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381: Men and Women Fantasies
Fantasy is a normal and healthy part of sex life for both men and women. According to some scientists, a rich fantasy life brings better sex. One of the seductiveness of fantasy lovers, even if your fantasy lover is your own partner, as it often happens-is that they are right next to you, and they perfectly know what to do in order to make you feel good.

382: How to Control Premature Ejaculation: 2 Surefire Remedies
Premature ejaculation is generally regarded as one of the highly feared sexual problem among men. Its effect is far-reaching and consequential, often it affects to a certain level, the relationship that a man has with his sexual partner.

383: How to Have Great Sex: 3 Basic Things a Beginner Must Know
Before having sex both partners must both be willing and receptive. Foreplay is important, because it arouses the woman so she will produce more lubrication which will help to relax her vaginal muscles to make sex easier and more enjoyable.

384: How To Make Your Partner Want To Have Sex Any Time: 3 Sure Seduction Secrets That Never Fail
Sex is a dynamic aspect of a relationship. The subject is important, critical and explosive. Love or marriage partners need to know their different sexual needs and ensure that they are meeting their partner's sexual needs accordingly.

385: How to Hit Her G-Spot - Have Unbridled Sex With Body Shattering Orgasms
Find her G-spot everytime. What sexual position gives you both body shattering orgasms. Sexual pleasure for all. Doggie style for the 21 century.

386: Webcam Modeling - 3 Rules of The Highly Successful Webcam Model
Webcam modeling is a business. As a webcam model, you're providing a service to customers. Unlike what you might have heard, you don't need to look like an air-brushed model to earn top dollars as a webcam model. But you do need to keep some basic principles in mind. Below are my top 3 rules for maximizing your monthly payouts.

387: Multiple Orgasms for You and Her: How Both of You Can Orgasm, Ejaculate Many Times In Bed
One great thing that many couples around the world are discovering is that it is possible for both men and women to have multiple orgasms during any sex session. Far from the stuff of legend and 'adult entertainment', multiple orgasms are now becoming a regular part of ordinary couple's sex lives.

388: Last Longer In Bed: A Guide to Sexual Stamina and Ejaculation Control - Last 20 Minutes Longer Now
Let`s be honest, at the top of most guy's wish list is being able to last longer in bed. Another 20 minutes in bed can make the difference between a content woman and a woman who swears that you the best lover she has ever experienced. Well, you don`t have to worry as it is possible for any guy to last a longer in bed with these four simple techniques.

389: Squirting Orgasm Techniques for Women: Advanced Moves to Guarantee a Female Ejaculation Orgasm
By now you have mastered the basic hand techniques for the squirting orgasm; however for many couples his won't necessarily mean that their partner still has successfully had a squirting orgasm. There may be many reasons for this, but luckily most of these are simple to solve. Soon you will be on your way to giving her a female ejaculation orgasm.

390: Tips on How to Go Down on a Girl - Give Your Girl the Best Oral Sex Shes Ever Had
In a moment I will give a couple of tips on how to go down on a girl but first here is why you need to master cunnilingus. Cunilingus gives girls better orgasms than intercourse. A huge number of women only orgasm through cunniligus (80% in fact).

391: Sexual Preferences Women Have
There are men who think that women don't like sex as much as men do, there are women who claim they don't like having sex and that the men who think about it on a regular basis are pigs because they only think about that. There are also sincere people, who experience things and share their experiences and their opinion on this topic, which was once a taboo one, but not anymore.

392: Choose to Do Whatever You Want When It Comes to Fetishes
Women are considered less courageous when it comes to fetishes or sexual fantasies, but this is not necessarily the case. Not all women dislike talking about sex or feel uncomfortable whenever they have to talk about it or to have sexual relations with someone. Of course, they don't have to do it, but it is very probable that they do at a certain point. Therefore, here are a few of the things the more courageous women prefer doing.

393: Male Orgasm Enhancer - How to Give Your Man the Best Orgasm Ever With These Enhancer Secrets
You need to learn more about the male orgasm enhancer. Only then, can you really stimulate him and help him to achieve one of the most powerful orgasms he has ever had. With these tips, you will be able to completely blow his mind and to help him have an experience that he never thought possible. It's time to please him beyond belief with these enhancer secrets.

394: The Good-In-Bed Checklist
You are knowledgeable about sex and have a good understanding of how your body and your partner's body work. It really can perfect your technique.

395: Natural Herbs and Foods for Better and Longer Lasting Sex!
Here we will look at some natural herbs which will work for both men and women and if you take them, you will improve your levels of sexual desire, sexual staying power and pleasure from orgasm. Lets look at the herbs and see how they can help you enjoy better sex.

396: Penis Size - Does A Big Penis Make Women Climax Easier During Intercourse?
Does a big penis make women climax easier during intercourse? As a guy who used to measure in at only 5.5 inches but is now very well endowed, I feel like I am qualified to answer this question. Here is what I have determined regarding penis size and its effect on how easily women climax during sexual intercourse.

397: Dirty Talking Lines - Set Your Sex Life On Fire
A lot of women still don't feel comfortable using dirty talking lines with their partner. But, not only does it make your partner happy but it will make your relationship stronger and set your sex life on fire.

398: 3 Remarkable Sex Tips To Make Her Climax No Matter What Sex Positions You Put Her In!
Are you interested in discover what it really takes to make a woman climax? Have you suddenly begun to realize that while learn a variety of different sex positions helps in regards to making her orgasm there seems to be something more that is missing when it comes to long term sexual partners. If so, then you will be glad to know that in this article you will discover three remarkable sex tips that will make her orgasm even without you having to touch her.

399: Penis Size: Why You May Be Bigger Than You Thought, Erection Secrets Revealed
One of the biggest worries for men according to a sexologist survey was that they had an inadequately proportioned penis. Intriguingly when measured most of these men actually had average penis sizes. Why do guys worry so much about their penis size, new research is finding some fascinating facts.

400: The Top Five Things Men Are Hoping She Will Do the First Time You Have Sex
Following are the important five things men are hoping she will do the first time you have sex. Men like doing oral sex.

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