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Create Your Very Own Website

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Creating your very own website. Is this do-able? Can some one like me do it?

Creating your very own website. Is this do-able? Can some one like me do it? What I was searching for was a real actual beginners guide. Written by a beginner, as he or she was actually doing it. But I could not find anything as simple as that.

My initial excitement began to drain and my disappointment started to set in. A question I asked myself often is - do I need a website of my own? Can I create my own website? I do not have any knowledge of how to create a website. The thought terrified me.

There is a lot of new beginners out there that have experienced this for themselves.

I invested my time and effort and rolled up my sleeves, brewed me some strong coffee, every morning and submerged myself with many different tutorials, downloaded various courses, and over time - and through it all -i taught myself the basics of how to get a website created and online, with the guidance of a really admirable, honest and most giving teacher.

My website is integral to the success of my business. My website, not somebody else. I want to be able to know what to do when something goes wrong, or when I want to make a very simple change to my site? My website is the life blood of my business. I am dead serious about making money from online, I need to get over your web fear, and guess what I did!

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