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2621: Community Web Development - Latest Trend
People from every corner of the world are demanding their space in the web. Every day countless number of people log on to the community web sites and come forward to participate in the activities carried over the Internet. All this has lead to increased participation and interaction between the users.

2622: Web Development - How To Make The Most Of Ajax
The greatest breakthrough of the Web 2.0 age is the advances made in web page coding. Previously, an interactive web page would require you to click on the control to trigger the action, then the request would be sent to the web pages server, and you were stuck waiting for the page to reload...

2623: Simple PHP Review - Real PHP Tutorials in PDF, Or a Scam?
Are you interested to find out more about the Simple PHP guide, and whether or not it is worth getting? With so many tutorials available on the internet, it can be very confusing trying to put all the information together to study systematically. This article will discuss how this scripting language works in general, and what is contained in the Simple PHP guide...

2624: Marketing to Find Motivated Sellers - How We Model Investor Marketing
I am using the time I alloted today to work on the real estate investor marketing in the Learn To Be Rich on-line game to lay out a framework of the steps we need to follow to get this new feature implemented into the game. First, I will need to access the Php MyAdmin control panel and manually add in some of the sample types of marketing so that I begin to play with those with my test player in the game. My intention is to add 3 or so different ones like classified ads, bandit signs ...

2625: Content Management System And Its Different Types
A system that can be used to manage the content of a website is called content management system (CMS). In other words, CMS is a tool to create, edit, and remove details/information in a website. The definitive advantage of the CMS being that you can carry out most of the task without any technical expertise.

2626: Website Accessibility - Need and Basic Guidelines
Website Accessibility means the website accessible to all the users in the web including visitors with disability. Many website owners know that their website is available in the internet for visitors to access information but possibly may not know whether their website is easily accessible and even be unaware about Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). According to Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), all the business should make their services accessible to disabled users.

2627: Content Management System, CMS - Fast And Easy Website Maintenance Solution
Content Management Systems, also known as CMS, have become very popular among website owners. It is mainly due to the fact that these systems offer a simple and effective way to update and maintain a website..

2628: E-Commerce Web Hosting Best Templates
Web design for a competitive business isn't easy, especially when you add e-commerce (the buzzword for buying and selling online) to the mix. Thankfully, many service providers have basic web hosting templates available to their customers at little to no cost depending on your package. More complex templates can be quite expensive. Companies that provide hosting with templates make setting up and maintaining an e-commerce website possible for people without the expertise to do it themselves and without the money to hire a professional to design their site from the ground up.

2629: Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Tips
The subject of SEO is the root of many heated conversations. Most people will tell you that you need to keep up with the latest happenings in the SEO world. Many of these people are either involved in black-hat techniques, or don't hold any impressive rankings in the first place because you simply do not need to know everything about SEO in order to rank well in the SERPS.

2630: What is the Future of the Internet and What Will it Hold for Us?
The Internet is now at the forefront of most things in our lives, from social networking to shopping and managing our bank accounts. With the Internet becoming more and more important to our lives where will stop and what will be the future of the internet?

2631: Cascading Style Sheets versus Hyper Text Mark-up Language
CSS cuts down a lot on the amount of code on each page and therefore, makes it easier to maintain, have more accessibility and make it more search engine friendly. There are things that can be done with CSS which cannot be done using just html, such as having all the code for styles in one external sheet, making editing easy. Every modern browser will soon demand it.

2632: Cascading Style Sheets versus Tables
Once upon a time, 'Gopher' ruled web development and 'Archie' was the mother of all search engines. Since then, there has been incredible advancement in technology and web development has been completely revolutionized. Today, with web standards being changed every alternate day, Cascading Style Sheets or CSS combines the best of HTML, XHTML and Java into one full package.

2633: Creating the Web Page, Fixed or Free Flowing?
Across all fields of creativity the creative mind can become 'blocked', web designers are not free from this creative block. With so many different methods of web design, different colour schemes etc. it is so easy to become over whelmed and this is when the 'block' begins to start.

2634: The Web Design Industry
The growth of this industry is humungous; over the years it has grown almost by 30%. The web has become a tool for communicating, interaction and the growth of businesses. The growth of this industry can be attributed to the use of people of this medium as a business tool to sell their goods or services.

2635: Flash - Creating Shock Waves of Approval
It must have been just another ordinary day, when a young American school kid had some initial thoughts about creating a drawing application for producing computer graphics, way back in the 1980's. However, that day went down in history, as the kid grew up to be the software designer and entrepreneur Jonathan Gay, whose brainchild materialized as one of the most widely used applications on desktops across the world, FLASH. Flash can be defined as a set of definite techniques and technologies used for creating animated and interactive objects in the cyber space.

2636: Real Estate SEO – Why a Website is Just The Start
Real estate agents struggle to make a meaningful impact on the internet. Creating a website is not the end to an internet strategy it is just the start.

2637: The Power of Combining Search Engine Optimization and EBooks
Search engine optimization is the driving force for internet traffic to websites and search engine optimization eBooks specially formulated for the purpose is an incipient powerhouse! As Google and other crawlers like Alexa, which give us that all important page rank, are scanning through more and more eBooks these days (just type any term in Google Scholar and see what's there for the reading), links for many internet searches these days end up directly to passages or sentences within eBooks. With the strong lure of free downloadable 'collectable eBooks', this can compel readers to download.

2638: 10 Rules For Effective Home Pages
People make a split-second judgment of your website. Is it "talking to them?" Is it worth their time to continue reading it? Are you getting the traffic you want? Are visitors converting to customers?

2639: SEO Training - How To Get The Most Out Of It
You've just invested valuable time and money by completing your hands-on SEO Training. You are now sitting back in your office contemplating all the wonderful information you just gathered, but you're really confused on where to start. You pick up your notes leafing through them hoping something will inspire you to know what to do next. You start to drift back to class wishing you where still there. You hated to leave, you didn't want it to end, you silently wish your instructor was there telling you where to begin.

2640: Money Making Scam Definitions - When Is A Scam Not Really A Scam?
It could mean thousands of dollars to you or more if you understand the difference between a real scam, a real business, and what some people may label a scam for one reason or another, but that many times is not. It is important to understand these differences because many people are afraid to participate in perfectly legitimate business opportunities that could be providing them with extra income for their families in these difficult times.

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