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81: Supercharge Your Sexual Life With PC Muscle Exercises - What Will These Exercises Give You?
If you have done some research into ways of enhancing your sexual life and performance, you probably heard about the PC muscle. It is true that this muscle is incredibly important in your sexual life - but what will exercising it give you, exactly? Here are your questions answered.

82: How to Give Women Multiple Orgasms
Discover how to give women multiple orgasms. These simple tricks and tips can help you on your way to being a sex guru, and be able to pleasure that special woman in your life.

83: How To Boost Your Sexual Confidence - Try These Positions Tonight
Does finishing too soon in bed make you feel lousy? Are you looking for lovemaking positions that can help you to beat premature ejaculation and earn the extra precious minutes to boost her chances of reaching orgasm?

84: How to Seduce Women - Tips to Get Women Into Bed With You
Let's be honest here. When most guys go out looking to meet women at clubs and bars, they are hoping that in some way, they are going to be able to seduce a woman into bed with them. That's what goes on in our minds, and it's not like you are going out just to try and have great conversation, right? With that being said, we all know that most guys end up striking out a lot more than they end up getting women into bed. What can YOU do differently so that you end up being able to get more women to want to go to bed with YOU?

85: Want To Make Your Woman Climax So Hard She SQUIRTS When You Have Sex? Heres How I Do It Every Time!
Want to make your woman climax so hard she squirts when you have sex? I do it every time, and the following illustrates the no fail technique that I use!

86: Give Your Woman Screaming Orgasms Every Time You Have Sex - Last Longer and Satisfy Her Every Night!
Sex is not everything in a relationship. But the lack of satisfying sex can very well be the END of a relationship - I have experienced this too many times. As men, we should to everything to give at least one orgasm to our partners - because if they can't orgasm, this can frustrate them to the point of breaking up. On the other hand, if you are one of those men who give screaming orgasms to their partners each time, she will always come back for more!!

87: Should You Talk Dirty in Bed?
A lot of people, women in particular, think that their partner only wants sex and that it doesn't matter whether it is with them or not. But by using talking dirty techniques, you can make it very clear to your partner that it is them that you want and them that you want to make love to. These hints work for both men and women and can really help out a faltering relationship.

88: Use Hypnosis To Enhance Female Orgasms
Hypnosis can greatly intensify satisfaction in sex. The biggest reason that hypnosis enhances orgasms, is because under hypnosis, you can break past any insecurities, mental blocks, and limiting beliefs that hold you or your partner back from having powerful orgasms.

89: Sexiest Man Alive: How To Be The Most Attractive Man She Knows In 5 Minutes
In order to have great sex with a woman, and to make her orgasm consistently, it's important that she sees you as a very attractive man. In fact, a woman's attraction level for a man is the number one determining factor in whether she will have an orgasm. So the more attractive she sees you, the more likely she will have an orgasm with you. I'm going to show you a powerful NLP technique that will make your girlfriend see you as the most attractive guy she knows. It's not a technique that I would use to pick up a woman per se, but more when you already have a girlfriend and you're looking to have better sex, enhance her orgasms, and have a more satisfying relationship.

90: Eating a Girl Out
Do you want to become adept in eating a girl out? Learn some simple techniques to have her screaming your name in delight.

91: How to Please a Woman With Your Tongue
Wouldn't it be nice to know how to please a woman with your tongue? As oral sex is the most effective way to get her to climax, being an expert at going down will lead to much more enjoyable sex for both you and your partner.

92: Ladies, Dont Let Your Guy Take Penis Pills - Tell Them About This Alternative That Actually Works
Are you like a mother grizzly bear when it comes to protecting your man? I know I am and I would NEVER want him to take penis pills. They don't work and they are dangerous. Read this article to learn about an alternative that is completely safe and actually works -- I know from personal experience.

93: Rekindle Sexual Desire in 3 Simple Steps
To get anything good first you have to desire it. Desire is a powerful energy that is part of the manifestation process. Unfortunately, many people want to want better sex. They like the idea of it. But they aren't willing to do want it takes to make it happen.

94: Achieve Mind-Blowing Results With Exercises To Last Longer - Here Are Your Questions Answered
With each passing day more and more people are becoming aware that to last long enough they don't need to get out and blow hundreds of dollars of cash on male enhancement products that don't work. There are exercises you can do in order to last longer and as a positive side effect, it will even enlarge your penis & make it healthier! Here are some of the most commonly asked questions answered.

95: Why Choose Glass Sex Toys?
This article explores why glass sex toys are worth the extra money compared with other, cheaper alternatives and expels the myth that they are dangerous to use. It also explores the fact that they have branched out into vibrators.

96: The History Of Striptease and Male and Female Strippers In The UK
Although the idea of stripping or striptease was not a new one (The Moulin Rouge and The Folies Bergere had been showing such acts for years). It did not really take off in the UK until the 1930s. Part of the problem was that English law prohibited nudes from actually moving.

97: Better Sex For Beginners - How To Perform Like A Veteran In The Sack
The first few times engaging in sex can be a clumsy, awkward experience. For some it takes several sexual experiences to finally get the hang of it. We want to eliminate this by showing you how to have better sex for beginners.

98: The Art of Fellatio - Tips for Women
If you want to learn more on how to give head, you should read this great article. Spice up your sex life with some great tips and tricks, and let your man fall in love with you again.

99: 2 Massively Effective Tips to Last Longer In Bed and Give Your Partner Screaming Orgasms - Read This
If you ejaculate too fast during sex with a woman, the first time she might even appreciate it because she thinks it's because "she's so beautiful and you are turned on so much". But if it happens the next time, and the next... next... she won't appreciate THAT, and it can cause serious problems. Here are two methods that helped me greatly.

100: Easy Ways to Show Your Husband You Care
Spice Up your Marriage with these 51 simple ways to show your husband you care. Love and passion will flourish between the both of you when you implement these tips!

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