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1741: Optimism and Health - Is There Any Correlation?
The researchers have made a conclusion from the research done about the effect of positive thinking and optimism for healthy. The result shows that optimism makes someone healthier than someone who is pessimism for a certain condition.

1742: The Healing Power of Exercise - Four Workouts to Let Go of Painful Emotional States
Physical exercise can be transformative for emotional states. This article provides four workouts to let go of sadness, anger, hopelessness and overwhelm.

1743: Chakra Clearing Meditation - Brings Positive Results For Your Well Being
Chakra clearing meditation is an ideal way of energizing and balancing your mind and body through the path of healthy living. Your chakras determine how you transmit energy to those around you and in turn how you accept what your surroundings have to offer.

1744: Condoms - 3 Reasons Why You Should Go With the Leading Brands
What is really the purpose of condoms? If you are one of the few men who hate wearing one, then chances are you have no idea about the brands that actually works best. But to answer the question, condoms are made to help stop the spread of different diseases that are now spreading around the world, and of course prevent unwanted pregnancy.

1745: The Negative Side Effects of Birth Control That You Should Know
Birth controls in whatever form has side effects. No matter what method of controls such as natural, barrier, contraceptives, implants and others. You will still feel slight effects, although the degree varies accordingly.

1746: 10 Other Reasons to Wear a Condom
Wearing a condom during sexual intercourse is something that I always recommend. The main reasons for this is to stop Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's) and as a contraception against pregnancy.

1747: How to Pay For Tubal Reversal Surgery
Explores the options women have to cover their tubal reversal procedure. Considers the advantages and drawbacks of paying out of pocket as well as choosing to finance the cost.

1748: Easy-to-Follow Instructions For Condom Use
An easy to follow step by step guide of how to put a condom on and how to dispose of it safely afterwards. This guide offers men a fail proof guide of how to use condoms effectively and what to do with them if they are damaged.

1749: Best Birth Control Options - Get the Facts and Avoid an Unwanted Pregnancy
There are many times when women choose not to use birth control or when the method they choose ends up failing. Pregnancy may still be able to be prevented as long as you act fast with the best birth control method.

1750: Is the Birth Control Patch the Right Choice - Birth Control Options For You
Finding the right birth control method is an important decision for many. If you are considering using the birth control patch (or Ortho Evra), the following will help answer many questions most women have.

1751: What is the Yasmin Birth Control Patch? Take a Look at Some Facts
Birth control pills tend to have many health benefits along with the fact that they help to prevent pregnancy. Make sure to discuss all concerns and benefits with your doctor before taking any type of birth control. He or she will need to take a look at your health history before prescribing the right type of medication. Choosing the best contraceptive method requires some research.

1752: Can Birth Control Pills Cause Yeast Infections?
There is no doubt that birth control pills have given women a level of freedom and choice that was unavailable in the past. For all the good things that the pill has to offer, however, it is not without side effects.

1753: The Abortion Pill in a Nutshell - What Its All About
The so-called "abortion pill" has been in the news for many years now and is widely available throughout the United States. If you are pregnant and considering having an abortion, here are a few quick facts about the abortion pill to help you determine whether or not it might be a viable option for you.

1754: Teenage Pregnancy
In our modern days today, teenage pregnancy became one of the many problems our teenagers are facing today. There are many reasons why teens at their early age become pregnant.

1755: Osteoporosis - A Bane For Womens Health
In the modern times, most women are quite health conscious and follow a healthy life style to keep themselves fit. Despite this, there are numerous women's health issues being faced by females across the globe very year and one the most common of these ailments is osteoporosis.

1756: What is the Best Yeast Infection Medicine? The Best Medicines to Take For Yeast Fungus
There is a fungus that normally lives in the vagina in small numbers, which is most often referred to as yeast. If you experience a vaginal yeast infection it is because too many yeast cells are growing in the vagina.

1757: How to Conceive With Irregular Periods
Having irregular periods is a major cause of infertility. You need to know the causes of irregular cycles so you can take the appropriate steps to get pregnant faster.

1758: Menstrual Cramp Relief Solutions
What is the root cause of menstrual cramps? We know what's happening. But what is actually causing the pain?

1759: PMS Treatment - Does Premenstrual Syndrome Have to Be This Painful? - Part 2
The process is controlled by hormones - naturally- produced chemicals within the body. For example, estrogen is a hormone produced by the ovaries and is an important part of the menstrual cycle.

1760: Chronic Yeast Infections - Tips For Avoiding
If you suffer from chronic yeast infections, you understand how painful and uncomfortable they can be. Your symptoms can include terrible itching and unpleasant odors that can cause problems in your everyday life. Luckily, you'll be able to find many preventive solutions that can eliminate a fungal infection for good.

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