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Do You Need a Separate Home Office For Your Online Business?

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The verdict is out, Stanford University confirms that multitasking does not make you accomplish more things at once, but it actually is causing a negative state on the brain, which can lower your IQ. Other recent research is indicating health issue can occur as well if a multitask-er is not careful.

In the last several years, we Americans' have tried to convince ourselves that we can do 6 things at one time and do them all equally well. This is not the case as many recent researchers have discovered from testing women, men, and college kids.

We began our quest to multitask in the comfort of our cars by reading, writing, eating, disciplining kids, applying makeup, talking on the phone and even now sending text messages. Thousands of people lose their lives at the extreme attempts of multitasking but home business owners are also killing their businesses attempting to do all things at once.

Now in no way am I saying a life & a business are equal in their value. My point is that what we once only did multitasking in our cars, and it has spilled over into every aspect of our life including our small home based business. We are creating a hell hole for ourselves and possibly ruining our health in the process. Stress, Anxiety, High Blood Pressure, Strokes, Heart Disease, and Heart Attacks can start to appear in the lives of high level multitask-ed small business owners if they are not careful.

Women business owners may think they are the exception to the rule, but as we have discovered more women die of heart disease than men and I wonder how much is that due to stressing out trying to do too many things day after day year after year. Washing dishes, sending texts, cooking dinner, cleaning up the house and writing & sending business emails all at once sounds crazy but yet many people, especially women try to pull off this feat in their homes & home based businesses.

Realize that your Home is your Home and your Business is your Business. You must try to create a private place you can focus strictly on your business and not multitask. I know you have sent emails out or post stuff online to only find out you made major errors because you were not paying attention to what you were doing.

You do not have to build a separate office from your home physically, but you need to clear out some private quiet space just for your business and set mental boundaries with all home occupants, so they know & understand just because your home on a computer doesn't mean you're available for every single question, request, or chore.

If you are blessed to have a significant other in the home negotiate out a deal that will allow the other person to focus on the daily stuff while you're working on the business. If you're single with kids try to put in work in the quiet times when the kids are away at school or sleep for the night. 2 Hours of focus is 10 times better than 6 hours of scattered brain chaos.
Here are a few things you can do to separate your home business to allow you the chance to focus.

1. Do not strategically place your home office in the midst of the busiest part of the house. Meaning, don't set up your laptop or workstation in the middle of the adjoined kitchen, living room, dining room, or den.
2. Position your home office in your bedroom, garage, or spare guest room. A well ventilated spacious walk in closet may due as well.
3. Keep your work area for your home business neat & organized letting everyone else know you're on top of your game, and you mean business.
4. Set up home rules that create an atmosphere that demands respect for your business venture.
5. Stop playing Superman & Superwoman and share household responsibilities with those you love & should love you. Make others pitch in on the little things like washing dishes, taking out garbage, preparing meals,... etc.

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