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1821: Where Can I Learn How to Lengthen My Penis?
Are you one of those who lie awake at night, tossing and turning in bed and asking yourself "how to lengthen my penis"? Well, you are not the only one with such a dilemma. Millions of men face the same problem and many of them worry about the size of their male organ. Research indicates that size does not really matter if the male can perform with different strokes and last long enough to let the partner reach her orgasmic peaks.

1822: Lengthen Your Penis With Safe and Natural Methods
Everyone has sexual fantasies. The male chauvinist develops a swagger and mannerisms when he struts around proudly in front of females. Self-confidence in himself and his sexual prowess is what makes him behave the way he does. Women seek his attention and love to be seen in public with him. You can be a male chauvinist too!

1823: The Breath of Being - A Self-Reflective Case Assessment on Mind, Body, Spirit
In Latin, the word spirit means breath, as well as spirit, as well as air. In many ways, this word perfectly embodies the essence of this course "Mind, Body, Spirit"; for the term is as much about the breath in our body, as our spirit which is synonymous to breath, as it is to air, or in other words, the space to which illumination can occur.

1824: A Healthy Gut - A Healthy Mind and Body
Like a lot of things in life research is telling us what we really already knew. How many times have you felt the answer in your gut? Now that researchers are finding out that the gut acts as a brain will you pay more attention to it?

1825: Healthy Tips For Feeling Better in the New Year
With the new year upon us, people are making resolutions and looking for ways to improve their overall physical and mental health. We offer some suggestions for you to consider.

1826: Yoga and Meditation - How to Prevent Work Related Stress
Follow these simply stress reduction techniques to improve you work day. Plan Regular Breaks. Plan short breaks during the day. Take a moment to stretch out, take several deep breaths, get up and take a short walk. Finally make sure to take a moment in reflective thought, and to apply the principles of yoga and meditation to your workday.

1827: Quantum Physics and Hippocrates
Hippocrates the Father of Medicine knew about Quantum Physics. He knew that we are energy beings and should be treated as such.

1828: 10 Painless, Low Cost Ways to Be Healthier and Wealthier in 2010
We have made a short list of ten things we are doing and you also can do to enhance your life in 2010. While we value seeing our patients on a regular basis to help them maintain their health, we seek to empower you to make the most of your adjustments.

1829: Craniosacral Therapists - Releasing the Mental Energy Cyst
Do you remember the actor Bob Newhart? There's a funny clip of him on You Tube where he plays a psychologist whose patient is afraid of being buried alive. She asks Newhart what to do about it.

1830: Reclaim Ownership of Your Mind - Body From Negative Thoughts
It may sound strange to you when I say that you have lost control over your mind and body but it's the truth. To verify this for your self all you have to do is recognise that there are unwanted processes occurring in your mind/body that you have no way of controlling. To find out why you lost control and how to reclaim it read this.

1831: Achieve Mind-Body-Spirit Resonance
What does it mean to be in a state of Mind-Body-Spirit Resonance? Well simply it means being fully alive, empowered, enlightened, healthy, youthful, confident, discerning, peaceful, joyful, and divine to name a few. Did you know that this is not only supposed to be our normal state it's also what defines us as human beings? Here's how you can achieve this state for yourself.

1832: The Health Benefits of Playing Bridge
Learning to play bridge has positive benefits on your health. It helps boost your immune system and keeps your brain active and alert.

1833: The Subconscious
In another article I had discussed the term "subconscious" with a hyphenated "mind" attached to it. Now I'm back with that word subconscious again but without the tail. I'm kind of enamored with this "subconscious" thing I'll give it a few more shots before I let it go peacefully.

1834: What You Should Know About Relaxation
True relaxation is difficult, but it is a skill well worth trying to learn. If your mind is not still, a lot of tension will remain in your body. It is important to learn to recognize when you are tense, as learning to relax may not only ease your asthma or allergy symptoms but also help you cope with an attack. Relaxing is not about flopping down in from of the television or putting your feet up enjoying a glass of wine, though both those things can be pleasurable.

1835: What is a Birth Control Patch and How Often Are Birth Control Patches Changed?
The birth control patch, popularly known as Ortho Evra, is the contemporary form of contraception, adopted by many women of today. This patch, once laden on the skin, directly distributes the hormones into the body, in order to prevent pregnancy. This new form of birth prevention method is a choice of millions of women across the world for its convenience factor.

1836: General Information About Contraception
Contraception--any method used by one or both partners to prevent pregnancy--has been practiced in one form or another since ancient times. However, not until comparatively recently have techniques been devised that are statistically reliable and safe, as well as sufficiently varied to accommodate particular circumstances.

1837: Tubal Reversal Versus In Vitro Fertilization
Some women who have had their "tubes tied" later regret the decision when they seek to have more children. I have seen many patients who ask - should I do tubal reanastimosis or go for in vitro fertilization? I try to counsel them as best I can on the pluses and minuses of both procedures. Each option involves a certain amount of expense, possible success or non-success, and above all patience!

1838: Do You Make These Major Mistakes When it Comes Down to Your PMS?
When our PMS comes around each month, many of us have to scramble to find a quick solution to get rid of the pain ASAP, often relying on the strongest and fastest-acting medications available over the counter. Once those pain medicines kick in, and the swelling begins to go away, we can finally begin to feel like our own, pain-free selves again.

1839: Implantation Failure With In Vitro Fertilization
In Vitro Fertilization implantation failure is a topic often brought up among patients who fail multiple times after embryos have been transferred into the uterus. We often do not know why the embryos, which were fertilized and which divided enough times to be viable for transfer, do not seem to "implant" and bring about a positive pregnancy. Methods differ among IVF clinics and I simply put forth what seems to work for some of my more difficult patients. This does not necessarily mean that other protocols will not succeed, since methods differ among clinicians and what works for one patient may not necessarily work for another. What follows is a suggestion from my point of view.

1840: Remedies For Hot Flashes - For When You Just Cannot Stand the Heat Anymore
Is menopause something to be cured, as if it were a disease? Probably not. What most women want is a little relief from some of the most of the more aggravating symptoms. Menopause normally happens after a woman's 45 birthday, but, technically, it can happen after a woman has not had a period for 12 consecutive months, assuming there are no other reasons for the cessation.

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