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How Interlinking Your Posts Helps With Search Engine Optimization

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We all know that interlinking your posts helps your search engine ranking. Find out why.

Let's say you have a do-follow link in your profile page on a web forum. Any link is a good link but the anchor text for that link is probably something like Visit RodSteiger33's Home Page. Now that's cool if your site is about Rod Steiger or your key words involve Visit, Home, or Page(you could be a real estate agent offering free 'visits' to houses or you could be offering a page distribution service) but otherwise your link juice is being wasted.

Let's say your blog is called Noob-Blogger, is hosted at blogspot, and you have one post on each of your pages. You have some juice for the homepage of your blog for Visit, RodSteiger33's, Home, and Page as the forum profile link is linking to the homepage of your blog and is not a deep link. You have ten posts so far on your blog. Your post today is called "How to Make Money Online without Using a Computer and Using Psychic Powers", so you decide to link back to an old post called "How to Make Money Online by putting your cat on the keyboard" using the title of the post as the anchor text.

Now some of the juice for Visit, RodSteiger33's, Home, and Page is converted to useful juice for keywords like "Money", "Cat", and "keyboard". Blogger has a useful feature called labels that helps to automatically interlink your posts using useful keywords. Since you probably have a lot of juice going to your home page you should make sure you are converting some of that random juice for things like your name into juice for useful keywords at all times.

Now if you're a hardcore internet marketer you probably only have targeted anchored deep back-links to your blog but if you're a passionate niche blogger you're probably trying to get all the back-link juice you can from any source you can find because you only have that one niche that you want to blog about. It's those people that interlinking helps the most.

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