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41: Clitoris And G Spot Stimulation That Will Drive Her Wild Into Mega Orgasms And It Is So Simple!
Combining clitoris and g spot stimulation together is a very powerful method that can even lead to female ejaculation. This combines stimulating the 1 to 2 o'clock position next to the clitoris along with the G spot. So we are not directly touching the clitoris but just to the side in this massage.

42: How to Make an Informed Decision Regarding Penis Enlargement Pills
If you were to survey a group of men - regardless of age, colour or creed - regarding what they could improve about themselves, many of them would say that they want a larger penis. It doesn't matter what the size of their penis is to begin with, a large number of men have the perception that they need to increase their size in order to be acceptable in the bedroom.

43: How to Practice Sexual Fitness
Female sexuality and male sexuality can equal Sexual Fitness is an exciting new concept coined by a psychologist with expertise in human sexuality, health/fitness, and dating /relationships. Sexual Fitness encourages men and women to engage in cognitive and behavioral sexual exercises with the same vigor as people engaged in physical fitness activities. Just as physical fitness, sexual fitness is a state of being and a lifestyle. Embarking on a sexual fitness plan can be done solo or as a couple.

44: Benefits Of Sex - Its Time To Get Back On To The Horse - And Pronto!
The Benefits of Sex are a plenty. But if it's been a while since you've tickled a pickle or played your own banjo, here are some reminders why you should be getting back on the horse... and pronto!

45: Why Do Women CLIMAX With Some Guys During Intercourse And Not With Others? Here Is Why!
Why do women climax with some guys through intercourse alone, but other guys have to use their fingers and tongue to get a girl off? Here is why, and what you can do to make sure you are among the guys who can do it through sex alone.

46: Changing Water Into Wine, The Science Of Sexual Energy Transmutation
Well, sexual energy is the most powerful energy and impetus in the body and spirit. What I mean by the title is this: When you realize the productive use of sexual energy, magnetism and union, you realize the greatest success in the universe. I do not mean just the sex act, I mean in anything that is genuinely profitable and is good.

47: How to Increase Your Sexual Pleasure With Jes Extender
Jes Extender is one of the most widely sold male enhancement on the Internet. Discover how Jes Extender can bring sexual pleasure to you from this article now...

48: Does Jes Extender Make Any Difference At All?
Jes Extender has been one amazing tool that allows you to bring your manhood to the next level. Find out if Jes Extender really makes a difference at all from this article now...

49: How to Pleasure a Woman and Became an Absolute Charmer!
Not a mere orgasm but a perfect orgasm lasting with the feeling of deep emotions and burly attachment is the real charm and happy end of a sexual intercourse. But in most cases, people never think about knowing how to pleasure a woman in bed of which many people are unaware that it cannot be achieved without lasting longer in bed.

50: What It Takes To Make Women CLIMAX During Intercourse - The 6 Things That Matter!
Want to make every girl you have sex with climax during intercourse? Here are the 6 things that matter.

51: How Do I Get My Wife To Orgasm? Unlock These 2 Secret Moves To Give Her Jaw-Dropping Orgasms!
Do you want to finally learn how to make your wife scream in ecstasy as you give her one tantalizing orgasm after another? While 70 percent of women are NOT able to achieve the big "O" with their partners during sex, you can quickly turn things around and give her one, as soon as tonight... simply by following these simple tips.

52: How to Kiss Properly Like In The Movies!
How do we learn how to kiss properly? There is only one thing to keep in mind when kissing...

53: What Is A Threesome?
Have you ever wondered what is a threesome? Let me fill you in on what it is and what it is not so that you can start having some Threesome Sex.

54: How to Give a Woman Orgasms - 3 Surefire Ways to Make Her Have Multiple Earth Shattering Orgasms Now
If you want to learn how to give a woman orgasms, then you must learn these tips. These are the 3 surefire ways guaranteed to make your woman have multiple earth shattering orgasms tonight. That's right. Not only are you going to be able to make your woman come once, but you are going to be able to make it happen again and again.

55: BUSTED! 3 Female Orgasm Myths You Must NOT Believe (For Men Who Want To Give Women Sensational Sex)
In this article we're going to look at 3 myths and misconceptions many guys have about female orgasms. Separating the facts from untruths is the first important step towards giving your female partner the sexual pleasure you know she deserves. After all, what's the point of striving towards a goal that is based entirely on myths? Let's take a look at these...

56: Two Ways To Become A Better Lover And Give Your Partner The Best Sex Of Their Lives!
In this article I discuss two great methods to improve your sex life. If you want to take your love making to the next level, or have suffered from premature ejaculation in the past, then I show you two ways to help overcome that, and become a better lover.

57: How to Give a Great Blow Job
Whether you have just fallen for someone and want to blow his mind or you just want to give your husband the best night ever then learning how to give a great blow job will do the trick. A great blow job differs from a normal one because it will be remembered and talked about forever and not forgotten in minutes. Here are 3 easy ways to make fellatio great.

58: Cunnilingus Tips That Will Make Your Woman Sexually Addicted to You
To keep a woman interested in the bedroom can be tricky but there is something that when done properly will give her orgasms every time. That thing is cunnilingus and it is statistically proven to be the best way to make your woman reach a climax. In fact over 80% of women say that they fake orgasm or do not have them at all from penetration.

59: How to Make a Woman Reach Orgasm When You Make Love to Her
Making love to a woman is not a matter of thrusting and pounding her in the hope that she reaches orgasm before you. Quite the opposite, to make love to a woman until she reaches an orgasm is an art. A woman needs love and affection she needs compliments and romance before she is anywhere near ready to climax.

60: Great Sex Techniques That You Must Not Miss - Grant Her A Superb Climax Tonight
If you think that your sex life is already dreaded or have a trend to be so, it is time to get some spicy and fresh new sex techniques and lovemaking tips in order to make your bedroom hot! Do not limit yourself with only changing sex positions, there are many other sex techniques and factors to be considered.

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