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4061: Proxy Scripts in Practice
Choose the proxy you will use wisely. Learn more which one to choose reading this article.

4062: A Strategy To Get Rid Of The CMS White Elephant
Most Content Management Systems (CMS) today resemble white elephants. Terribly expensive to maintain, these applications (like their animal cousins) consume a lot of time, energy and resources to just keep them alive and functional. Over time, and over multiple forced upgrades, these applications turn out to be far more expensive to maintain than they are worth. As a result, many organizations have never been able to justify the high cost and long implementation time required to install a content management system.

4063: Create a Content Website
Hand-crafted websites are time consuming to design and update. But by planning out your structure carefully, and by intelligently using technology like CSS (cascading style sheets) and SSI (server side includes) or programming languages like PHP, you can create beautiful sites that are easy to manage and update. Or you could use any of the collection of automated solutions available that create websites from templates. These programs are powerful enough to let you create sites with 100s or even 1,000s of pages within hours if not minutes.

4064: E-commerce Application Development
Article is about e-commerce applications development and how to select the best possible ecommerce application. Selling and buying is an integral part of everyday life. Its existence is as old as human in different formats.

4065: Essential Tools for a Great Website
If you were to ask me what are the tools you need to build a great website, I can count them with the fingers of one hand. You can hire a web programmer to build a whole website for you, bypassing the need to be acquainted with any tool. But to own a really great website, I would urge you to do it yourself.

4066: Finding The Right Professional Website Builder For Your New Business
When you're beginning a new business online, you want to create a website that will be professional and recognizable. Finding the best professional website builder will help you develop the perfect website to represent you and your business.

4067: Build a Website to Last
Competition online is growing more fierce every day, the key in outranking other sites with a similar theme to yours is in the structure of your website. There are many important components to building a solid website that will rank well in the search engines and last over the long haul. It can be a mind boggling task, if you are building it yourself and even more so, if you lack experience. Take it from a self-taught, do-it-yourselfer - it really can be done. All you need to do is use the right strategy and follow a set plan.

4068: What is Data Management?
The Definition - Data Management is the comprehensive series of procedures to be followed and have developed and maintained the quality data, using the technology and available resources. It can also be defined that it is the execution of architectures under certain predefined policies and procedures to manage the full data life cycle of a company or organization. It is comprised of all the disciplines related to data management resources.

4069: Making a Heavyweight - Optimizing Database-Powered Sites
Making a large, database-powered, website brings you up against optimization issues that are unique to such sites. This article will show you what to do to come out on top in the search engines.

4070: Five Key Tools All Website Owners Should Have?
The internet is a wash with all the latest gizmos, gadgets and software that website owners should have but there are just a few tools that every website owner should have as a minimum to be successful. Lets take a look at the top five tools ...

4071: You Don't Have to be a Web Wizard to Start a Web Site
If you don't have your own web site yet, you may actually be in the minority. More and more people throughout the world are starting web sites for a number of different reasons. Whatever your reason for starting a web site, it's not as difficult as you might think.

4072: Best Web Site Creation - Intermediate Tips for Make a Profit With Web Site Creation
Creating a website is a lot easier and simpler these days. With the availability of numerous website templates and other website creation resources, anyone can practically have a website in just minutes! However, if you'd like to have a super website that will dominate other sites in terms of search engine ranking, content, traffic, and viewership, you should...

4073: 4 Reasons Why Web Analytics Fail
Just the other night, my wife wanted to buy a purse on an e commerce site that I have done extensive work for. Just out of curiosity, I decided to stand behind her and watch her interact with the website. As I jotted down notes as she went about shopping, I began to notice things I had never considered before.

4074: Web Development - Boon for Small Businesses
Nothing has revolutionized this earth so much as the wide world of web. This invisible technological and digital force has made this whole world as one small global village through its amazing inter personal communication skills.

4075: Considering Comments, Compliments and Courtesy on Articles, Authors and Attributes
Many news websites and article websites, where people go to get information are now allowing for more reader interaction. They do this for a couple of reasons; first, it makes the consumers more loyal and second, it gives them a voice, while enhancing their Online Experience.

4076: How to Create a Website
There are many reasons for wanting to know how to build a website, from personal or hobby pages, to affiliate marketing sites, right through to full blown business websites. Unless you are competent at html or website code, and can use a text editor to build a website, you'll need to find some website design software. You will also need to make a decision on website hosting, and domain names.

4077: Hosted Services - Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Exchange is an e-mail service that goes to body building courses. If we were to compare it to a regular e-mail program, we would see that when using Exchange we can make use of plenty of tools and features. Also, Exchange saves all mail data on the email server, not on your PC.

4078: Productive Website Creation - 5 Intelligent Tips on how to Create a Website
In all spectrum, the creation of something out of nothing can spectacular and challenging task all at the same time. Spectacular because you are able to produce something out of generally nothing and challenging because of the ways and means that one needs to take in order to complete the process. In order to allay some of the fears in creating something...

4079: How To Create A Website - Learn The 8 Steps In Web Site Creation
Thinking about creating a website? Before you buy a domain name, you need to learn the 8 steps in website creation. If you have already purchased a domain, these steps may help you achieve your goal for a successful site.

4080: How To Identify The Dollar Value of Your Keywords?
The secret to success in marketing and sales on the internet all originates from one key area - the keyword. The Keywords you use and focus your attention on are going to define the outcome of your website, whether your site successfully sells or whether it doesn't. The volume of sales you make from you website is determined by the Keywords you chose and knowing the value of your keywords is the key to success.

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