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481: Top Oral Sex Mistakes Women Make - What Not To Do When Giving Your Man Oral Pleasure
Many women are searching for a way to spice up their sex life by learning more about oral sex. Unfortunately, when doing so, they focus on the wrong thing. Women are trying to learn a new "special technique" instead of figuring out where they make the most mistakes. Here are the top oral sex mistakes women make.

482: The Tongue Is Mightier Than The Sword
Whilst intercourse is a preferred, often satisfying proposition, ask most women to chose a preference of vaginal and clitoral orgasm, they will probably answer for the later. Clitoral orgasm, long the forgotten and less popular sexual pleasure is making a resurgence, and for good reason. Many women complain that while there partners do give the clitoris some attention it is usually as a prelude the intercourse, and therefore seen as foreplay and merely a precursor to the main event.

483: How To Have Better Sex Tonight
If your love life has reached a slumping point and doing the dishes sounds better than having intimate relations, it's time to act. While it's perfectly natural and normal for there to be ups and downs in the romance department, letting it linger can damage even the most loving of relationships. If you want to know how to have better sex tonight, there are some steps you can take to increase the romance factor in your relationship. When couples work through the slumps together, they come out of it stronger, happier and more stable for the effort.

484: Learn How To Prolong Orgasm And Last Longer - Sensational Tips To Regain Your Confidence In Bed!
Can poor sexual stamina be overcome? Or is this perennial problem in bed a permanent thing you have to live with? What can you do right now to improve your endurance and develop that coveted ability to last as long as you want during sex? These are questions that many men would love an answer to, but sadly too many of us get drawn into BAD information and lousy advice. But here's the good news...

485: My 5.5 Inch Penis Wasnt Giving Women Orgasms! Here Is How I Remedied The Situation Fast!
I always thought I was doing everything right in bed. I had good stamina, good technique, I kept my body in shape... but I could rarely bring a girl to orgasm through intercourse alone. I soon discovered the unfortunate truth that the problem was my 5.5 inch penis with mediocre girth. So I started researching ways to improve my situation and what I found is that it is actually pretty easy to get a longer and thicker penis quickly and permanently.

486: Want To Last Longer During Sex? - Heres 2 Secrets To Boost Your Sexual Stamina Like The Porn Stars!
It is a fact that the average intercourse will take a man between two and six minutes to climax and sorry to tell you but the average woman takes between twelve to fifteen minutes. If you are a guy that falls into this category, chances are you are not satisfying your woman. But hold on! I have some good news for you...

487: Prostitutes Use This Oral Sex Tip To Drive Men Absolutely Crazy - Learn From the Fellatio Experts
Certain areas of the body respond in different ways to sexual stimulation. What is a "special" trigger spot on the male penis and what's the best way to stimulate it?

488: Learn Exactly How to Perform Oral on Your Husband Tonight - Master These Fellatio Techniques
Your husband wants to feel this pleasure from you so you need to stop resisting. You need to learn exactly how to perform oral sex on your husband tonight so you ensure that you are going to leave him completely satisfied once you are done with him.

489: How to Go Down on a Guy and Give Him an Intense Orgasm - Oral Sex Advice for Women
It is time that you learned how to go down on a guy and how to give him an intense orgasm. You are going to learn some oral sex advice tips for women so you can truly give him an out of this world experience. Now is the time that you stopped hating oral sex and that you learned to see how you can get pleasure from performing fellatio.

490: How to Show Your Husband You Love Him By Giving Him the Best Sex of His Life
You need to learn how to show your husband you love him by giving him the best sex of his entire life. You want to give him out of this world pleasure that he has no choice but to squirm and squeal. Now is the time that you showed your husband what he was really working with and what you have in store for him.

491: Breasts Pleasured to Orgasm - Orgasms That Shake Her Entire Body
Breasts are essential to a woman's self confidence as well as a great moral boost for men! Did you know that breasts are also a great tool used to send your partner into orgasmic bliss? Your partner's breasts are considered an erogenous zone (place that turns your partner on). You can do more than just turn your partner on with their breasts you can make love to their breasts. No, this does not mean you receiving orgasmic pleasure from them but with these simple instructions you can give your partner the best breast orgasm ever!

492: How to Seduce a Woman You Work With - 3 Tips for Work Place Seduction
I find that a lot of guys seem to have a co worker that they are attracted to, a woman that they work with they would like to become friendly with outside of work. While, I definitely suggest that you think this through, because there are complications that can spring up, you don't have to just be resigned to pinning away for her silently, either. Work place seduction can be kind of easy when done right, so don't think too much, because you can easily make it out to be a lot harder than it has to be.

493: 3 Radical Ways to Bring Your Woman to Orgasmic Pleasure
There are countless ways to make your partner orgasm but 3 great ways to be even more successful in your sexual endeavors pass as radical. After you read this article you will be well on your way to a successful encounter with your partner. Sit back relax and enjoy the ride!

494: How to Increase Stamina In Bed and Enjoy Smoldering Hot Sex!
How to increase stamina in bed can be an embarrassing and humiliating topic for most guys. This is a deep-rooted fear that's keeping many guys up at night. Some men can feel as though they don't want to have intercourse any more, to not be embarrassed in front of their women.

495: 3 Amazing Female Orgasm Sex Positions Proven to Send Her Into Orgasmic Bliss!
Did you know that there are a variety of different sex positions that are better at creating female orgasms than others? If you are the kind of person who wants to have a variety of different sex positions in your sexual toolbox that will send a woman into orgasmic bliss again and again. Then you will be glad to know that in this article you will discover three amazing female orgasm sex positions that have been proven to send women into orgasmic bliss each...

496: How to Create Sexual Attraction With Women - 3 Keys To Making a Woman Sexually Attracted to YOU!
I don't think I am revealing anything earth shattering or ground breaking when I highlight the fact that a woman needs to feel sexually attracted to you,  if you want to be seen as a guy she would date or have intimate moments with.  That much is pretty much a given,  I think that most guys are pretty well aware of this.  The problem though,  is that most guys do not know how to create sexual attraction with a woman.

497: Enhancing a Womans Pleasure Naturally
These sexual supplements don't merely intensify sexual desire in females but also aid them in experiencing feelings they might never have ever had. Being able to finally have an orgasm or being able to experience more intense or even multiple orgasms is a dream come true for many of these women.

498: 3 Exciting Female Orgasm Sex Techniques Proven to Give Her Clitoral Orgasms!
Are you interested in learning a variety of different sex techniques that have been proven to give women clitoral orgasms? Did you know that there are a variety of different and exciting female orgasm sex techniques that are simple to learn and more importantly will cause her to have the kind of clitoral orgasms that will prepare her to experience full body orgasms as well? If you are at least a little bit curious about exciting ways to give her clitoral orgasms then you will want to continue reading this article as you will discover three exciting female...

499: Discover How to Perform Mind Blowing Oral Sex on Your Man Tonight - Fellatio Techniques to Master
You want to give your man the greatest fellatio experience that he has ever had. You want to discover how to perform mind blowing oral sex on your man and you want to do that tonight. You want to make his toes curl, his back arch and his entire body shake. Now is the time that you made this happen.

500: How This Little Surprising Secret Can Make Your Man Orgasm in Seconds - Male Orgasm Tips Revealed
You can make a man orgasm in a matter of mere seconds and you can give him pleasure that is going to shock him to his core. You just need some male orgasm tips and this surprising secret to make a man orgasm in a matter of seconds tonight.

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