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441: How To Increase Sexual Stamina For Men - Gear Up For Explosive Endurance In Bed With These Tips!
In today's day and age, love and intimacy take on a more pronounced dimension in the bedroom. Women are more open about their ideals of sex, and men are more conscious about their abilities to perform where it matters most. And very often, the ability to last long enough is used as a yardstick of a man's sexual performance. But unfortunately this very yardstick often fails men and affects their confidence to the point that some guys even avoid sex as far as possible. But here's the truth that most guys are clueless about...

442: My Angels Erotic Night At The Opera (Part Two)
The amount of time which transpired as I lay in the ladies room unconscious was something which I would not be able to tell with any accuracy (not that this is of consequence) yet in all there was a faith in me which indicated that my dear teacher would never abandon me. It, in fact being that which took me out of my state of oblivion when I felt myself being lifted by my dear teacher, who held me in his arms as he carried me out of the opera house.

443: Top 5 Things Men Love During Sex
There is more to sex than just doing it. Men have polled in with a long list of things that they love during sex. The more passion and senses that are tantalized during sex, the better the session will be. Women and men will enjoy these tips from men on how to increase that lusty desire.

444: Dealing With Male Fantasies
It is not uncommon to hear about male fantasies. Typically they involve another women joining in with sex or perhaps some role-playing scenario that is out of a woman's comfort zone. While men often complain about nagging women, it does not stop them from being nagging creatures themselves. Instead of extinguishing the male fantasy immediately, talk about it and consider the possibilities. These fantasies can bring about other feelings and fantasies that women have also suppressed.

445: How to Please a Man With Your Hands - The Touch That He Is Craving the Most Revealed Today
In order to please a man with your hands, you need to learn what kind of a touch he is craving and there is one that he is craving the most. This is the touch that all men are dying to have and you are going to give it to him tonight.

446: How to Give Fellatio - Send Your Man Into Orgasm Heaven Tonight With These Oral Sex Tips
When you learn how to give fellatio and to send your man into orgasm heaven, you will realize how good it feels and how great you feel knowing that you are the reason he just felt so much satisfaction and pleasure. If you want to make his toes curl tonight and to leave him completely satisfied, then you need to learn some oral sex tips.

447: 3 Amazing Sex Tips for Guys to Make a Woman Orgasm!
It's no secret that there are a variety of different sex positions and sex techniques that you can use to make a woman orgasm. Yet, depending on the man, sometimes sex positions and sex techniques that have been proven to make a woman orgasm simply don't work for them. If you find yourself getting into sex positions and using sex techniques that have been proven to make her orgasm yet aren't working for you.

448: Tools for At Home Bondage
Many people who enjoy bondage are also looking for other tools for teasing and light torture. This includes leather whips, feather ticklers and tools that offer low voltage electrocution. Those people that enjoy a higher level of pain can use clothespins on different parts of the body. Mainly the nipples and scrotum are targeted for their pleasure receptors. Extreme bondage couples may also choose weighted chains to attach to the male penis for additional pleasure.

449: How to Make Your Husband Happy in Bed and Rekindle Your Sex Life
Hopefully by the end of this article you will know how to make your husband happy in bed. There is no secret to pleasing a guy in bed because they all want one thing and it's not sex. To make your husband happy in bed there are two things that do the trick one sexual one not.

450: The Art of Oral Sex - Giving A Man What He Needs
It is often forgotten that the penis has a large number of nerves. This means that if a person is not gentle, they can cause serious pain to a male. Oral sex is composed of a light sucking motion while also moving the mouth up and down the shaft of the penis. Any person looking to give oral sex should start by slowly "sucking" in a way similar to the way you would suck on a lollipop. Be sure that you use your lips not your teeth when performing this act. Even the light feeling of teeth dragging on the erect penis can be painful.

451: The Truth About Fetishes
Enjoying a type of fetish does not make a person "weird" or some sort of "freak". If anything, it identifies those individuals that are comfortable enough with their sexuality and what turns them on to embrace a different kind of sexual stimulation.

452: 3 Kama Sutra Positions That Will Make Your Lover Go Crazy Tonight (Easy!)
In Kama Sutra, there are many wild and erotic sexual positions that can guaranteed to spice up your lovemaking. If you are running out of ideas in the bedroom, you are at the right place today. In this article, let me quickly share with you 3 Kama Sutra positions that you can try out with your lover tonight...

453: One Month on Hormones
To some curious men, the fantasy of growing their own breasts, or otherwise feminizing their bodies, through the use of hormones, seems like an appealing venture. On a more specific point, I can now share an account of what the first four weeks bring someone beginning hormone replacement therapy based on a twenty eight dose test period.

454: How to Give Your First Blow Job - Step by Step
Here are some blow job tips for the girls that have never given a blow job before and are preparing for their first time. Follow these tips and you'll be more than fine.

455: Blow Job Techniques - Start With Good Foreplay
When giving your guy a blow job, you shouldn't just "get to business" immediately, men need some time to warm up to with good foreplay. Here are some techniques on giving him better oral and starting this mind blowing experience the right way.

456: The Biggest Cause of Sexual Problems
Sexual problems are obviously very frustrating and need to be addressed to ensure a healthy sex life. Sex is an amazing part of life - whether most people are willing to admit it or not - and problems here will flow over into other aspects of your life and relationships. In the same regard problems in other areas will also manifest themselves in your sex life as well.

457: Want To Last Longer During Sex? You Have To Develop ENDURANCE - Heres How To Train Yourself
Every guy strives for added lasting power during sex, especially if they are prone to quick ejaculation (like most guys are). Here's how to train yourself to endure long lasting sex and not suffer from premature ejaculation ever again.

458: How to Make a Man Happy in Bed - Dont Just Make Him Happy in Bed, Blow His Mind
Learning how to make a man happy in bed can be the difference between your relationship succeeding or failing. Sad but true because the fact is that if you can make a man happy in bed then he won't ever want to lose you. Pleasing a guy in bed is easy because there is a secret sex weapon that any woman can use that is guaranteed to blow his mind.

459: The Art of Seducing A Lady
Knowing exactly what a lady is seeking in a guy could be the initial key to seducing lady. For most guys, the thought of the way to attract a girl is just a puzzle. It is easy to understand, though. Women and men vary in numerous ways which it is a hardship on most of us to actually understand getting inside the mind of a man or woman.

460: How To Last Longer In Bed And Satisfy Your Woman For A Long Time (5 Easy Tips For Better Orgasms)
Most women like to be satisfied for a long time. Not only that but they love to have orgasms and most women can't have them quickly. If you use these helpful hints you'll be having more fun and taking a long, long time to do it!

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