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1701: Ruptured Ovarian Cysts - Treat and Prevent a Ruptured Ovarian Cyst
When an ovarian cyst grows and fills with fluid, it may burst and cause a painful ruptured ovarian cyst. Such cysts can be treated medically, but natural methods can provide pain relief and prevent such cysts from forming in the first place. Learn more.

1702: Yeast Infection Itching - Effective Tips on How to Stop a Yeast Infection Itch For Men and Women
Recently, have you been fighting with yeast infection itching or an itchy feeling going on down underneath, but you are not sure what exactly it may be? Well, I've got news to tell you, it sounds like a yeast infection itch and you are better off trying these three tips if you wish to learn how to stop a yeast infection itch once and for all.

1703: Impact of Surgery - Drugs Used in Uterine Fibroid Treatment - Why Herbal Cure For Fibroids
Hormonal imbalance is known to be the most common cause of fibroids in women. Hence any treatment for uterine fibroids must concentrate on correcting this imbalance. Research had indicated that excess estrogen in the body can actually boost the growth of fibroids. Merely by balancing estrogen levels fibroids can be shrunk. This can easily be achieved by using herbal cure for fibroids.

1704: How to Conquer Ovarian Cyst Pain
Ovarian cyst pain can be a scary experience. All the women who have this disease will agree to this. Everyone with this condition is eager to know how to permanently get rid of it and the pain it causes.

1705: Ovarian Cyst Pain Management
Ovarian cyst is one of the most common diseases that women get during their child bearing years. If you ask any of the women who suffer from them, they will all tell you that ovarian cyst pain is severe and frightening. This is why millions of women today are looking for ways to permanently eliminate and prevent this type of disease.

1706: Allergy Testing at a Kinesiologist - Part of Your Candida Treatment
This article will explain about allergy testing at a kinesiologist based on one of my friends. She went to a kinesiologist/massage therapist/acupuncturist/energy healer person one day and here is her experience.

1707: Pendulum Test As Part of Candida Treatment
Do you know that a pendulum test can be used to identify food that will feed the candida? It is true. I asked if the food I am testing will feed the candida. Obviously, if it says no I pass on that food.

1708: Over-The-Counter Yeast Infection Medication - Alternatives to Using Yeast Infection Pills
With 3 out of 4 women suffering from yeast infections, the drug industry for over-the-counter yeast infection remedies has turn out to be extremely lucrative. These types of remedies generally price around 15 to 25 dollars and prescription drugs charge even much more. You also need to consider the price from the doctor's visit to obtain the prescribed medicine. Over-the-counter yeast infection pills are not easy on the pocket and almost never worth using either when considering other options that can be found. Nevertheless, you will find numerous remedies that you simply can do within your very own home which usually are a lot cost effective.

1709: Eggs, Cottage Cheese, and Ricotta Cheese - Which One is Not Allowed to Eat During a Candida Diet?
Someone said eggs should not be eaten, but it is ok to eat cottage cheese and ricotta cheese. Do you have that issue during your diet?

1710: Organic Vinegar - A Thought About Could It Be Okay to Use For Those Suffering From Candida
People keep going back and forth on the use of vinegar. My advice is don't use vinegar.

1711: Is Your Bacterial Vaginosis Recurrent? Stop it Naturally and Stop That Stinky Smell From Returning
If you are finding that your bacterial vaginosis is recurrent, then you are not alone. More than half of the women that suffer from bacterial vaginosis find that it comes back. However, there is hope out there for you. There are ways that you can take care of it so you can stop that stinky smell from returning. Here are just a few reasons why your vaginosis may be coming back to haunt you.

1712: Does Candida Has Something to Do With Polycystic Ovaries?
This article will explain the correlation between candida and polycystic ovaries. She was diagnosed in couple years ago with polycystic ovaries. Her period was terribly irregular and when it did arrive, it was so heavy she was paranoid to leave the house for fear she would have an accident. She would also have it longer than the normal 5 days.

1713: How to Remove Vaginal Odor
Vaginal odor is a problem that you are tired of dealing with. You hate the smell that your body is producing and you are desperate for a solution. You want your life to return to normal and it is time that you made this happen today. You need to know how to remove vaginal odor.

1714: Causes of Ovarian Cysts and How to Get Rid of Them Forever - Put an End to Your Suffering For Good
Ovarian cysts are sacs filled with fluid that grow on the ovaries and can develop and get as big as a mango sometimes. They are similar to blisters and you you may not just get one but several of them on one ovary for instance. Ovarian cysts come in different types and shapes and it is important to remember that 95% of them are benign.

1715: Penis Enlargement Techniques - Did You Know Youre Being Lied To?
Actually, most men don't realize it until it's much too late. "What is this guy talking about?" you might ask, I'm talking about the big companies that manufacturer gimmicky pills, pumps, and stretchers. These companies have been extremely clever about exploiting the social "need" for bigger penises and have wasted no time cashing in on insecurity.

1716: A Few Basic Causes of Premature Ejaculation
A study of causes of premature ejaculation reveals that when a person is too aroused it leads to the problem and this occurs because the body has not been trained to resist high sexual arousal and not ejaculate too soon. The reasons for this are many and include masturbating from a young age with a view to reaching quick organism; later on in life this becomes the accepted way for your body to react when engaged in sex.

1717: When Penis Enlargement is the Problem, Your Hands Offer the Best Solution!
Do men with small penises have no hope? Certainly not, if you rely on your hands for penis enlargement! Manual exercises for penis enlargement are by far the safest, the most affordable and effective option available for penis enlargement.

1718: How to Eliminate Premature Ejaculation
When you are unable to hold onto your orgasm, you become very embarrassed and you feel like less of a man. This is how men with premature ejaculation problems feel on a constant basis. They feel so inadequate and it is extremely devastating to their self esteem. If you have this problem in bed, then you need to fix it.

1719: Help Me Increase My Penis Size
Would you like a larger manhood? Here are some proven ways so you can answer this age-old question: "Can anything help me increase my penis size?"

1720: Killer Male Grooming Tips For the 2010 Man
Come on guys, the days of the stubble, the unkempt bed-head look and the chiseled, craggy skin are long gone. Today, women expect us to look as good as they do and are not satisfied unless we are clean, smell great and are dressed to kill. Now that we have entered 2010, it is time to clean up your image and get sharp, with these killer grooming tips.

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