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121: Optimizing Your Sales Page the Right Way
In this article, I will explain how it is sometimes more important to write a page with the people in mind, how they think, feel and react than to have it optimized for the mere purpose of drawing traffic. Having sales pages in your online business or website is the main moneymaker for your business. So it is important to have the copy on that page to be as congruent to the language of the people you are selling to.

122: Profit Plan 2010 Review
Profit Plan 2010 is an online money making program that offers an educational and website component. I will try and be as fair as possible in reviewing this opportunity as I entrust the reader to critically evaluate this opportunity for them. The program sells for just under $50 and gives one a website, or "automated cash system".

123: What is Reputation Management?
Reputation management for businesses is the process of monitoring and responding to what people are saying about you online. It's also the process of making you look better on the Internet.

124: How to Improve Your Online Reputation
Improving your online reputation is often a labor intensive undertaking, but it can yield great results. Chief among them is the fact that the better you look online, the more likely customers will trust you enough to do business with you.

125: Create Your Own Website in 3 Simple Steps
Making your own website has become easier and easier as the internet has kept changing but do you really know how to create your own website? You can quickly and easily create a website using the following 3 simple steps:

126: Mark Your Way to Success With Web Application Development
Over the years, internet has become a major part of the world economy. This in turn has attracted many investors to become a part of the internet industry and thus invest in it for its further development.

127: Discover Basic SEO Tips to Get Back Links - Generate Traffic to Your Affiliate Website Or Blog
Here is some basic tips of getting back links to generate some traffic for your website or blog. These tips aren't mine but shared by other internet marketer which I thought could be shared to you as well.

128: Business Development Strategy For Minimizing Online Business Reputation Risk
When people deal with companies or other business people these days one thing is for sure: they will use Google search engine to find everything possible about the business or a person they are dealing with. What will they find when they put your company name to Google search? Unfortunately many times results can be quite devastating.

129: How You Can Make Money With YouTube
YouTube is probably the most popular free video streaming website in the internet. Over 5 million viewers open YouTube worldwide.

130: Tips For Online Payment
Shopping, paying bills, and interacting or exchanging money online is not new anymore and almost everyone of do it confidently. However, when you are making an online payment, there is a safer way to do it.

131: Tools For Todays Gold Rush Mining the Internet
During the California Gold Rush days many fortunes were made and many more were lost, and behind the scenes there was a group of savvy Businessmen who have outlasted the miners and the mines, they were and are the tool suppliers. Do you have the proper tools to mine in today's "Gold Rush" days?

132: The Simplest Way to Get More From Your Website is to Understand Conversions
OK, so you have a website and you've figured out how to drive traffic to it. The next thing you need to do is look at increasing your conversion rate. You need to know about this because it can easily double and triple your sales.

133: Preparing Your Website For a Pre-Launch
Have you ever launched your own website before and received no traffic or any visitors to it in the first few weeks? I know I have, and it was disappointing. I want to share with you some simple steps to avoid the same mistakes I made when I first started. Also these steps are not hard to implement and does require a bit of effort on your part. I know once you have tried these proven methods you will never launch a website without this.

134: The Proper Mindset to Start Your Business
When I started in this business, the one thing I had to overcome was fear. I had to find the courage to begin. Look at your personal growth-do you read everyday? Do you exercise? These two things alone changed how I felt. Have you thought about meditating or self evaluation? Sitting alone and focusing on a subject is amazing! Who is in your inner circle? Those who think like you are those who are negative?

135: How to Make My Own Free Website
Find a reputable company that will give you a free trial. Register your own domain name. Find a good site building software. Create some email accounts and get state-of-the-art hosting.

136: WordPress Video Lessons
WordPress has quickly become the quickest and easiest way to get a web page online and even complete beginners can have a web site up and running in a matter of hours. The problems start to arise when people become a bit more WordPress experienced and want to start to change header images or maximise their 404 pages.

137: 5 Tips For Creating Great Website Content
If you're like most business owners marketing online, you rely pretty heavily on your website to draw in traffic and drive sales. Your site is, in fact, the place where it all happens. Ultimately, it's where you want your target market to end up.

138: Importance of Having a Relevant Landing Page on Your Site
The importance of a landing page cannot be underestimated and can be better understood only if we have a clear plan of what a landing page exactly is. The home page of a company is effectively the most valuable page of the company. This particular page is an introduction to the company and has all the information about the company in a specific structure which is accurate and to the point.

139: Full Time PHP Programmer Or Fixed Cost? What Model is Good For You?
I have tried to differentiate two models of outsourcing projects with their advantages and disadvantages. One can assign a fixed cost PHP programming project or one can hire a full time PHP programmer for one or more projects.

140: Few Tips on How to Increase Google Rank
There are only 3 things you need to be on the number 1 page of Google, so here is how to increase Google rank, and how you can put all of this on the auto pilot! First off, while most people struggle on ranking high, one of the reasons is, that they are trying to rank a very competitive term on a brand new domain name. It takes 1-3 months for you to get at least some rank for your domain and you can only do this with high PR sites.

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