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61: How To Perform Cunnilingus - Pleasing Her Through Oral Sex
Giving a woman oral sex is one of the best ways to bring her to orgasm. Many men do not know how to perform cunnilingus in a method that is pleasurable to her and gives her the most intense orgasm. If men would concentrate on the proper techniques and things that increase her sensations, she would have a more enjoyable experience.

62: How to Deal With Your Wife Not Wanting to Have Sex
One of the biggest strains on many relationships is when one partner loses their desire for sex. In this article you will find some helpful strategies and ideas to deal with this.

63: Semenax - Helping Yourself To More Pleasurable Sex With Your Partner
One thing that men wouldn't want to experience ever is having signs of diminished sexual power. Men would want to preserve it as much as and as long as possible. But there are some sexual problems that wouldn't go away without intervention, medical or otherwise. Lack of semen volume may not seem like a serious sexual problem but it is for men who suffer from it. Semenax pills can help men who are experiencing low volume of semen have a greater volume of ejaculate.

64: Sexual Pleasure During Pregnancy
As a pregnant woman, you already have a lot of things on your mind, and a lot of questions. Some of your questions may seem taboo --for instance, you may be wondering if it's safe to have sex during pregnancy. If the answer is yes, you probably want to know how. These may seem like silly questions, but they're actually very common.

65: Marathon Sex - Is There Such a Thing As Too Much?
I recommend having sex at least once a day for everyone. Whether that's an hour or six hours, it's your decision to make. Presumably, given other life responsibilities, not every day will be six hours, so make hay while the sun shines!

66: How To Increase Sexual Endurance (Expect Dramatic Gains In Sexual Stamina With This Easy Technique)
Who else wants to learn how to increase his sexual endurance so that he can give his wife or partner amazing vaginal orgasms? Most men reading this would love to do just that. The only letdown is that premature ejaculation tends to get in the way of great sex. For many of us, the real issue is our inability to handle the intense arousal that comes with sexual stimulation. So what can you do to get a grip on your arousal and massively increase your stamina? Let's take a close and insightful look at the following tip...

67: The Five Problems I Had Making A Woman Climax! I Fixed Them All And Became a DYNAMITE Lover!
I used to be bad in bed, but I was able to fix all my issues and become a dynamite lover. Here are the five problems I had making a woman climax.

68: 3 Reasons To Avoid Penis Enlargement Surgery! And Use Natural Exercises To Increase Your Penis Size!
If the idea of penis enlargement surgery doesn't repel you, here are 3 reasons why you should increase the size of your penis naturally and avoid penis enlargement surgery: #1 It is Extremely Expensive. Penis Surgery will cost you at least $5,000 and maybe up to $20,000 for an increase of only 1 inch or so. With that money you can easily buy a new car, save towards a down-payment on your house, save it for part of your retirement! It is absurd to pay that kind of money for only a small gain in size, why anyone...

69: How To Speed Up Her Orgasms - Unleash These Naughty Moves To Turbo-Charge Her Orgasms Tonight!
For most men, giving a woman an orgasm during sex is not the easiest thing to achieve. But if you can understand her sexual needs and connect with her emotionally, it becomes FAR easier to trigger that orgasmic tipping point in her. In this article you'll not only learn how to help her unleash powerful orgasms, but make it happen faster too!

70: Learn How To Make Your Woman Scream With Excitement - And Become A Stud
Every man wants to please his lady sexually, every man wants a large penis, and every man wants to be a stud in the bedroom. The problem is that every man is not created equally.

71: When a Wife Says No What Is a Man to Do?
From late night talk shows to comedy stand-ups, the running jokes the depict a husband usually include a bored or tired wife - who makes excuses every night. This is not a modern reality (and it is a reality - but not as you would anticipate) but has transcended our human history. Why all the jokes and sarcasm leveled at wives?

72: Female Ejaculation Orgasms: 5 Sexy and Sensual Techniques to Give Her a Squirting Orgasm Tonight
Female ejaculation is still regarded as a myth by some people. Those people are the unfortunate ones who will never realize the sensual possibilities that female ejaculation offers. Female sexuality is unfortunately one of those things that is under-explored by many men, whereas most women are literally begging for their partners to experiment more sexually (If you know what signs to look for). So how can you solve this problem and give her a squirting orgasm, right? Actually in this case it is that simple. We present 5 simple techniques that massively increase your chances of giving her a squirting orgasm tonight.

73: Online Tantra Workshops - Spiritual Sex Secrets For the 21st Century
Via an online tantra workshop for couples, the tantra teacher can heal their sexual wounds of the past, channel their flow of sexual energy and finally deepen their sexual, emotional and spiritual connection. In short, participating in an online tantra workshop can permanently transform a couple's relationship - without them even leaving their home.

74: How To Get A Bigger Penis - 2 Methods Proven To Give You A Bigger Penis In No Time Whatsoever!
Do you want to get a bigger penis? These two methods are the methods that will give you the biggest possible penis in no time! However, natural exercises are extremely effective, while surgery is extremely dangerous!

75: Prevent Early Ejaculation - Start From Now, Before Its Too Late!
Early ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems, and there is absolutely no need for men to feel ashamed or embarrassed about this condition. If climax occurs during the first two minutes of sexual intercourse, or more than fifty percent of the times that he is involved in sexual intercourse, then he suffers from early ejaculation. This condition can cause serious relationship problems, and can destroy self confidence. The good news is that you can prevent early ejaculation with a variety of techniques, tailored to suit everyone, including the partner.

76: Horrible Ways of How to Cunnilingus (Avoid Them)
Most men will turn their face away if someone suggests them to learn how to cunnilingus. That is normal and there are several reasons for that reaction. They do not think it is necessary to do that. They think this kind of thing they would know how to do it by their nature or instinct. Or if they really want to learn, they can go buy or rent a dozen of adult movies, and watch them. It is totally wrong. You need to learn from experts. There is also a type of guys who think that they do not need to do cunnilingus to their lovers. They are making a huge mistake. Most of them are afraid of doing such thing, so they just ignore it. These types of guys, if they perform cunnilingus, they will do it in very horrible ways, such as hesitation, performing without cleaning the vagina, too much emphasis in one spot, accidentally contact the clitoris with their teeth, and so on.

77: How to Go Down on Your Girlfriend and Have Her Screaming Your Name - The Easiest Oral Sex Tips Ever
You want to know how to go down on your girlfriend and have her screaming your name. You want to be the best that she has ever had and you want to drive her wild in the bedroom. To make this happen, you need to learn the easiest oral sex tips ever so you can make her come tonight.

78: My Favorite Technique For Making Women Climax HARD During Sex - Do It Right And It Works EVERY Time!
The following is my favorite technique for giving women hard, intense, screaming orgasms during sex. If you are well equipped and you do this technique correctly, it should work every time without fail, and I will explain scientifically why this is true.

79: How to Seduce a Woman - Sexual Attraction Tips Every Guy Must Know
It's a pretty straight forward thing. In order to seduce a woman, you have to be able to make her feel sexual attraction towards you. Sounds simple enough, right? Then why does it seem to be so hard for you to be able to make a woman feel that way towards you? And why can't you just seem to be able to turn it on and make just about any woman you want, even the most attractive ones look at you and feel like they want you?

80: How To Make A Woman Get Powerful Orgasms (Warning! These 3 Tips Will Leave Her Shaking In Delight)
Fly her to the moon and let her sing among the stars when you tantalize her body in ways that she has never before imagined. Any man can be the lover that women swoon over if he learns the right moves. These moves are not a big mystery - they have been around for a while. The problem is that many guys think that women react the same way to sex as them. It takes a lot more to get a woman aroused, but in the end, it is well worth it. A man who knows how to satisfy a woman will never be short of a partner for sex!

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