to Make Going Down on Her a Piece of Cake
You want to learn how to give a woman good oral. You want to give her satisfaction so good, that it will literally make her explode in the bedroom. You want to be able to make her orgasm and you want to be able to make that happen now. You need to learn some tips and techniques to make going down on her a piece of cake.

326: How to Give a Female an Orgasm - Discover the Top Techniques to Make a Woman Climax in Record Time
You are going to learn how to give a female an orgasm. If you are unable to give a woman this kind of pleasure at the moment, have no fear. With the right techniques, you can transform your abilities in the bedroom to give a woman the greatest satisfaction of your life. Even if you think that you aren't very good, all of that is about to change today.

327: The Top 3 Secrets To Getting More Blowjobs
The secret to getting more blowjobs should be obvious but I guess it isn't. Learn what a group of women have to say about it over lunch. These insights will put you in blowjob heaven for sure.

328: How to Give a Squirting Orgasm - Female Ejaculation Techniques to Make Any Woman Squirt in Seconds
Do you want to give your woman the best orgasm of her entire life? Do you want to give her an experience that is nothing short of incredible? If you are ready to give your woman a squirting orgasm, then you need to read on.

329: How to Suck a Mans Penis - 2 Tips on Giving a Guy Great Oral Sex
Mastering the sexual act of fellatio is important if you think anything of your man. You see men are selfish and if they are not getting what they want they may go elsewhere but the opposite applies if they are getting what they want, which is fellatio commonly known as oral sex. Here are two tips on how to suck a mans penis.

330: Sex Tips for Guys - Mastering the Art of Talking Hot and Sexy To Make Her Orgasm!
It's no secret, that when it comes to making a woman orgasm, every man is open to obtaining any kind of edge he can get in order to make her orgasm. Yet, believe it or not, most men fail to the master the art of talking hot and sexy to her in ways that will make her orgasm. If you are seriously interested in learning how to master the art of talking hot and sexy to her in order to make her orgasm with even more intensity than before; then you will be glad to know that in this article you will discover four sex tips that will help you develop the kind of voice that will bring her to orgasmic bliss every time you open your mouth.

331: Tips to Satisfy Women in Bed - 2 Ways to Help a Woman Orgasm
To satisfy women in bed you need to be a caring but passionate lover, you also need to skilled at what you are doing. This article will show you two ways to pleasure your woman and get her to orgasm.

332: 7 Sweet Tricks for Better Orgasms With Anal Sex Toys
Unlike the love-button for women, or the penis for guys, anal stimulation can be a little hit-and-miss in the pleasure department. Too fast? Everything tightens up. Too dry? Cuts and tears are likely. Too much movement? It can actually be a little nauseating. Whether you're male or female, if you can feel yourself on the edge of explosion with anal sex but can't quite hit that detonator, we've got 7 tricks you can use for better orgasms with anal sex toys.

333: Tantric Sex To Improve Your Love Life
Applying the principles to sex is said to give the partners a mind-blowing experience. Tantric principles are said to prolong the arousal time and to delay the orgasm. They are also believed to create a deeper connection and understanding between the two people by lengthening the time of their love-making.

334: 3 Sex Tips For Rear Entry Sex Positions That Will Give Her Mind Blowing Orgasms!
When it comes to giving women orgasms, most men will find that rear entry sex positions are some of the most amazing ways to send her into orgasmic bliss. In this article, you will learn some valuable sex tips that will help you enhance her orgasms in a variety of different ways when engaging her in rear-entry sex positions.

335: Top Four Things That Make A Man Sexy
By nature, men are as sexy as an Arabian highbred trotting through the Nafud Desert as the sunsets, but what exactly is it that makes a man as smoldering and breath taking as gypsum sand? The answer my friend is as interesting as the Dromedary camel. What makes men sexy is not money, not fame, and certainly not a single hump filled with water on his back.

336: 2 Best Intercourse Positions for Her Multiple Orgasms
2 of the best intercourse positions that virtually guarantee that she'll have an orgasm, possibly even multiples. Start using these 2 tonight and she'll be begging for more.

337: Spice Up Your Sex Life With Foreplay Games
If you want to regain that passion that you feel you and your partner have lost, trying out a few games would be your best bet. Below are a few examples of foreplay games that you and your partner may try in the bedroom. Go through every single one of them! You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

338: Seven Ways To Turn On And Satisfy Your Man
In order to make lovemaking exciting and ecstatic, it is important to try out new things. These are new practices that can spice up your lovemaking.

339: Personal Lubricants Can Be A Fun Addition to Your Relationship
Sometimes we get people asking why a healthy woman that has no problem with natural lubrication would want to use a personal lubricant such as v Lubricant. While there may not be a need, there are still a number of really good reasons. For one thing, the personal lubricant often provides a much different sensation during intercourse. The result varies from couple to couple, but it's worth a try to see if there are new experiences that could be created as a result.

340: Lovemaking Tips - 4 Powerful Sex Tips to Make a Woman Orgasm in Face-To-Face Sex Positions!
It's no secret that many people find the closeness and intimacy of face-to-face sex positions to be sensually relaxing variation of sex that is extremely pleasurable and enjoyable. In addition, face-to-face sex positions are pretty easy to transition into from many of the missionary and woman-on-top sexual positions. However, many men find these positions to be more challenging than most in terms of giving her insanely intense orgasms and sending her into a state of orgasmic bliss.

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