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1101: CMS - When Do You Really Need It?
Marketers today make a strong case for a content management system (CMS), extolling its virtues in no uncertain terms. But it probably makes sense to take a step back and think: does your organization really need an advanced CMS? If your current in-house team is effectively managing your Website, can you justify a CMS investment to your management team? But at the same time, can your existing solution scale quickly enough to handle expected and unexpected growth?

1102: Google Building the Ubiquitous Web
Today, while Globalization is unfolding, only 18% of the world's population is connected to the Internet. What will happen as the rest of the world becomes connected? By 2020, it may be possible for nearly every individual to have personally-tailored access to the whole of knowledge through 'perfect search' - where the ultimate search engine can understand exactly what you mean and give back exactly what you want; anytime, anywhere.

1103: Long Term Information Technology Forecasting
Yogi Berra once said, "Predictions can be tricky, especially when you're talking about the future." And looking forward is certainly more perilous than using our 20-20 hindsight. However, the future of rapidly converging technologies is not so complex and uncertain that a few reasonable speculations can't be discerned. In Connections: Patterns of Discovery, patterns are presented for Moore's Law and it explores the question, "What is the software equivalent of Moore's Law?"

1104: Semantic Search Technology
Today, whether you are at your PC or wandering the corporate halls with your PDA, searching the Web has become an essential part of doing business. As a result, commercial search engines have become very lucrative and companies such as Google and Yahoo! have become household names. Semantic search methods could improve traditional results by using, not just words, but concepts and logical relationships.

1105: Semantic Web Services
Today, Web Services are self-contained, self-described, component applications that can be published, located, and invoked across the Web. Through the Semantic Web, users and software agents would be able to discover, invoke, compose, and monitor Web resources offering particular services with a high degree of automation. Recent industrial interest in such services and the availability of tools to enable service automation suggests the possibility that fast progress can be made.

1106: Do You Recognize the 7 Early Warning Signs of Internet Business Failure?
The success or failure of your Internet business is never by chance, accident, or mistake. Learn the 7 most common reasons Internet businesses fail...and what you can do about it.

1107: Dont Fall Victim to a Scammer!
All too often the news is filled with home business frauds and scams perpetrated on innocent people with few resources. No one wants to be the next person on the news, but how do we protect ourselves? How can we sort the legitimate business opportunities from the scams? Fortunately, it's really not all that hard. It just takes some patience, resolve, and the ability to recognize certain warning signs.

1108: How to Make Money Online Through Freebie Sites
This article discusses what freebie sites are all about and how it works. It includes basic information on how to make money online through its system without a start-up fee and without any special skills required.

1109: Internet and Business Online - The Art of Reinvention
You can work to develop a web presence and in a year or so the website may show signs of aging. Consumers like to find new material; new content and even a slightly revised look from time to time when they visit your site. This need is essentially that of customers that believe that the site is moving toward something even better than what it is right now.

1110: Attention Women - Start Your Online Business Part 1
This article starts a series that explains why starting an online business is an excellent choice for women and the initial steps to take. Women have to choose the right business for them and do their research.

1111: Creating Online Businesses
There is a right formula when you go about creating online businesses and this article will look at what you need to do to make sure that creating online businesses is a success for you. The first thing that you must remember when creating online businesses is that you must develop a formula. If you want to different websites, you will want them to be run using similar systems or web hosts so that the work you do on one to improve overall performance could translate to similar improvements on other websites.

1112: The Benefits of Making Money Being Online
The benefits of making money while being online are substantial as we will explain. The wonderful thing about being online is that it is now reasonably easy to have a worldwide presence without huge costs, so let us discuss some of the advantages of making money online.

1113: Home Business Opportunities
To start a home business, you have to be ready to pay the price to succeed. Be prepared to expand your skill set and knowledge base in order to succeed.

1114: Want to Start Your Own Online Business?
Things you should know when starting your online business. Make sure the company is legit and do your homework before committing to an opportunity. Letting you know what to be prepared for is the reason for this article.

1115: Hidden Perils of a Low-Cost Colocation Facility - Quality on the Inside
The goal of a colocation facility is maximum uptime. This is a crossroads of factors: multiple Internet backbones with intelligent routing, redundant power systems, adequate cooling. Behind the frontline systems is a commitment to maintain systems; without that support, uptime is still a matter of luck.

1116: Internet Business Tip Number 1 For A Fantastic Focus Formula
Are you struggling to see your internet business project through to the end? The Focus Factor is one of the key elements in determining whether your internet business is going to succeed or fail.

1117: Finding the Best Way to Make Money Online
The best way to make money online is a question I seem to get quit often. Millionaires have been made on the internet and thousands have failed trying to follow in their foot steps. Which brings us to the question, Is there really a best way to make money online?

1118: Are Membership Sites for You?
There are basically two types of membership sites: Free Sites Paid for Sites People on any membership Site have common goals and interests. Free membership sites are often offered to a customer after they buy a product. In that way they will be sure to get any updates of the products, and/or support from the vendor.

1119: Make Money Online - Opportunities For Success
How do you measure success? Do you ever dream of being successful? What pictures come to mind when you see yourself as a successful person?

1120: The Importance of Lead Generation in Network Marketing
The coming of network marketing has become the most exciting form of lead generation out in the market. Initially, when this type of business emerged, it used to be called hunting which was actually what it really is. It is basically doing what hunters do.

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