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4141: How To Create Effective Alt Image Attributes
Hopefully you are at least somewhat familiar with alt text. This is the text that you see if your image can not be displayed. The text that can be read for a person that is vision impaired. The text that search engines "see" since they can not describe your image, you have to do it for them. To be technically correct, this is the alt attribute of the "img" tag.

4142: You Can't Have My Money !
If you are a business and expect to be taken seriously on the Internet, you need to shape up and project a professional image. Please don't think this is a request.

4143: Planning Your Website
it is important to take the time to plan what you want in your website before you start approaching firms for quotes. The more information you have on what you want your website to achieve then the easier it will be to get accurate quotes and ensure you get what you want.

4144: Does Color Make A Difference? In Website Design, You Bet It Does!
Does color truly make a difference on the web? Yes. If you read this article you'll understand why

4145: Guidelines for Web Design with SEO Advantage
Platform compatibility of the design should be checked. Make sure it is cross platform compatible. Browser compatibility, Screen resolution, Color depth and plug-ins are to be considered for making cross platform design.

4146: Why Do You Need a Website CMS - A Perspective from CrownPeak
In this age of interactive web, organizations can no longer afford to serve 'content' the old fashioned way. Aiming to expand their online presence rapidly, technology savvy organizations are using Web 2.0 techniques such as wikis, blogs, RSS feeds and even, enterprise mashups to engage users with multiple touch points. Corporate blogs are being used to strengthen stakeholder communications, while RSS feeds are making it possible to automatically push personalized and customized Website updates to consumers.

4147: Employing a Database - Your Hardest Working Employee
When it comes to making money online, you have the best opportunity of making the most money with a product that you own the rights to. My recommendation is to create a product that can be completely delivered online, preferably without your involvement as this is probably your best bet at making a consistent and significant profit online. Setting up a database to essentially run the site is like having an additional employee for free.

4148: Make Your Own Websites Easily
Making your first website may seem like a hard task, but it doesn't have to be. There is a large number of available resources on the Internet to help you learn and even do most of the work for you. In this article I will explain the basics.

4149: Secrets To Successful Web Design
A website with an effective design along with concrete content is essentially required. Successful web sites are "user friendly," allowing valuable information to be obtained easily by the user. The brand image and easy navigation for the user must be observed with utmost priority.

4150: Get Rid of Snarls With SEO New York
SEO New York is a best option available for many online business ventures as it attracts traffic all the time without any hindrance. With so many technical solutions available in the market today, who does not want to touch the skies for a prosperous future?

4151: The Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals in 11 Steps
This article provides an overview of the necessary steps for a business to successfully engage in organic search engine optimization and is meant to be a high level guide for orientation purpose. It is aimed to people who are not experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to SEO and the integrate details of web design and development.

4152: Keyword Elite - Keyword Research Software
Today I'm going to give you my opinion on Brad Callens Keyword Elite software. I was asked to express my judgemental opinion on it so others can feel either comfortable purchasing or simply frightened away. So let's begin.

4153: Strategic Keyword Placement Will Yield Optimum Results
Stuffing every keyword phrase into every nook and cranny on the home page is not a good idea. The phrases should be strategically placed (but not excessively) in the page elements that are most important to the search engine robots.

4154: SEO For New Internet Home Business Opportunity
To get a picture, you can think the search engine as a human being. If a man you have never met, comes to you and say that he is your friend and ask you to listen, would you listen? Maybe not, because it sounds so strange.

4155: SEO as a Destination
If search engines do not detect your site as well developed (by their standards) you will not find your site ranked very well. Since most consumers arrive at sites as a result of an online search it makes sense to work to improve your marketability though optimization.

4156: Optimizing Your Website for Search Engine Traffic - Part 1
Search engine optimization is the key to driving targeted traffic to your blog or website. The problem, however, is where to start. This article, the first in a series, outlines the beginning steps towards being indexed by the major search engines.

4157: Tweaking Your Web Pages For Search Engine Optimization
It takes more than just writing articles to get your website to rank well in search engine. I know it sounds complicated and you're not even going to continue reading this because this article sounds like a very technical article already. But hang on a minute here, it's not complicated, I promise you.

4158: SEO Jobs
Now a days search engine optimization jobs are immensely increasing and the people who have vast knowledge regarding search engine are less. So a person with average knowledge can get into these types jobs easily.

4159: 5 Killer Tips How To Optimize Your Home Internet Business Ideas - Site For Both Google And Yahoo
Google and Yahoo are different. If I type one of my keywords, internet business, into Google I get 219 million hits and my site is #3, but at Yahoo I get 991 million hits with my site ranked #260. The question is: can I optimize my site high in both search engines?

4160: SEO and the Content Between the Jingles
In a best-case scenario the reader should have no 'first blush' clue as to what your keyword or phrase is. They begin reading your content because they believe it will assist them in understanding the product or topic better. So give them something better.

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