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1541: Keyword Research - ABCs Of Doing Keyword Research
Step by step on how to do keyword research. Find the long tail keywords related to your niche that have low competition and high search volumes. Rank high in the search engines for your website by knowing how to do keyword research.

1542: 6 Steps For Managing Your Search Marketing Campaign
To be effective, pay per click search marketing requires continual attention. Here are a few things you should be doing on a regular basis...

1543: Repetition - The Key to SEO Success
The key to any successful SEO campaign is to implement a strategy grounded in repetition. The more effective SEO practices are implemented the better a website will rank in search engines.

1544: Directory Submissions - Are They Worth The Effort?
When a site gets submitted to a directory, an editor normally checks the site. Some directories like Google open directory project (DMOZ) charges no fee, whereas very popular directories such as Yahoo Directory charge a yearly fee (except for some regional categories).

1545: Seeker of Truth
Short article on the power and future of SEO and website promotion. The influence of both Google and SEO providing information all around the world.

1546: More Website Traffic - How You Can Get More Website Traffic In 3 Steps
Contrary to popular belief, getting more website traffic is pretty simple if you understand just how to do it. Check out the 3 steps to take you to dizziying traffic heights.

1547: PPC and Web Design
Many businesses will use PPC ads on their website as a means of offsetting costs associated with site upkeep. Certainly websites with lots of content enjoy the premise behind PPC advertising.

1548: Get Started With Your Very First Mini-Site With These Simple 5 Step Process
Have you faced a tough time with creating your mini-site? This article will take you to right path with small 5 step process.

1549: Design Your Mini-Site With These 12 Major Steps
A hot selling machine can help you to start your own internet business with the help of mini-sites. Single page website has proven to be most attractive and focus based business pulling thousands of dollars worth of products on autopilot. Every system needs to follow some process.

1550: Adobe Dreamweaver
Adobe Dreamweaver is a desktop-based web development software application, that was originally developed by Macromedia (who were purchased by and merged into Adobe Systems Incorporated in December 2005). Versions of the software are available for both the Microsoft Windows operating systems and Apple Macintosh computers. As well as supporting the design of web pages and web sites using HTML, recent versions of Dreamweaver have also added support for other web techologies, including CSS and JavaScript, and server-side scripting languages such as ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Java Server Pages ("JSP") and PHP.

1551: Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Fireworks (often known as "FW" for short) is a desktop application for editing bitmaps and vector graphics. The program, which is aimed at web designers, was originally developed by Macromedia (who were purchased by and merged into Adobe Systems Incorporated in December 2005), and interoperates particularly well with other former Macromedia products such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash. Versions of the Adobe Fireworks are available for both the Microsoft Windows operating system and Apple Macintosh computers.

1552: The Magic Of Sticky Websites
A sticky website is a website that people visit over and over and over again. It's a site's ability to keep visitors on the site once they have navigated there or encourage the visitor to return frequently (i.e., the visitors "stick" to the site).

1553: 5 Success Strategies That Guarantee Online Profits!
Let's look at the top strategies that are fundamental to online profits. No Internet or affiliate marketer can afford to ignore these basic tactics if they are serious about making money online. Here are some tips that are practical, easy to understand and implement right away. Many are amazed at the impact it has on their business, and naturally, their profits. So lets get started with - Launching your website and tips for success.

1554: Web Design and Low Fluff Tolerance
There's a part in the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang where Caractacus Potts, played masterfully by Dick Van Dyke, has the opportunity to visit with candy maker Lord Scrumptious about a treat he had invested purely by accident. Lord Scrumptious appears in every way a very busy man and a rather no nonsense character. He gives Caractacus a short period of time to pitch the idea - and he's keeping track of the time while he continues with his daily routine.

1555: How To Make A Website - Not As Hard As You Think
If you are just beginning to make your own website, you may wonder if the procedure is too difficult for you to undertake. Lots of great enterprises never get launched because the task feels enormous. But you can look at the whole thing differently and break the larger task into smaller ones which will be far simpler to accomplish. Get started with the most crucial chores and once those are behind you, you can decide what else you really want or need to do to have a fully satisfactory site. This way, at least you'll have your basic requirements out of the way and something of quality to show for your labor.

1556: Website Design Software - Microsoft FrontPage
The Internet has been the revolution of the Twentieth Century. However, unless you knew how to process complicated code, previously the opportunities to make any money out of the Internet as a business were limited.

1557: Are The Colours You Are Using Sending Out The Right Message?
If you were to ask someone what the most important aspects of any website are, the chances are their answers wouldn't include the use of colour. While it isn't perhaps at the top of the list, colour can play a more vital role than you might imagine. For example if your website is aimed at men you wouldn't choose tones of pink and purple to design your site. This is an obvious point to make but it does illustrate the need to think about what colours you are using and how you are using them.

1558: Make Your Author Website Tell You More
Are you getting the most out of your author website? You can't answer this question until you know how many people are visiting your site, where they come from, and what pages they visit on your site. This article will tell you how to do this for free using Google Analytics.

1559: Choosing A Good Web Designer - Part 2
Part two of an article about how to choose a great website designer. This article outlines some of the problems and how you can overcome them.

1560: 10 Tips For Web Design
While it sometimes seems like anything goes in the world of web design, there are certain core rules that should be followed. Highlighted are the 10 key design tips that each website should stick to.

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