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521: How To Give A Woman An Orgasm - Three Orgasms At the SAME TIME (3 Hot Sex Tips To Make Her Explode)
Women WANT HOT ORGASMS! They want them long, intense, fun, and varied! If you're wanting some new HOT ideas on how to totally make her EXPLODE...here are three PROVEN tips to blow her away. Caution - don't read this if you are frightened by women screaming at the top of their lungs!

522: How To Give Her The Oral And Breast Orgasm Combination! (3 Hot Techniques To Drive Her Nuts!)
Ask her how orally hot she wants to be tonight? Ask her how long and hard she wants to orgasm? These are hot questions that will PLANT the idea into her head tonight that you're going to please her LIKE NEVER BEFORE! These are proven techniques.

523: Turbo Charge Your Sexual Stamina With These Tips to Prolong Ejaculation
Increasing sexual stamina has never been more important than it is today because women have never been more inclined to cheat than they are today. Women just won't put up with a man who cannot prolong ejaculation for long enough to make her orgasm. Sure at first she will offer to help you but if things don't get better then she will soon lose patience and that is when cheating can take place.

524: How To Give Your Girl Phone Sex So Hot And Stimulating It Will Drive Her Nuts! (And To Your Bed)
Great phone sex? What's that all about? Well, almost everybody uses it one time or another. If you're calling your wife from a sales trip and she's not around - all you have is phone sex! Or, if you've just found somebody on the internet, and you're checking each other out, if you can turn her on quickly you just might meet up with her in the next hour! It's all the same thing. Learn the 3 techniques to make it SO STIMULATING!

525: How to Make a Girl Orgasm - 3 Hot Sex Tips!
If you were to ask a majority of women what they really wish for and want in a man, an overwhelming majority of them would say that they want a man who knows how to make a girl orgasm. In fact it's no secret that when it comes to making a girl orgasm must men simply settle for learning one or two ways to make a girl orgasm if they even bother learning at all.

526: How to Make a Woman Orgasm - 3 Extraordinary Sex Tips
When you find yourself looking to learn how to make a woman orgasm, it means you have moved on from simply looking to bring yourself pleasure and are now interested in bringing pleasure to a woman as well as yourself. In fact, sometimes you have this desire to learn how to make a woman orgasm because you somehow sense that your life will be enhanced as well when you are able to bring her pleasure whenever you want. That is why you will be glad to know that in this article you will discover 3 extraordinary sex tips...

527: How to Make a Woman Climax - 3 Wonderful Sex Tips
When you find yourself suddenly searching for the answer to how to make a woman climax it is interesting how so often you find a variety of different sex tips that will help you do exactly that. If you are someone who is now interested in learning how to make a woman climax you will be glad to know that in this article you will discover 3 wonderful sex tips that will have woman telling you that you truly are the best lover they have ever had.

528: How to Give Her Intense Orgasms - 3 Unique Sex Tips!
Imagine, if you suddenly learned how to give the woman that you are with extremely intense orgasms? Would you use your new found power to give her intense orgasms for good and please her whenever and wherever you want or would you use it in order to get what you want from her? No matter what your intentions may be for wanting to learn how to give her intense orgasms you will be glad to know that in this article you will discover 3 rather unique sex tips that when utilized properly will lead to her have the...

529: 3 Hot Sex Positions to Give a Girl an Orgasm and Spark Her G-Spot (Sex Games to Warm Her Up)
Is your lady satisfied when you make love? Do you give her g-spot orgasms? Does she cry and shout your name? Does she feel adored and loved? Do you employ sex games to turn her on?

530: Improve Sexual Stamina by Slowing Things Down
Improve sexual stamina by slowing things down. Respecting your partner's pace will give her more sexual fulfillment. Thinking about non-sexual things is one way to last longer.

531: Tips For Hot Sex With Your Guy - Are You Ready For This?
Are you feeling as if your man's becoming a bit passionless on you? Or maybe you simply want some ideas to surprise him by adding a lot more spice to your already good sex life? Either way, adopting these sex tips for women will get your man eating out of the palm of your hand and begging you for more and more!

532: 3 Incredibly Easy Ways to Ensure That Your Girl Climaxes Intensely Every Time You Have Intercourse!
If you aren't making your woman climax intensely every time you have intercourse, there is a serious problem in your sex life. Yes, you can use your fingers and your tongue to "satisfy" a woman, but unfortunately, that won't satisfy her nearly as much as if you were able to give her intense orgasms through intercourse alone. Being able to satisfy a woman means never having to worry about her having to find satisfaction elsewhere.

533: Do Women Like You to Suck on Their Toes? Is it Really a Turn On?
Do women really want you to grab their foot and start sucking on their toes? The short answer is that some women do and some women don't but the women that do will love every minute of it and it's a definite turn on. Do you want to give it a try but you are worried how she will react?

534: How to Satisfy Your Lady Every Time! (4 Problems Most Men Have and Easy Solutions For You!)
Only 30% of women regularly enjoy orgasms! That means 70% don't. Most men make 4 mistakes. I'll give you easy solutions to those so that you can succeed every time!

535: How to Seduce a Woman And Satisfy Her For a Long Time (3 Problems to Overcome to Do This)
Men love to seduce women and most women love to be seduced! They also love to be satisfied. So how do we put this together to get this successful connection? There are three mistakes most men make. Here are the solutions that will make you successful tonight!

536: Learning Sex From Porn - Why 79% of Women Have to Fake It
Learning sex from porn is one of the reasons so many women in today's society are dissatisfied in their sex life. About 79% of women have confessed to faking orgasm because their partners in the bed room were not "finishing the job". This is only those that have admitted to faking!

537: Overcome Premature Ejaculation - Have Deeply Satisfying Sex That Lasts As Long As You Want!
There are basically three steps in your journey to overcome premature ejaculation and get yourself to have that deeply satisfying sex you have been craving. In this article you will find what those three main steps are and discover how easy it will be to master those steps and finally overcome premature ejaculation.

538: How You Can Give a Woman an Orgasm and Satisfy Her Longer, Harder and More Intensely With Sex Games
Have you wondered how your lover scores you in bed? Do you give her tiny, little orgasms! Or do you rock her world? Do you leave her "rooted to the bed," unable to move or is she on the move? Give her what she's always wanted to experience tonight...

539: How to Give Her Convulsing G-Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculations (Setting the Stage With Sex Games)
Give her g-spot orgasms and female ejaculations that will shake her whole body! She will love it when you satisfy her long and hard! Don't make an excuse...make her excited with these sex games!

540: Break Out of the Routine
When you have been with your partner for awhile, it is very easy for things to become routine. After all, you are with this person every day, doing the same things. Get up, go to work, come home, sleep and do it all over again the next day. Over time, you begin to have a set way of doing things together, especially when it comes to sex.

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