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3241: Get Your CMS To Hit The Targets You Want
With more than a thousand Content Management System (CMS) vendors, organizations face tough choices navigating the tricky waters of technology. A CMS solution that is perfect for a large company may be ineffective for an SMB as it has no use for features that are used extensively by a larger enterprise.

3242: Take The Time To Get Your Home Page Right
If you take the time to get your home page right the traffic will follow. The most vital part of your website is your home page.

3243: What Makes a Good Web Designer?
Wannabes need to perform high in order to learn the art of website design. 6 Tips given below will guide to start a carrier as a good web designer.

3244: Language in Websites - Do you Understand Pickles?
If you can't understand I have pickles for sale, then I've lost the opportunity to show you my crisp, delectable, abundant supply of them. It's best to research your customer's language needs and characteristics before you start developing your website to help avoid costly mistakes such as, insulting, confusing, or angering your customers.

3245: IT'S ALIVE! How Flash Animation Revives the Dead
Flash uses the same principle as Dr. Frankenstein, but without the awful smell and having to get your hands dirty. Instead of using body parts from the dead, flash uses mostly vector based graphics to bring your message to life. But, be careful. Too much flash and you can create a monster! Ardis can help you draw the line.

3246: Effective Website Development
Presently there are several companies that offer professional website development service at an affordable rate. However, it's best to have an overview of the services they offer before entrusting one with the job.

3247: Using Web Builders For The First Time - Easy or Difficult?
Some web site building software makers claim that first-time webmaster do not need to learn HTML code. This article puts this claim under the microscope to finally reveal the truth...

3248: Copywriting as a Part of Web Development
A part of web development is copywriting. Excellent copy means it has to be appealing to both readers and to search engines. This combination will help websites to rank highly. A problem occurs when there are space constraints to a site, page layout requirements or other issues.

3249: Web Marketing and the Potential in a Multi-Site Design
Web development may be the mirror image of the brick and mortar model. Why do I say mirror? Well, because in the case of an online environment an ecommerce business owner may be better served by starting with the secondary stores and building up to the primary online business portal.

3250: Create A Website And Make Money Online - Get This Right And You Will Make Money
What do you think is the most important aspect of a website? Let me put the question the other way around. When you go online and visit websites what do you look for?

3251: Flash Website Development
Currently flash is not just a part of website, but has covered a long way and is now considered as a web template. Now you have flash templates to create any website which are better-looking than html web templates.

3252: Outsource Web Development
If we compare the present scenario of outsourcing web solution, one main factor that gives India an edge over other countries is this nation has a large ratio of trained brains who deliver better results with their knowledge base. Indian IT professionals have the potential to provide quality work and meet deadlines.

3253: How To Create A Simple, Effective Website
Before you build any website it is important to sit back and think about exactly what you want to achieve. This will help you to stay focused on your objective.

3254: 7 Power Tips to Jump Start a Stalled Web Site
You put up a beautiful website - and nothing is happening: no clients, no revenue, no sign-ups. Here are 7 strategies to jump-start your stalled website and begin attracting all the clients you need.

3255: Turnkey Web Sites
With a turnkey web site, anyone can start up a their own Internet business easily. Turnkey web sites are sold as a fully functional web sites with and pre-installed PHP scripts, shopping carts, hosting, descriptions, prices, product images, affiliate programs, etc.

3256: Do You Want To Create A Website Or A Business Online?
This is a question you will have to address. Many folks just a build a website but do not think out why they are really doing it. As a result they don't take it seriously and therefore they do not get serious results

3257: How To Create A Site That Will Work For You
The very fact that you are reading this article indicates that you have something in mind that you wish to achieve. Your goal more than likely right now is to connect the dots.

3258: Beta - A Programming Language
BETA is a pure object oriented programming language developed by Scandinavian School in System Development, Nordic Universities. This was released after a series of enhancements of their first object oriented language SimulaI which was a simulation language. Soon it was generalized into Simula67 which had the object oriented framework, and worked on the concepts of class, sub-class, virtual functions etc.

3259: All You Need To Know About Website Metrics
Ten years ago you could include a hit counter on your website and announce proudly that your site was doing "very well" as soon as the number reached 100,000. The current process is not nearly as simple or straightforward. The internet works in complicated ways that have evolved to solve a number of small problems. Consequently, concrete statistics are often difficult to obtain. If you believe the number of online visitors is a reliable indicator to gauge the popularity of your site or the potential sales of your product, you should consider the following.

3260: Advantages and Disadvantages of Website Builder Tools
Advantages and Disadvantages of Website Builder tools Web site builders are online tools which anyone can use to build a professional looking Web site without programming and have it hosted instantly. No software to buy, no code to learn, all you need is to be a little Internet savvy and know how to click your mouse. Most business owners today know that having a web site is an essential component of marketing.

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