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Is My Website Automatically Indexed on Google?

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Now that you have managed to get your site up and running, its now time to get indexed. The question is whether my site is automatically indexed in Google or do I have to do something to get it listed? Read on.

So you've finally got your website up, its all designed and you're waiting for the Google crawler to come along. Its now two weeks later and your site isn't indexed? You ask yourself is my website automatically indexed in Google?

There are several ways to help get your site indexed in Google.

The first option is to firstly use a 'pinging' service. What this does is to let the search engines know that your site exist and to visit it next time it goes crawling (although this can never be guaranteed).

Another option is to create an XML sitemap. If you do not know how to do this, there are many free tools online to help you create one. A sitemap file is usually stored in the root folder of your homepage and can be named whatever you like, however most people just leave it as sitemap.xml. The next step for a sitemap file is to submit it using a Google Webmaster Tools. You will also be able to monitor if your pages have been crawled and indexed.

Social bookmarking is another way to get your site crawled and indexed quickly. The most popular sites are updated every few minutes with fresh content and search engine spiders absolutely love them so it is definitely worth bookmarking your pages.

Article directories such as Ezine Articles similarly to the point mentioned above are crawled every few minutes as it has very good credibility and authority. It is always worth submitting as many quality articles as you possibly can with a link back to your site to try and get it automatically indexed.

RSS feeds are an additional feature you can implement. If you do not know how to do this, then just like a XML sitemap, there are plenty of tools to help you do this, IceRocket have a great RSS builder which is free. Once you create an inventory of your pages, you can submit this to several directories.

If after all the above methods have been implemented, you may want to look at your robots.txt file as this may be blocking the spiders from crawling your site or you may have other issues. Rest assured, there are many people that claim that they can get a site indexed in hours, however it can take weeks so one needs to be patient.

So in essence, if you have a brand new website that has no backlinks, no sitemap and nobody knows about your site, then it will be very unlikely that your site will automatically be indexed in Google. The best way is to get backlinks so these links can be followed and then eventually to your site. Most of the methods above try to cover this point. Good luck.

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