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How to Add High Values Into Your Product Content and Why is it So Important

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When customers buy your products, whether they are written, audios or videos, they expect some high values in them. It is important to make your customers feel satisfied of the product.

First of all I would like to explain to you the reality of humankind. I know it might be a little bit off the topic but it is actually not. It's very important for you to understand this before you go scrolling down the article. So be open minded and think deeply of what I'm going to tell you here.

Every activities in this world are usually based on human psychology. This includes businesses which are dominated and conquered by us, homo sapiens, humans. People act according to their feelings and thoughts (psychologically). Here I'm going to explain the two major feelings we usually indulge in our daily lives. Number one, sad. People get sad because they lost something or maybe because they didn't get what they want. Number two, people get happy when they get what they want. Now these two feelings are vital in every business we hold. When somebody get sad, his/her reaction will point towards the negative and so it is, vice versa for happy feelings.

Here's a real example that you can take a look at. Russell is a businessman. He runs an internet business with his JVs (I'm sure you're already common with this term). Although he's a businessman, he doesn't like to give quality contents to his products that he's selling. Mostly all of his products are just a 'copy and paste' from other sources and there are a lot of fouls in them. He kept on repeating the same content for each page (eBooks) just to make it look professional (when it's actually not, of course). He thought he was ready to sell his stuffs so he set up a sales letter and get it online. For the first few weeks, money came in. He felt so happy that he kept on expecting the money to cash in more. But as time goes by, days, weeks and months, there weren't anymore. He only sold his product once with a total amount of 27$. Why do you think this happens?

Firstly, his first customer might be someone who has a very huge network. He/she might have spread the news that how bad was the quality and the value of Russell's products are. His customer, obviously, is sad. This points the customer's feelings to the negative side and is spreading to the other of his/her networks. This is what happens when you give bad quality and value in your products/services. The news will spread like wildfire instantly and before you know it, you just lost your credibility.

The situation would turn out differently if Russell gives high quality and value to his customers with the product he's selling. Furthermore, the effect would double, triple, quadruple if he gives more than what his customers asked for. He could provide highly informative contents in his products, give bonuses, discount codes for other of his product in the eBook, FREE extra download links to his own video tutorials, worksheets and more!If Russell do this, his business will surely skyrocketed and acknowledged well by many people online with his 'Class' credibility.

As internet marketers, we have to learn to give. That's the main aspect every internet marketers should have in themselves. Second, we have to put ourselves in the customers' shoes. Try to think and feel by being your own customer, what they expect and want from you. Of course, they want high values and qualities from what you have to offer to them. The happier they are, the more money you make!If you follow the example that I've shown you above (the happy Russell), you'll see your name posted everywhere, forums, blog posts, videos, audios, articles and even other people's sales letter! People will acknowledged by your true value and will come to look for you. That way, your business deal starts!Third, you have to be consistent. Never ever let your customers down and disappointed in you. Keep giving them great values and make them hungry for more.

The three main things that I've just told you above are the ones which are going to make your sales go BOOM. So you ALWAYS have to stick to them. No procrastination. Ever. Period.

Last tip from me is, we as internet marketers, always have to learn continuously. Even John Reese done this. Tiger Woods. Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey!Always learn how to improve ourselves and not just stay at the same spot watching other people soar above before you did. It's all about the race. Once again, good luck.

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