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3361: Constructing a Sitemap
Sitemaps provide an easy way for visitors to see and navigate the layout of your website. A sitemap is not just for human visitors, but search engine spiders as well. Your sitemap should be constructed like the outline of a book.

3362: Website Builder - What You Should Know
The technological developments of the Internet have revolutionized the nature of international commerce and worldwide communication. The mass adoption of the Internet can be evidenced by the millions of households, businesses, and institutions worldwide that are currently hooked up with Internet access.

3363: How Much Is A Design Worth?
A problem faced by all design agencies and freelancers is to determine how much a design should cost, and this is sometimes a very frustrating issue. I think there are two major causes for today's embarrassing situation.

3364: Site Builder Issues - Why Shoeless Joe Was Wrong
Unfortunately, many people are living a perfect example of if you build it, they won't come. Building your site with a standard site builder that doesn't allow for HTML, FTP access, root directory access and easy addition of new pages to grow your site content, is setting yourself up for failure.

3365: Web Design and Multimedia
In the early stages of web design, the first Internet browsers had support for text only, and even the text support was limited to a single font in a single color, and little or nothing else. Then came web browsers with support for color, fonts and text styles, and the support for pictures was added. The support for sounds, animations and videos is handled in different ways by different browsers.

3366: Web Design Navigation and Architecture
When web designers design a website a user must be able to access the content and information on a website without much effort. This is the aim when designing the site navigation.

3367: Why Flash Websites Are A Poor Choice
Flash websites are the rage right now, but these sites have fewer pros than cons. Flash websites have a number of accessibility issues and will limit your ability to optimize for search engine ranking.

3368: How to Improve Bounce Rates to Get More Action
One of the biggest problems on websites, especially coaching websites, is a high bounce rate. A bounce rate is the rate at which people simply "bounce" off of your website; specifically, your home page. For instance, a person might land on your home page and won't click further to any other pages.

3369: HTML - A Beginners First Steps - Working with Colors
Due to this article being hosted online I can't actually show you a tag as the webpage you are reading would make it invisible Tags begin with a "" symbol. For the purpose of this

3370: Online Marketing Works, But Our Web Sites Don't?
The Internet is the world's biggest marketplace, allowing both buyers and sellers unprecedented access, flexibility and capability to scale the business of buying and selling. Not surprisingly, the amount of money being spent in online business initiatives is consistently registering greater heights.

3371: Custom Web Design - Parts of a Successful Website
It's not at all jazz and flash when it comes to creating a successful website design. Read on to find out the do's and don'ts of creating a website that delivers the money.

3372: 10 Secrets To Eliciting The Best Possible Work From Your Web Designer
The most effective and professional web sites are often a group effort on the part of the client and the designer. Preparing sufficiently beforehand, taking your time to select the most suitable individual or design team and asking the right questions can make all the difference.

3373: Ten Tips on How to Find The Right Web Designer for Your Business
A talented individual or company can give your website a professional touch and make it stand out from your competitors. However, you should spend some time to find the right web designer to meet your needs. Here are some tips to keep in mind before you make your final decision.

3374: Power of Keywords - Your Best Strategy
Power of keywords is more than words. The keywords are the thoughts of your audience and your job is to give them what they seek. They represent wants, needs and desires. When you use the right keywords on your articles, you're speaking the emotional language of your target audience. To get the most from the power of keywords you need to learn to speak this language well and the search engines will reward you more visitors to your website.

3375: If Content Is King - Who Are The Princes Of SEO?
Here's a predication that I know will irritate the technically oriented Kings of SEO: Looking hard into my crystal ball, as one does, I reckon that their days are numbered and that they are a dying breed! Now before the techies put finger to keyboard with outraged abuse, allow me to explain.

3376: Keywords For Hot Campaigns
Keywords that produce results allows you much more time to target your advertising, and tracking your keywords is the method you need to use to refine your advertising keywords. There are networks which provide you with statistics on your sales and the keywords used in your ads, how many clicked etc.

3377: Why We Use Search Engine Optimisation Services in the UK
Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is one of the new buzz phrases that is being tossed around on the internet. You see more and more web administrators seeking employees who have experience with SEO and know how to implement SEO techniques. So what is SEO?

3378: How to Boost Your Ranking with Google!
Google is a Beast! The King of all search engines! If you have an Online Business, then Google can make your job a heck of a lot easier! But how can you beat the veterans at their own game?

3379: The Value of Gaining Organic Rankings
The value of gaining organic rankings for your website is assumed to be a good think in practically any marketing piece you read. As with any assumption, you should ask yourself why this is exactly.

3380: The Real Use of SEO and Marketing
What's the real use of all this "SEO" and "keyword optimization"? Isn't all of this just to make you money - which never shows up? Any real expert in the field will tell you that you can't just optimize a page to "make money online" - there are other steps to take. But why, then is your keyword selection so important and SEO so pushed among all these online marketing gurus? Here's a tip for you...

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