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1161: Energy, What Does it Look Like?
Do you think energy is only a physical movement? Can you see energy? Have you ever caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye? Do you see things 'floating' in the air?

1162: Children, Animals and Energy
Are you pets tracking, something you cannot see, with their eyes? Are you children playing with invisible friends? Does your child and the family pet seem to be engaged in a conversation that is nonverbal?

1163: How to Liberate Yourself
Sometimes in our lives we need to go out of our comfort zone. We need to try the new things and explore the wonders of this world. Don't limit yourself by just staying where you are comfortable.

1164: Anahata Or the Heart Chakra
The fourth chakra is the Heart Chakra. It is called the Anahata which means unstruck. In the beginning there was the power of the "word" (shabdbrahman), which is the point of creation. Being the middle chakra in a system of seven, the Anahata or "Unstruck Sound" is that place where the spiritual meets the physical - the spirit descends to manifest in the physical while matter rises to go to the spiritual plane. It is considered to be the Seat of the Soul in the hourglass of Time.

1165: Wake Up and Smell the Lemons
A is for Aromatherapy! A healing art which can be traced back more than 6000 years.

1166: Reiki Truths
If you have been studying the Law of Attraction, you have been hearing about Reiki principles because Reiki is the joining of two words. The first, Rei, is universal spirit. The second, Ki, is life force energy, or the manifestation of that spiritual essence working in the physical world as life force. This is what Wallace Wattles calls "the thinking stuff" and Gregg Braden calls the Divine Matrix.

1167: Anger is an Energy Leak
It is easier to stop our emotional energy leaks than you think. The first step is to make the decision. If a person does something that makes you angry, it hurts you physically as we just described. Now, you have the choice. I will give you several ways to take control.

1168: An Introduction to the Aromatic World of Essential Oils
Essential oils are gaining more and more attention although the practice of using these natural substances dates back thousands of years in several ancient societies. The therapeutic benefits of essential oils are numerous and there are many different ways of using them to bring about both physiological and psychological well being.

1169: Creating Balance in Your Life
Finding balance is not easy but once you can establish a life with balance you will feel healthier and will feel as if you can handle more on a daily basis. By creating balance does not mean that you will then be able to take on more, but you will be able to handle what you have with more success.

1170: How to Boost Your Bodys Immune System
Prevention is better than cure, and this expression is not far from truth! Often the best way to cure your sickness is to not fall sick at all in the very first place, and this has a lot to do with boosting our immune system, which acts as our primary defense against diseases and viruses out there.

1171: 5 Tips For Sticking to Your Fitness Goals
Want to get back on track and stay motivated? These 5 steps will help you stick to your fitness goals and enjoy the process of getting healthy. Use the inspiration from watching others to stay on track and achieve your best.

1172: Tubal Reversal Cost
Explores the cost of a tubal reversal procedure. Provides a brief description of what the procedure hopes to accomplish.

1173: Key Advances in Womens Health
In recent years as our knowledge of women's health has grown we have become more aware of the big physiological differences that there are between men and women and how because of this the need to treat each gender differently and look at sex when diagnosing certain conditions is beneficial. Our attention should be drawn to the primary areas of concern for all women such as reproductive health, heart disease, female cancers and diet.

1174: The Symptoms and Causes of Yeast Infections
Yeast infections are caused by a fungal infection on the surface to the vagina. This fungus, called Candida albicans, accumulates on the vulva and the surrounding areas to the vagina. It is a very uncomfortable condition that may cause some minor inconveniences. The yeast is the result of organisms that are found on the skin and inside the vagina. When an outside agent over stimulates its growth, an infection occurs.

1175: 3 Ultimate Tips on Keeping Your Breasts in Tip-Top Condition
You do not need to be a genius to realize the importance of the breasts to women, as they are the symbol of beauty, attractiveness as well as physical health. Hence, it must be made the absolute top priority to always keep your breasts in tip-top condition.

1176: 3 Ways to Having Bigger Breasts
Nowadays, everyone wants to look good; from having cool hairstyle to having bigger breast. There are many ways to augment your breast size. You can still be alluring if you have the commitment and dedication. Having larger breast size is not an elusive goal.

1177: Home Treatment of Yeast Infection
You can feel confident in these home treatments that were used for years before over-the-counter medications took over. After using a yeast infection home treatment, many people realize that their body is rebalanced and the yeast is kept in check for years to come. You will wonder how you spent time and money on treatments that don't work quickly or effectively!

1178: Can a Natural Yeast Infection Cure Help You?
Sometimes the traditional yeast infection cure can be just as bad as the symptoms. A visit to the doctor not only takes time out of your busy day but can also be embarrassing and uncomfortable. An examination is usually the last thing a woman wants when she is feeling sore, itchy and inflamed.

1179: Learning About the Most Common Symptoms of Menopause
You will find several factors to take into account when considering menopause from whenever it begins to start to the signs or symptoms experienced. Listed below you will find the most typical symptoms of menopause.

1180: Why Are Your Breasts So Small?
Men would openly discuss this in front of the women. What can the ladies do then? It seems like they have no choice but to seek breast enlargement programs.

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