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461: The Easiest Ways To Give a Girl an Orgasm During Sex If You Have a Small Penis!
Having a small penis is no fun. I know this because I was endowed with 5.5 measly inches. However, you can learn to be a satisfying lover anyway if you take a few important steps. Here are the easiest ways to give a girl an orgasm during sex if you have a small penis.

462: Fellatio Tips That Will Give Your Man an Erupting Orgasm
We all know that fellatio is what men love to receive from you more than anything else. But if you think that pleasing a guy orally is just a matter of sucking then you are dead wrong. Giving a guy the best head is a signal from you to him that you love him and want to please him.

463: A Guide to Lovemaking for Women - The Hottest Sex Tips to Use on Your Man to Make Him Orgasm Hard
You need a guide to lovemaking for women, so you can learn how to truly please your man in the bedroom. You want to learn the hottest sex tips so you can make him orgasm hard. You want to watch his body shake and you want to hear him moan. Now is the time that you learned how to do that tonight.

464: Discover the Easiest Way to Make a Woman Orgasm - Make Her Climax in Record Time Tonight
Do you want to make your woman have an orgasm in record time tonight? Do you want to touch her and immediately get her in a state of mind that is going to drive her wild? Now is the time that you discovered the easiest way to make a woman orgasm.

465: How to Make a Girl Wet in Seconds - Female Arousal Techniques You Must Learn Now
There are many female arousal techniques that you need to learn today if you expect to be able to keep your woman happy and satisfied in the bedroom. If you expect her to crave you, then you need to be able to master these techniques.

466: Sexuality - Religions Society
Sexuality is a topic on which have been already written volumes of books, about which we can discuss through different prisms, so will sexuality in this text precessed through some common features. Religion aims to define the moral rules in a sexual relationship. According to the religious concept of sexual intercourse is the sole objective of the extension types. I personally consider the religious type of lifelong repressed sexuality to be the most destructive kind of self abnegation. I will cover here religion and sexuality, society and sexuality...

467: How to Make a Man Sexually Happy in Bed - The Downright Naughtiest Male Orgasm Tips to Rock Him
Do you want to put a big smile on your man's face after you are done pleasing him tonight? Do you want to know that you did a good job and that you gave him the satisfaction that he has been craving? Now is the time that you found out how to make a man sexually happy in bed so you could really blow his mind tonight.

468: Erotic Intelligence - Five Techniques You Have to Know
When a person touches another person's body, the brain receives stimuli at more than half a million receptors, which decode the information about the caressed object. During sexual relations, our body is stimulated all over.

469: 3 Reasons You Arent Giving Your Girl Hard Orgasms During Sex And How To Fix All Of Them!
If you aren't giving your girl hard orgasms during sex, I can almost guarantee it is for one of three reasons. I know that was the case for me, but I took action and fixed them and can now say I am an extremely satisfying lover who always makes women climax. Here are the 3 reasons you aren't making your girl climax intensely and how to fix all of them.

470: Strawberry Sex Lube - The Most Popular Flavor For Edible Sex Lubes
Sexual lubricants are used for various purposes by different people. Some use sexual lubricants for contraceptive purposes only while some others use such lubricants in order to enhance the pleasure received from sexual intercourse. Yet others insist on using lubricants for oral sex purposes and for this purpose, the most popular sexual lubricants are flavoured sexual lubricants. Flavoured sexual lubricants are available in many different flavours but perhaps the most popular amongst all these flavours is the strawberry flavoured sexual lubricants. Since flavoured lubes are more often used for oral pleasures, the strawberry flavoured lubricant takes the forefront because of its popularity with women. This is not only in terms of taste but also the aroma that it gives out.

471: How to Please a Woman in Bed
It is a well known fact that women can achieve multiple orgasms or even different types of orgasms. However, even if women are endowed with such capabilities, many women cannot satisfy their sexual urge. They sometimes bear for months so as to quench their 'sexual thirst'.

472: Why You Should Hold an Adult Toy Party
There are many options when it comes to holding parties these days. However, Tupperware and other similar parties are things of the past. Why put so much effort into something that's not going to yield great returns? Adult toy parties are hotter than ever, and they're well worth your time.

473: Is Your Penis Too Small To Give a Girl An Orgasm? Dont Fret! Here Are Some Things You Can Do!
Is your penis too small to give a girl an orgasm? Mine was too when I was endowed at only 5.5 inches long and 5 inches around. It got me down for a while; my sex life was terrible and my confidence was even worse. However, I finally stopped feeling sorry for myself and I took some action. My research and subsequent action enabled me to turn my situation around and now I have an extremely satisfying sex life. Here are some things you can do.

474: How Effective Is Spermicidal Lube?
There are a number of contraceptives available for women who wish to avoid pregnancy. When choosing birth control contraceptives it is important to figure out whether they are actually effective or not. Along with this, it is also important to find out the advantages and dangers of using a particular contraceptive. You might want to use a spermicidal lube as your main contraceptive agent but it is important to make an effort to learn about the above points before choosing a particular lube.

475: Heres How To Go About Treating Premature Ejaculation
Let's take a close look at how to go about treating premature ejaculation. It's important to learn how to make sex last longer for you and your partner.

476: How to Sexually Attract Women - 3 Quick Tips to Get Her Hot For YOU
When you meet a woman, what is really going on in your mind if she is pretty attractive, and has a decent body? You are thinking about how you would like to be able to get her into the bedroom and do some "naughty" things, am I right? Of course, I am! Most guys are not going to just want to engage in a conversation with a woman and feel satisfied. You want to get physical with her.

477: How To Prolong Intercourse And Make Sex Last Longer (Are You Missing These 2 Amazing Techniques?)
Let me be clear about this. By the time you are done reading this article, you'll have learned two easy techniques to slow down your orgasm, boost your sexual stamina, and give women sensational sex - so use them sensibly! There is no need to rely on the multitude of expensive, recurring billing products that claim to help you last longer. These are not permanent cures to poor ejaculatory control. Instead, put into PRACTICE what I'm going to teach you, and you will come out a FAR better lover than most men.

478: Pheromone Chemistry Sets - Create Homemade Pheromones Today
A pheromone chemistry set will allow you to create your own proprietary blend of pheromones for your own use or for resale. A general understanding of pheromones is essential for mastering this technique but will lead to enormous cost-savings!

479: Exquisite Lelo Inez Silver World Review
For the spoiled woman who has it all, or at least thinks she does, the Exquisite Lelo Inez Silver World high-end luxury vibrator may be just what she desires... Indeed, the fabulous Inez is the undisputed Mother of all Vibrators! Its only limitation is your imagination... So, if you think you're a spoiled girl but don't yet have an Inez Silver in hand, think again:)

480: Sexuality, the Critical Link
An article exploring the connection between weight loss, sexuality, dating, positive attitude and careers. The fundamental link between them, it is argued, is a person's level of sexual activity.

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