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3521: Why You Need A Website - 5 Reasons You May Not Have Considered
Despite the rapid growth of the internet, surveys have shown that the majority of small business and organizations have not yet set up a website. As more of the population becomes computer-savvy, it is becoming expected that a business has a website- and if you do not, you may actually be bypassed for the competition that does have an online presence.

3522: Website Builders - 4 Easy Ways to Build a Website
Gone are the days of complicated HTML code. By using a website builder, you don't even have to know what HTML means to create your own website! If you know how to click a mouse, and type an email or document using a text editor, you can make a website!

3523: Internet Web Site Design
If you are thinking about promoting your products or services through an internet web site design, you are on the right track towards the success of your business. Choosing a website designer is a very important decision, as a good website can bring you more business and a bad one can turn customers away.

3524: Elementary Site Design Problems
The days of parsing HTML for your web design are pretty much over. New programs are both sophisticated and user friendly, but that doesn't eliminate common web design flaws.

3525: Ecommerce Web Site Design
Should you look to upgrade your website then re-designing or even creating a new design is just what you need. The experts in ecommerce web site design can help ensure future success for your business endeavor online.

3526: Finding Proper Web Site Design Template
Web site design template allows you to have all the features of a great high quality site without having to pay a web designer to create it for you. This makes it a lot cheaper and easier to have a design that gets you the attention you deserve.

3527: How a Duplicate Content Penalty Can Hurt Your Online Business
Creating good, unique content for your blog or website can be intensive and time consuming, and you are the person who should reap the full rewards of your efforts. There is, however, a growing trend in internet marketing referred to as 'splogging' (a combination of spam and blogging) that can sometimes inadvertently punish honest webmasters, even if they create unique content from scratch. Splogging is a practice that the search engines look down upon, and it consists of creating a free blog and using automated software programs to "scrape" together content from various sources.

3528: The SEO Guide To Having An Excellent Website Design That Ranks High In The Search Engines
There are millions of sites on the Internet and thousands upon thousands are being setup and added into the fray everyday. How does your website stand-out from the crowd? Having a professionally-done website with excellent graphics and design is important but visitors have to land first on your website before they get to enjoy your masterpiece design. For you to succeed, you need a lot of visitors and this can only be achieved if you do SEO on your website design.

3529: Keep SEO in Mind When Designing Your Site
If you are serious about making it big on the web, you need to be in it for the long run. SEO is a great long run strategy, but you need to keep it in mind when you first design your site.

3530: How Do I Increase My Google Page Rank?
Google has become the gold standard by which an Internet surfer searches for something on the world wide web. By entering in a few words into their search box, you instantaneously are shown thousands if not hundred of thousands of results for the words entered. If you have ever wondered how they can return those results so quickly, the answer is very simply the Google algorithm.

3531: How To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings (Where To Concentrate Your Energy)
Most people are astonished at the cost of using search engine optimization companies. These companies often charge thousands of dollars just to manage your search engine campaigns...

3532: SEO CodeBreaker - Topic 3 Keyword Research
Well let's discuss the videos for Topic 3 of the upcoming SEO CodeBreaker. If people want to get search engine traffic and excellent SEO rankings then this section is the way to truly start it off. Topic 3 is, in my opinion, one of the most important facets of this program.

3533: How To Make Money Online With A Home Office
It is amazing how many people want to lounge around and expect to do nothing to make money online. It does not work that way. Yes, it is easy work. Yes, anyone can make money online but many people won't do it. When you are running a business on the internet and you are trying to make money online, you must take yourself seriously. You have to get yourself motivated to work and you have to work.

3534: How To Make Money Online And Ignore The Naysayers
Those "Negative Nellies" are probably people who tried to be their own bosses and failed to make money online. The question is: why did they fail? How much effort did they put toward their business? Some people think that the internet will just hand them cash. The truth of the matter is that right now, there are thousands of people who make money online.

3535: How To Make Money Online By What You Know
They have proven methods that can help anyone "make money online." Perhaps you do not want to do classified ads. Maybe you want to get paid to help people. Can you turn your hobby into a money maker and can you use it to make money online? Most likely you can. If you know something that someone else needs to know, you can get paid for what you know.

3536: Does Short Web Copy Outperform Long Copy?
If you've been marketing - either on or offline - for any amount of time, you've probably encountered the long copy versus short copy argument. And the definitive answer is... it depends. Let's take a look at a project I've recently completed.

3537: What Happens When You Try And Help A Spam Sender
Whether you opened an email from an unknown source or not, most people prefer to delete this type of contact unopened. But if you are ever tempted to have a peek, read on first.

3538: Why Your Business Needs to be Online - Right Now!
While some people might prefer shopping in a crowded store, more and more people are lining up in the virtual queue to purchase their goods. With the price of gasoline rising, many consumers are no longer interested in driving to the mall and outlet stores to do their shopping.

3539: Website SetUp Explained
If you are thinking of setting up a website, you should fulfil these basic requirements first. 1) A domain - You need a domain to set up your own website. A domain is like a virtual real estate.

3540: Tips On How To Create A Traffic Generating Website
Building a website initially may seem like a major undertaking. There is so much information out there that one can become overwhelmed.

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