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141: Spicing Up The Bedroom - Find Out How To Make Her Want You Again!
So you've been thinking about spicing up the bedroom. It's perfectly normal for things to go a little bit stale in your marriage after a while. Making sure the flames of passion stay lit takes some work. If you want to find out how to get her to want you like she did at the start, follow this advice ...

142: How to Make Foreplay Sizzling Hot for Him - The Sexiest Tips to Get Him Rock Hard for You in Seconds
You want to learn how to make foreplay sizzling hot for him. You want to get him so turned on that he wants to take you right then and there. Most of all, you want to get him rock hard in seconds and you want to have him begging for you. It's time that you made this all happen tonight.

143: How To Lick A Vagina - Discover What She Wants Down There Now!
A real man knows how to lick a vagina until she screams with pleasure. Going down on her is one of the best ways to give her sexual pleasure. Soft wet tongue on a soft and wet (hopefully) vagina is a match made in heaven. But it takes more than just getting your face down there. Here are a few things to try to give her more of what she wants ...

144: Lick By Lick - Heres How To Satisfy Your Wife Like Never Before!
If you want to get better at going down on your wife, it's only gonna happen lick by lick. She has a complicated piece of anatomy down there, and if you really want to satisfy her, you owe it to yourself to learn a little more about how to lick it just the right way ...

145: How to Go Down on a Woman and Have Her Climaxing in Seconds - Tips to Send Her Into Ecstasy Tonight
You need to know how to go down on a woman and have her climaxing in seconds. You want to be able to bring her to orgasm with just your tongue and you want to drive her literally wild. Also, you want to take her to a place that she has never been before. You want to send her into ecstasy and you want to drive her literally wild.

146: Make Sex Fun And Exciting - Three Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life
Is your sex life dull and boring? Or is it passionate and exciting? Whichever situation you're in, there are many ways to spice up your sex life and regain the excitement. There is always room for improvement in your sex life. If there isn't much variety in terms of positions and places for sex, then it could quickly become boring and you may just start going through the motions each time you have sex.

147: The Only Female Orgasm Tips You Need to Know - How to Make Her Crave You By Giving Unreal Orgasms
It's time that you made her crave you by giving her unreal orgasms. It's time that you blew her mind in the bedroom tonight and it's time that you gave her something that she has always wanted to feel and experience. Here are the only female orgasm tips that you will ever need to know.

148: How To Pleasure Your Woman - 3 Easy Tips!
Making sure you know how to pleasure your woman is a good way to make sure you keep her happy. Women are complex creatures who need certain things from us men. Often times we think we know what they want because we assume they're like us.

149: Sexual Satisfaction
To communicate deeply what each spouse wants and tap into more profound serial sensual emotions, a lengthy sexual encounter is like eating a locally-made, high quality food that is sophisticated, expensive, rare or meticulously prepared. It is not just about satisfying sexual hunger, it is about enjoying every single, delicious, mouthful of it.

150: How to Talk to Your Man - Dirty Talk
Dirty Talk during sex is not as hard as you may think. Broken down, dirty pillow talk is simply communicating, albeit with a little twist. Communicating with your partner what you would like them to do to you, and giving them a running commentary of what you're doing to them.

151: The Sexuality of Relationship - 6 Secrets Exposed!
Discover the secrets of sexuality and relationships you do not know. Please, read on! All you need to know is in this article.

152: How to Talk Dirty to a Guy in Bed - Stopping the Boring Snoring Routine
Got to that stage in life where your lover is snoring before their head even hits the pillow? Discovering how to talk dirty to a guy in bed can change the snoring into a totally different sound altogether!

153: Music and Dancing Is Like Sex and Romancing
If you've ever danced the night away, then you know how truly liberating, invigorating and therapeutic it can be to just let it loose on the dance floor. Music has a way of touching the soul in an extraordinary and profound way. Whether fueled by a DJ or a live band, dancing is quite similar to sex. By allowing yourself to fully delve into the veritable vibration of what you perceive, you're able to become fully present to the physical sensations that you might not otherwise be keen to. It puts you completely in the moment and harmonizes your internal and external movements with the cadence of the energy current flowing in and around your entire body.

154: The Magic Spark of Attraction and How Couples Come To Be
The question "How did you meet your life-partner?" is one I love to ask couples - especially if they've been together for a long while. Most often they light up when recounting their nostalgic reminiscence of how their companionship came to be. It is interesting to listen to various personal recollections of what particular set of circumstances led to their momentous first encounter. I find it fascinating to think about all the choices we make in life that lead us to the next significant experience, meaningful friendship or romantic relationship. If one little detail would have gone differently, then an entire family tree may have never grown into fruition.

155: Advanced Sex Positions - Sex Positions To Be Tackled Only By the Super Fit and Limber!
These Advanced Sex Positions are hot and erotic... if you're limber enough to get in to them!

156: Great Sex Positions - The Top Five Sex Positions To Drive Her Wild
Sex positions are very important for men and women when it comes to achieving peak pleasure during intercourse. The position not only creates excitement in the couple, but it also makes sure that the woman is able to enjoy the sex and have a satisfying orgasm. So here are some positions to try out for maximum pleasure in the bedroom.

157: Information on Female Ejaculation - A Guide for Men on How to Make Any Woman Experience the Gushing
It is most men's fantasies to make a woman ejaculate. This is because this kind of orgasm is easily the most powerful and most intense for a woman. Therefore, it is a no brainer that men want to give their women this kind of satisfaction. You know that she is craving it so you want to make it happen for her tonight. You want to be the best and in order to be the best, you need to learn how to make her ejaculate.

158: Pheromones and Attraction
Is there a link between pheromones and attraction when it comes to our attraction to the opposite sex? Studies have shown that these are the cause of what we often refer to as sexual chemistry between a man and a women and may explain why we can be instantly attracted upon sight, with someone we have just met. Pheromones are generally released through our body fluids such as tears, saliva and sweat, it is predominantly found in the latter as the hormone involved secretes through the sweat glands. It is a shame that we have lost our natural ability to detect body odour and natural scents as we spray on deodorants and colognes blocking our pores thus reducing our natural scents and replacing them with man-mad sprays in our bid to find a mate. While we do not openly greet each other with a good sniff like animals do, this is a habit that we may operate on a more primal level as however, we may be more like some of our four legged friends than we care to think.

159: How to Seduce a Guy? Here Are Some Sure Fire Tricks To Make You Irresistible!
Seducing a guy is not really as hard as it can sometimes seem. The reason that many girls do not succeed in seducing men is because they are not aware of any of the techniques involved in seduction. Read the following tips and I can guarantee you that your effectiveness at seducing men will go up many fold.

160: Does Your Number (of Sex Partners) End in a 0 or 5?
The research on number of sex partners is messy. It's dirty. Not only do people not keep good tabs on who they've gotten frisky with, but it turns out that the way men and women count also leaves some to be desired.

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