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1421: 17 Easy Lifestyle Choices For Health
Health is wealth. Living A healthy life is not a difficult job to do. Some simple steps may improve your living quality.

1422: Drowning in a Sea of Negativity? Or Flowing With the Ocean of Life?
Dr Masuru Emoto (A scientist), discovered time and time again that when water was exposed to positive emotions or positive intentions it produced beautifully formed crystals when frozen. Quite conversely, when a sample of water was exposed to negative emotions such as anger and language using negative words, the frozen crystals formed into ugly asymmetrical crystals.

1423: The Chakra System
We are alive because life force is flowing through us. The "Life force" flows within the physical body through pathways called chakras and meridians.

1424: Appreciating Mother Nature
When life comes at you fast, way too fast, it's time to return to the speed of quiet. If possible, go to the shore. If you are lucky enough to live along Florida's Gulf Coast, or anywhere that has miles of public beach, you can spend the day gathering shells.

1425: The Base Or Root Chakra
Also called Muladhara, the first chakra provides grounding and a strong foundation. Also related to our survival instincts.

1426: 5 Smart Ways to Get Your Life Back in Balance
There's a lot of talk these days about healthy living. But what does that really mean? Living a healthier lifestyle is largely determined by how you eat, exercise and balance life's priorities. In fact, managing life is one the most important factors in living healthier; without it, exercise consistently and eating properly are often compromised. Check out these 5 smart strategies to bring your life into balance.

1427: The Importance of Health and Mental State
Nothing is as precious and valuable as good body and mind. A person with a healthy body will have positive thinking.

1428: A Short Explanation About Yeast Infections and How They Start
Thrush is by far the most common type of yeast infection in the world today. It commonly infects the female genitalia, but it can also infect men, just nowhere near as often. Yeast infections really have no preference for gender they just love a warm moist place on the human body to breed.

1429: Homemade Prevention of a Complex Ovarian Cyst
A complex ovarian cyst is a cyst that contains both liquid and solid constituents. Research has shown that women that have suffered from a complex ovarian cyst are more likely continue to experience another cyst even after surgery until something is done to change the way their body is functioning. A change in the way the body functions can be achieved using natural remedies as discussed.

1430: How to Eliminate Bad Vaginal Odor Naturally and Fast Without Antibiotics
When you have bad vaginal odor, you really cannot focus on anything else. Your body is producing this awful scent and it is driving you crazy. You just want this problem to go away so you can finally get some well needed relief. You just want your body to go back to the way it was before so you can return to your normal life and never worry about this odor again.

1431: Facts and Myths About Penis Enlargements
One of the most flourishing and aspiring business fields is that of penis enlargements. You will stumble upon many pills, creams, devices and lotions that proffer temporary and permanent growth of the penis.

1432: How to Follow Up Your Progress While Performing Penis Enlargement Exercise Plans
Natural penis enlargement exercises are documented methods that, if performed successfully, can lead to a bigger penis size. An important factor that determines the outcome of these exercises is careful measurement of the length and girth of the penis. Measurement is needed to follow up progress and to give a psychological boost when an inch or two are added to the length of your penis.

1433: Are You Looking For Free Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises?
The free natural penis enlargement exercise I am going to give you is called the jelq. This exercise can also be described as, "milking the penis".

1434: How Effectual Are Penis Enlargement Exercises?
Men are very touch regarding the topic of penis enlargement. The daily activities, mood swings, professionalism, and performance can be all linked to the size of the penis. The average size of the penis is five to six inches but want to please their partners in bed and enjoy a pleasurable sex life hence the longing for a larger penis.

1435: How to Guarantee That Penis Enlargement Exercises Would Work For You
Penis enlargement exercises are well known methods of increasing the length and girth of your penis. However, some might complain from doing the exercises without observing any effects.

1436: How Genetics Affect Penis Size and How You Can Change It
Genetics play a major role in nearly everything about us; eye color, height, build, facial structure, and more. So it would only make sense that genetics play a role in determining a man's penis size. And the guys who are just naturally muscular, good looking, and have a big penis - they're just lucky.

1437: How I Was Able to Overcome Premature Ejaculation Immediately and Forever!
Are you embarrassed or ashamed by not being able to control when you ejaculate? I used to be just like you. Find out how I was able to master my problem and realize you can as well.

1438: What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is an ancient and natural healing process that dates back at least 5,000 years to Egyptian and Oriental cultures. Some call it a kin to Acupuncture because specific points and target areas guide practitioners of both techniques.

1439: Your Brain, Giving Gratitude - Healing
When we are not feeling well, or have a healing crisis in our body, we tend to sleep a lot. The sleeping state is also known as the healing state. The brain wave cycle known as beta is the brains time of healing.

1440: What Are the Risks of Female Sterilization (or Having Your Tubes Tied)?
What risks do you face when having your tubes tied? Can you get pregnant following female sterilization?

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