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761: Why You Should Try Natural Penis Enlargement Pills At Least Once
Viagra has clearly blown away erection problems for many men. Yet there are still some rumors floating around Viagra that makes people a bit edgy about taking it. Is Viagra safe to take? Is there an alternative to this "wonder drug"? Let's find out.

762: How Do I Get a Bigger Penis (Even If Im Really Small)? It is So Easy, Its Embarrassing!
Think you're prepared to get rid of your size worries and begin living an existence with a bigger, a lot more remarkable penis? I'm certain you'd relish that thought, right?

763: Rate Your Health
Most of us take out health for granted, that is, until we either have a minor or major health "crisis". I've done it myself, until it almost landed me in the hospital - twice.

764: Are You Really What You Eat?
I don't remember the first time I heard someone use the phrase "You are what you eat." It always seemed so cliche to me.

765: Calamus Root and Kyphi Recipe
Calamus Root, (Acorus calamus) is also known as Calmus, Sedge, and Sweet Myrtle.  It is a wonderfully spicy, aromatic, and very cinnamon-like fragrance that has been enjoyed since at least The Epic of Gilgamesh where it is mentioned as an incense ingredient.

766: Birthdays Dont Make You Older
A patient was telling me today that she had another birthday approaching and she was speaking to her aunt about it. Her aunt works in a senior's home and has gained a lot of wisdom while caring for those who are near the end of their lives.

767: Homeopathics As an Aid to Energy Work
For optimal results, pain should be addressed on more than the physical level, so it can be correctly pinpointed and resolved quickly. Human beings are mind/ body /spirit. When the totality of this is taken into consideration, the best energetic method can zero-in on the fundamental truths as to why a pain was created.

768: Will Vaginosis Be a Constant Issue For Me, Or Can I Get Rid of It?
For many women vaginois is a constant issue. Regardless of which medications most women use, recurring vaginosis is something that they often have to live with. The truth of the matter is that most medications designed to cure vaginosis are not very effective.

769: How is a Breast Lift Done?
In general, breast lift surgery tightens the loose skin of the breast. Patients with breast sag may have an areola which has spread due to time, previous pregnancy, or breast feeding, so the areola is often made smaller during this surgery. Depending on how much breast tissue has sagged, the breast tissue can be repositioned and tightened as well.

770: Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment Plan Which Worked to Relieve an Average Sufferer Like Me
I am an average woman who like majority of others has suffered from vaginosis. Strangely in my case the infection stuck to me and I had to put up with its unbearable symptoms for almost a year. I dreaded it but could not do much about my recurring vaginosis. Neither were the doctors whom I consulted of any major help. What added to my frustration was the fact that I always followed the basic hygiene habits despite which I had to suffer from embarrassing vaginal odor. On certain days the smell used to be so bad that I did not even dare to go out.

771: Reasons For Breast Implant Removal Surgery
One of the most sought after beauty surgeries today is breast augmentation surgery which generally is used to enlarge breasts only for aesthetic purposes. Of course, there are other more serious reasons why some women undergo breast augmentation. Sometimes women choose to have implants after a radical mastectomy due to cancer.

772: What to Consider in Looking For the Best Penis Enlargement
Men when it comes to vanity are more insecure compared to their female counterpart. They want to feel tough, powerful and different than other men when it comes to how their women view them.

773: Enlarge Your Penis From Home? My Personal Experience With Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises
Are you interested in making your penis bigger from home? If you are anything like me, I'm guessing you are! The fact is, up to 80% of men have at least some level of size insecurity, and about half of us, at any point, are actively looking for a way to permanently improve our penis size. With that in mind, and after writing hundreds of articles on men's health, and male enhancement specifically, let me share some of what I've learned with you below.

774: How to Guarantee Success When Using Natural Penis Enhancement Techniques
Are you trying to enlarge the size of your penis? Are you using natural penis enhancement techniques to achieve this? Most people get little or no results using these techniques, don't worry I said most people. I myself have had amazing results using these techniques and in this article I am going to tell you exactly what to do if you want to see results using these techniques.

775: How to Increase Penis Size With Penis Exercises
For thousands of years, ancient records tell us that there have been of ancient tribes enlarging various body parts, for example the ancient south African tribes used to hang weights made of rock from their penises, which causes natural penis enlargement through pulling force. Or another example would be the ancient tribes of Thailand.

776: Is Drug Treatment Really Supportive in Curing Premature Ejaculation?
There are a number of therapies and techniques that help men control their ejaculation. There are also various drugs that help alleviate the symptoms of premature ejaculation and help men lead satisfactory sex lives. One of the reasons for men using such drugs is the time and effort required to learn the techniques that control ejaculation. For many, these drugs come as a quick fix solution to their problem, which has been hindering their sex life and also creating problems in their relationships.

777: How to Stretch Your Penis
Did you know that the average male can add up to 1-3 inches to his penis after applying some simple exercises! It's actually quite astonishing to see the results some men have achieved after using some secret ancient exercises (more on that later).

778: Do You Need Help For Impotence?
Have you ever used an herbal remedy, thinking it would provide help for impotence? You know, herbs like horny goat weed, yohimbe, ginkgo, and others. If you have, you were most likely ripped off.

779: Creative Wellness Trends in 2010
What will be the hottest wellness trends in 2010? What is in and what is out? Which activities are must and what are the best things to do for achieving wellbeing of your mind and soul and good physical shape?

780: Are You a Personal Trainer Or a Brain Enhancer?
Can personal training and enhancing one's brain really be connected? Check out some of the facts behind the connection behind enhancing your mind, body, and soul!

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