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Anatomy of a Personal Training Website

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This article details the basic must have sections of a highly effective personal training website. The article helps individuals to identify the key parts that will help them develop a website that will generate good quality leads and resulting income into their business.

There are so many aspects of a web site that are important, but in this short article I am going to look at the aspects that are key to getting you more business! After all that is what we all want.

Home Page - The home page is a vital aspect of any website, being the most viewed page of any website it must catch the attention and most of all imagination of the visitor. It must initially satisfy them that you are reputable, can satisfy their need, and you are above all interesting enough to look more at!

So how can you portray a reputable image? This is done via ensuring that your website look professional, if your site look like you knocked it up in 10 seconds in your bedroom, clients will see it. Websites do not have to cost a fortune but a professional looking site is worth it's weight in gold!

Showing you can satisfy a customer need is easier, make sure that your first title line on the page details what they are looking for, for example 'Personal Training in Manchester'. It immediately tells visitors that they have found a personal trainer based in Manchester. In the first paragraph you should detail all the features of your product, and apply these features to a prospective client in terms of benefits they will get from using your services. You want any visitor to identify with as many of the client benefits as possible, so they will feel more draw to your services and they can identify that your product will fit their specific need.

Being interesting can be a little harder, but it is vital that you represent your own style. Just be natural, honest and visitor interest will be easier to generate.

Testimonials - these are key to building a level of trust with prospects visiting your website. You need to develop testimonials that your prospective clients can identify with, so if you are working a particular niche then you need to gain client testimonials that address the specific benefits of your service for your given niche market. Where as if you are a generalist, you need to ensure that testimonials are individually specific to a problem set but when looked at all together cover a wide range of well being goals.

A great way to get across a testimonial to a client is via the use of video, by a prospect being able to see an existing client it is instantly more trustworthy than the written word alone. Use testimonials as much as possible, do not limit their power to a specific testimonials page, but sprinkle them throughout the site.

List Generating Aspects - all visitors to your website should be encouraged to leave their e-mail details with you. These details will start to come together to form a mailing list of potential clients who have shown interest in personal training. I will be looking at the importance of having a mailing list and how to get the most from you list in a future article.

Bear in mind though this does not have to be via a traditional e-mailing list, you can encourage people to follow you on Twitter, join Facebook Groups, become your Facebook Friend, or sign up to an RSS feed. Even better you should try and get visitors to do as many of the above as possible.

To get a higher percentage of visitors to give you their details you need to offer them something of value for free. Many people under estimate the power of a free e-book, program, discount voucher, etc... as an incentive to sign up to a list.

Reasons to return, and therefore bookmark, if you offer some great content on your site, such as a blog, articles, podcasts, anything that is changing and new on a regular basis you will give potential clients a reason to come back to your site on a regular basis. This helps to fix you in their mind and when they move into the action stage from contemplating using a personal trainer, who will be the first name they think of? Yes that right you!

Services - You services need to be clear, and understandable. There is no point having 101 different services on your site if they are all based on the same base product. You need to remember that you know a lot about the fitness industry, your clients on the whole will not. So put yourself in the position of buying a service in an area that you know nothing about, such as using a mechanic, how easy would you like your service choices to be? What kind of language and terminology would you understand?

Contacts - This is vital, how are you going to turn these visitors into a sale, well you need to get them to book a consultation or initial session with you. This all comes down top the contact page, you need to make sure that your contact page is easy to find on the site and is clear about how you expect people to contact you to arrange that all important consultation/taster session.

Most trainers do this via phone, so make sure your phone is always answered (use an answering service if necessary), or in the rare occasion it goes to answer phone the message states you are with a client and you will immediately call them back. If you get e-mails make sure you respond as quick as possible, so make sure that you check those e-mails regularly.

Calls to action - people like to be told what to do in simple easy to understand language. As simple as it sounds but people need to be told what to do, if you want people to book a consultation make sure you tell them to do it and how. By using a simple line of text such as 'Call us NOW on 0161 614 0133, to book your FREE, no obligation, consultation/taster session'. Using calls to action in my marketing has had a massive impact on my response rates, even better make your calls to action urgent by adding an incentive, such as first ten to book a consultation get 10% off their first booking! These easy tools can have a massive effect on the effectiveness of your marketing effort.

Websites are a massive topic to cover in such a short article so I have only skimmed the surface of all that is out there when looking at website development and marketing. I hope that this has helped you identify some of the key factors to concentrate your time and efforts on.

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