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21: How To Give Your Girl Multiple Pulsating Orgasms During Intercourse - Dont Stop At Just One!
Giving a girl an orgasm during intercourse is an intense experience for her and it will solidify you in her mind as an amazing, satisfying lover... but why stop at just one? If you really want to be the best she's ever had, why not give her MULTIPLE orgasms the next time you have sex? Here is how you do it.

22: Does A Guys Penis Size Have Any Influence On The Female Orgasm? Find Out What You Need To Know!
Does a guy's penis size have any influence on the female orgasm? The answer is YES, and the reasons are explained below.

23: Female Ejaculation/Squirting Orgasms: How to Have the Ultimate Orgasmic Pleasure Tonight
If you want to give your girl the most amazing experience that she has ever had in bed, then a squirting orgasm (Also known as a female ejaculation orgasm) is a great place to start. A "squirting" orgasm is great for women because it involves an ejaculation as well as an orgasm, so is a different experience. While any kind of orgasm is great for women, the squirting orgasm is a real bragging point for most women, simply because their friends have probably never had one. As if that wasn't enough, women also find that guys who are masters at sex and orgasms are few and far between, making you an essential part of her life! This guide teaches you how.

24: How to Spice Up Your Sexual Relationship With Your Woman - Mind Blowing Tips to Get Her Excited!
If you are looking for a few ways to bring your sexual life to a new level, then you are in the right place! It is very important that you keep your sexual life exciting and healthy. This can keep the two of you looking forward to each session.

25: Kinky Ideas to Try This Valentines Day
If you're feeling a little adventurous this Valentine's Day, then here are a couple of kinky ideas you can try. Both involve getting creative with everyday technical gadgets such as your mobile phone and an mp3 player. Intrigued?

26: Stimulate the Clitoris
Women have many pleasure points, but knowing how to locate them and what to do when you get there has its own challenges. Well gents, here are some pointers for you. I hope they can help.

27: Lick by Lick by Michael Webb - An EBook Review
When it comes to sex and relationships, one gentleman stands out from the rest. The realistic and sound advice from Michael Webb will not overshoot your expectations, and his approach to sex is classy and mature. When you love someone, sex is just a part of the relationship.

28: Giving Thunderous Orgasms To Women During Sex Without Using Your Fingers Or Tongue - Do It Tonight!
You can give your girl a HARD orgasm tonight during intercourse using just your penis, not your fingers or your tongue. Here is how I do it every time without fail and solidify myself as the best my girl has ever had.

29: How to Go Down on Your Wife and Send Her Into Orgasm Heaven - The Best Oral Sex Tips For Men
All you want to do is to go down on your wife and send her into orgasm heaven. You are done fumbling through things and you want to stop. You want to become a total cunnilingus pro and you want to blow her mind. To make this happen, you need to learn the best oral sex tips for men.

30: Orgasm Mastery Guide: G-Spot, Clitoris and Deep Spot Orgasm Plus Female Ejaculation Techniques
Sex has never been as exciting or liberating as it is now. It used to be that only one kind of orgasm was known about and even that was as rare as sightings of Bigfoot. The modern woman has never had it so good, there are at least 4 general types of orgasm and even those can be further subdivided into additional types. For the knowledgeable lover, sex can be as unique as your personality.

31: Hypnosis Orgasm - Now Attain Satisfaction by Fantasizing
Sexual indulgence is considered as an important act between couples which provides them a happy life when in a relationship. It is very important that both the sexes achieve the state of orgasm at the same time in order to have a complete satisfied sexual act. But, there are cases where many couple finds difficultly in reaching orgasm because of problems faced by both men and women. In women the problem can be the orgasm reaching state and in men it could be due to lack of stamina. Either the case, both the sexes do not reach satisfaction level and will have unsatisfied feeling registered deep in their mind. Now, with the help of hypnosis orgasm, one can actually correct and attain a controlled orgasm state when indulged in sexual act or when fantasizing.

32: How to Suck a Mans Penis - What Men Love About Fellatio and What They Dont
A lot of women won't suck a mans penis because they are worried that they won't be able to give fellatio as well as other girls he has been with. Another reason they won't do it is because they are scared of their man ejaculating in their mouth. This article will tell you what men love about fellatio and what they don't.

33: How to Lick a Womans Vagina - What My Wife Has Taught Me About Cunnilingus
To say I was useless when it came to oral is a understatement because for the first few years of my marriage I never even came close to making my wife orgasm with oral sex. The thing that changed everything was when she sat me down one night and said that she wanted me to lick her vagina but I had to do what she said.

34: Approaching Woman and Getting Laid
This is something I think most guys struggle with and believe you me I am one of them. Let me ask you this - how many times have you tried to pick up that sexy girl that you ran into or saw somewhere or were even introduced to but just weren't able to get her sexually attracted to you? Maybe she even said she thinks your nice but just wants to be friends or you were rejected in some way after the first meeting.

35: His Health Is Affecting Our Sex Life
His health is affecting our sex life. Okay, so my SO chooses to eat badly, drink everything but water, stay up late and sleep in when he feels like it.

36: Sensuous Tantric Massage
When it comes to massage, there are numerous different types and styles of massages such as Russian, Thai, Balinese, and Swedish, yet the single most helpful and one of the very few that aims at bringing together the emotions and the physic of the human body into a harmonious whole is the Tantric massage therapy. This Asian massage therapy is a full-body, sensuous therapeutic massage without "barred" specific zones -- the entire body is massaged to ensure the energies are being centered, the Kundalini to be slowly and gradually awakened, and also the recipient to obtain serenity...

37: Sexual Attraction - Can Our Musical Preferences Affect Our Sexual Attractiveness?
Peoples individual musical preferences reveal a lot about themselves and do affect the sexual attractiveness. However, the forces at work are not the same for men as for women.

38: What Is Texting? What Is Sexting?
Once upon a time if you wanted to ask a girl out you would make your intentions clear to her and her family by informing them by letter. If you wanted a second date you would ask again in letter form or approach the young lady's father and ask for permission.

39: Multiple Orgasms for Men: How Mastering Advanced Sex Techniques Can Give You Better Sexual Stamina
The secret to having better sex is just a matter of giving her multiple orgasms, it also requires guys to have a great time too. There is no better way for men to celebrate their sexuality than with multiple male orgasms. That's right! Men can have them too and the amazing thing is that they are actually really easy to have, they just take a little bit of practice. Now is the time to spend a bit of time working on having more orgasms and giving both of you even better sex.

40: Cunnilingus Techniques for Men: 4 Simple Steps to Giving Oral Sex Orgasms to Any Woman
One of the most common questions that guys have is "how can I make her orgasm?" The answer is actually a lot simpler than most realize, there is a surefire way to give a woman an orgasm: cunnilingus. The statistics for oral sex show that most women reliably orgasm from oral sex alone (According to the sex masters Johnson and Johnson), so why do so many women report that they are not satisfied in bed and not having orgasms? The simple fact is that many guys are making small mistakes. For those guys, we present a simple guide to the four things that you can do to give her the best cunnilingus ever, tonight.

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