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561: The Open-Ended Vasectomy
A vasectomy is used to keep men from having children when they are not ready for them. The open-ended vasectomy is a popular form of this procedure.

562: Differences Between a Tubal Ligation and Vasectomy
Sterilization is the most permanent form of birth control. The question that most people have to ask themselves is which one to use.

563: Are You An Apple Or A Pear?
Although the models who grace the pages of fashion magazines are supposed to represent the average women only one out of 40,000 women actually has a model's proportions. In other words for most women looking like a model is not a realistic goal.

564: Is Herbal Fibroid Treatment an Option Worth Considering?
Fibroids treatment is the easiest when the tumors are small in size. However it is very hard to detect at the initial stages since tiny fibroids rarely cause any symptoms. In fact most women remain unaware of this condition and only when the tumors grow larger and cause excessive menstrual bleeding and pain do the come to know of the existence of fibroids.

565: Natural Method of Treatment For Bacterial Vaginosis Which Helped - Worked For Me Personally
It took me more that a year to finally control my recurring vaginosis. Initially I trusted my doctors implicitly and wanted them to help me fast in my treatment for bacterial vaginosis. However doctors could do nothing to treat my bacterial vaginal infection which came back again and again.

566: Natural BV Remedy Which Has Had a Solid Undeniable Impact on My Vaginal Infection
I have been a long-time sufferer of chronic vaginosis. Every time I went to the doctor for vaginosis cure the infection would disappear for some time and surface again after a month or so. I have devoted a lot of time and energy in trying out alternative methods of treatment for bacterial vaginosis. Sadly though these remedies too merely reduced or delayed my vaginosis symptoms- they did nothing to get rid of the infection completely.

567: How I Regained My Confidence After Battling With Recurring Vaginosis For Over a Year
I suffered from recurring vaginosis for over a year. It had completely changed my life.

568: Breast Enhancement Bras, the Basic Knowledge
Breast enhancement bras give amazing results instantly, from developing a bigger, firmer fuller cleavage to minimizing results, bras have it all. Lets take a look at what you need to know.

569: How to Increase Libido in Women With Little to No Sex Drive
The question is how to increase libido in women in a natural way because females may be hesitant to accept help. Herbs that improve women's libido have been developed.

570: The Techniques to Increase Low Female Appetite For Sex That Actually Yield Results
The truth is that the ways to treat female libido are quite numerous. The market offers wide range of libido enhancers specifically developed for women. All of them are available in on-line stores on the Internet, or you can easily get them at any local store related to the subject.

571: How Penis Exercises and Your Own Hands Will Help You Get a Bigger Penis in Weeks?
In recent times, the desire to have a larger penis has become more and more prevalent. Men are no longer content with the size that they are born with and are looking for ways to enhance their penis size just like they are looking to enhance the size of their muscles at a gym. There are probably a hundred different methods marketed today to increase the size of your penis.

572: Penis Enhancement Exercises are Just Right For You
Natural penis enhancement such as exercise is known to be very effective in increasing the size of the penis. Many might still question whether it works or not, and some might even claim that it does not work at all. Either these people have no experience when it comes to penis exercises or they failed to follow the recommended use, or lacked the patience and persistence to finish what they have started.

573: How Zinc Can Help You With Your Ejaculation Problems? Improve Your Ejaculations With Zinc Foods
Zinc in foods can result in a dramatically improved ejaculation condition for you. They have been known to promote better ejaculation in men. Read more to find out the benefits of zinc.

574: Getting a Rock Hard Erection in a Totally Natural and Safe Way is Now Just One Mouse Click Away!
Problems with erection quality, its hardness and staying power can happen, sooner or later, in life of any male person. One of the ways to overcome the problem is a visit to a therapist and taking prescription drugs. But it is not the only option.

575: Moving Into a Fat Loss Deficit
With obesity on the rise and with one out of three kids being affected it's beyond an epidemic and the snow ball effect if continues will have a devastating effect on the life span of individuals, self esteem issues, earlier onset of diseases, health care cost increases, higher medicated population, and the list goes on. Like myself I am sure you can relate either you're presently struggling with losing excess fat, did in the past or know someone who is. Regardless, we can't help but be somewhat conscious of this problem.

576: Laughter As Cheap (Or Maybe Even Free) Medicine
Even two decades ago research done on humor and laughter would have been laughed out of the neurological research community. However, now with new technology there has been many connections made between having a sense of humor, laughter, the levels of neurochemicals (like endorphins) and how they affect the immune system in both body and mind.

577: Who the Hat Fits
Lying is part of the human condition; we have all lied at one time or another. Hopefully, we notice that one lie invariably leads to another, and before you know it, you have one huge mess on your hands that you feel obligated to defend and rationalize.

578: Subliminal Downloads to Help With Stress and Other Issues
Subliminal and self hypnosis downloads straight to your iPod are becoming increasingly popular as a way to grow and develop emotionally. These downloads are offering a service that no medical practitioner can.

579: Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine and How it Helps in the Treatment of Endometriosis
Endometriosis is a very painful condition that affects women; the condition can lead to multiple health related issues. Instead of using traditional forms of medicine some women prefer treating the condition with acupuncture and herbal medicine. The treatments offered vary upon the level of severity as well as a woman's future plans to have children.

580: Getting Rid of Loose Vagina Problem Naturally
A loose vagina not only hinders the excitement of sexual desire but also has many other drawbacks such as lack of confidence in women due to the preference of men for having sex with women who have a tight vagina. Also, it causes some health problems such as urinary incontinence in some cases and the problem of bad vaginal odor is more common with a loose vagina.

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