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Ways to Find Someones Address

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With the advent of the Internet, finding someone\'s address is easier now than ever before. But there are still some tips and tricks to make finding someone\'s address even easier.

In the dawn of the information age, companies and regular persons alike have many different tools at their disposal to gather personal information on any particular person. Finding a person's address can be an easy task in many cases, however, it can be difficult to decide where to start. The Internet can be one of the best places to begin the investigation but more often than not the web can contain outdated or inaccurate contact information, making the search all the more difficult.

Many reputable online companies such as Intelius and US Search have made it their business to provide customers with contact information for other persons. There are fees associated with using these companies; however, utilizing their services can often be one of the quicker ways to find someone's current address. As added insurance, if a search deems unsuccessful, many of these online people search companies will refund the customer's money.

One common and free method of finding a person's address on the internet is to search on such phonebook directories like Whitepages.com. This particular website can not only provide the address and phone number of the person being searched for but can also provide a valid phone number if available.

Contacting the friends and family of the person being searched for could also yield good results. Many people also contact old coworkers or former employers for leads as well. Publicly available court documents stored online may have someone's address on file but access could be limited depending upon the locale.

If the person was known to rent property, the landlord may have a forwarding address that had been left that he or she could give the person heading a search effort. Property records kept by the local government tax assessor's office are available to the public. Many of these offices have a searchable database available to the general public on the internet with a name search function. Alternatively, if the tax assessor's office does not employ an online system for record keeping, one could go directly to the local government office and ask that a search be done directly.

There is also a little known method that can be used to obtain someone's current address using the United States Postal Service. If you have the persons previous address and they had left a forwarding address with the post office, you could send a letter to the last known address with "ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED" typed below the return address posted on the letter. The postal service may charge a small fee for this method and it may not work in cases where the last known address is too old but may be worth a try if all other means and methods have failed.

It is always good method to exhaust any and all free resources when trying to find someone's current address before utilizing paid services. However, if time is a factor, companies who specialize in finding people may be the best solution for some.

Hiring a private detective should be the last resort as it can be ultimately the costliest way to find someone and may not always prove fruitful. If finding the person is needed to settle a debt, collection agencies can be a great way to track down the person and attempt to settle these types of issues on another's behalf.

Tips to consider when finding a person's address:

1. Seek out free resources such as the ones offered on the internet or government offices
2. Contact former employers of the person being searched for as well as family and friends
3. Use premium people search searches on the Internet if the free resources available do not yield results
4. Hire the services of a private detective
5. Employ the services of a reputable collection agency to find the person and settle sizable debts

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