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241: How To Find The Correct Keywords
The most common tool used when people are looking for information is the search engine. People using search engines usually do not view results beyond the first couple of pages.

242: Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website - Understanding Keyword Life Cycle
Keyword life cycle provides a glimpse into the psychological build up behind the decision making process of a potential consumer. It is therefore important to understand the keyword life cycle to master the skill of selecting keywords with high KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) that will drive targeted and qualified traffic to your website, resulting in increased conversion rate.

243: Search Engine Optimization 101
For all the aspirants who are keen to have a website of their own, it is important that they know how to increase the traffic of your website better. How to create the traffic is a skill in itself . You have created many pages and generated huge content for the websites but how to make your target audience visit your site? Well that is done through SEO or the Search Engine Optimization tools. This would ensure that it can deliver the message across your target segment through high visibility and presence on the World Wide Web.

244: Game Playing in SEO and PPC
The Game is based on a now classic problem posed by the economist W. Brian Arthur set in a popular bar. Everyone liked going to the bar but it was not a fun place to be when crowded. In these circumstances what is the best strategy to maximise a fun evening out. Should you avoid week ends?0 Go early Go Late? Surely everyone else will be doing the same. A similar idea would be the idea of living off peak? Going to the supermarket on Monday at 10:0 PM but then there is no fresh bread.

245: Buying Websites for SEO - Should You Consider This?
Should you consider buying a website for SEO? Or do you need go down that path at all? Are there quicker, easier, simpler, cheaper options available to you?

246: How to Use Squidoo to Build Your Page Rank
Building page rank is critical to the long-term success of your site. Web 2.0 platforms, such as Squidoo, are great resources for doing this. Read this article to find out how.

247: Advertising Plus SEO
If you want to sell something on the interwebs there's plenty of ways to do it. Ebay's usually the first port of call as people go to that site with buying in mind. But the rest of the intenet is rife with people trying to make money, and if you can find a search term that no one has thought of optimizing for you can actually stand to make some money.

248: SEO Article Writing - Why It Is Important to Have Something to Say
Anyone who knows a few words of a language can do SEO article writing in that language. The main question is whether the article will be effective in the long run. It is important to have something valuable to say. By using proper SEO article writing techniques, one can come up with material that is more beneficial.

249: What Personal Injury Lawyers Need to Know About Getting a Web Site Placed Well in Google
Having a personal injury attorney website placed well on Google is not a matter of luck and it is not a function of how much money you spend. Rather, it is a combination of link sharing, age and most importantly, frequently updated, original content that is relevant to your practice area.

250: Why Is Page Rank so Important?
Most people accept that Google is the most important of the search engines when it comes to getting traffic, this is not to discount any of the others but when it comes to getting your site listed in the results pages, Google is the one you need to know about. Page Rank is one of Google's systems for raking a site. A high page rank will often mean that your site will be looked upon more favorably than a similar site with a lower page rank or PR.

251: Deep Indexing - Squidoo and Search Engine Indexing
One of the challenges for affiliate marketers at the moment is to get the search engines to index beyond the first page of a website or blog. The amazing thing is that Google automatically deep indexes Squidoo lenses. This article provides the evidence.

252: A Beginners Guide To SEO Part 3 - How To Describe Your Site To The Search Engines
Now that you know about the search engines, and you have produced some content, you need to be able to tell the search engines about your content. As you know, search engines are not human, they are computers. In order to effectively communicate with the search engines, you need to learn a slightly foreign language.

253: Usability of SEO Services India
The online community is a broader marketplace that a business entity cannot afford to ignore, in case when the business tends to make a strong online nature. Millions of consumers visit the internet everyday just to provide better satisfactory services to people. On the other hand, the internet poses a quite different challenge.

254: 5 Steps to Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings
Ever since business owners have discovered the importance of websites in boosting their profits and maintain or gather new customers, they have spent a good amount of time in front of their PCs. They have been tweaking their webpages in order to conform with the SEO tricks that they are learning.

255: How to Launch Your Own SEO Company
Having knowledge and experience about search engine optimization doesn't really mean it's going to be very easy for you to build your own company. There are still a lot of things that you have to consider, though possessing the skills will give you a good head start.

256: Dont Hurt Your Rankings - Common Mistakes Made by Companies
Search engine optimization and even pay per click campaigns will surely be around for quite a while. Perhaps this is because they still remain two of the best strategies to obtain the most ideal search engine position for your website. However, because the results may take some time, there are a number of companies that unknowingly or deliberately "sabotage" their own SEO and PPC campaign.

257: Getting Your Site Ready for Google
Google is known as the search engine that is most widely used by Internet surfers and the like. Because of this, most webmasters are concerned about optimizing their websites to be able to get a high ranking in Google along with two other engines, namely Yahoo and MSN.

258: Googles Latest Update for Its Algorithm in Detail
Google has recently launched an update for its search engine's algorithm. Nicknamed "Jagger" this update has resulted to critical changes in the way that Google gives weight to certain factors that it looks at in coming up for page rank.

259: How to Gain Rankings in All Three Big Search Engines
Google, Yahoo! and MSN are the three biggest search engines in existence today. People use any one of these three to make searches for any kind of information that they want to look for in the World Wide Web.

260: Page Optimization For Google - 15 Tips To Optimize Your Pages
When doing search engine optimization (SEO), there are many aspects to consider. One important aspect is page optimization. You need to make sure that your web site's pages are "bot friendly". Meaning that your pages should organize and display the information in a manner that the bots used by the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc.) will recognized your targeted keywords and give more weight to your site based on them.

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