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201: Ways to Make Your Business Grow Using Landing Pages
There are two ways you can use to make your online business to be successful. First, you must know how to handle an online business, and second is you must have a good landing page design.

202: What Do You Really Think Your Website is For?
There's a great similarity between the aims of a business and those of its website. So why do so many business owners not grasp it?

203: Flash Game Design For Viral Marketing - An Explosive Traffic Boost
One of the most effective forms of marketing has to be viral marketing, particularly through the use of online Flash games. Many well known brands are using this method to put their message in front of new audiences. Definition The term viral refers to the way in which these messages are spread, be it by an email, a funny video or a Flash game. As opposed to traditional mail-shot marketing for example, having the material online means that it can be duplicated indefinitely and sent from person to person on a massive scale. The success of these "virals" depends on how many people choose to pass it on to their friends or colleagues, so the idea or concept behind the game must be good, original and addictive.

204: Best Place For Website Templates
There is no one size that fits all for website templates. Literally thousands of websites each one promising to provide you with the best templates for free or cheap. Go to a search engine and type in "Website template" and you find out how many choices you have!

205: How to Add a Web to Email Form on Your Web Site
In this article I cover why you need an Email Form on your website and how to make one quickly. Additionally I will show you a few tricks you can do with your new Web To Email Form.

206: Enhancing Business Productivity With Web Solutions
Growing up and living in a developing country like Uganda offers a unique experience to any professional and more so software developers. The reality is that a lot of business and public bodies can benefit greatly from the incorporation of web solutions to their work modal. These benefits are straight forward in many cases, to list a few:

207: How I Created My First Lead Capture Page
Getting started you're going to need to set up a Capture/Squeeze Page. It's really simple to create yourself and only takes about 15 minutes to do. Here's how I created my first Capture Page...

208: What You Must Know About Website Translators
Since you are reading this article I assume that you have an interest in getting a website translator for your site. Before you take that step there are a few things that you must know about translators. Translators are not...

209: How to Use Web Analytics
Web Analytics is a type of measurement, which includes data collection, data analysis and reporting for the purpose of optimizing web site usage. There are a number of web analytics that are available today. Each program uses different approaches in obtaining data and performing the analysis.

210: 9 Ways to Save Money by Hiring a Freelance Developer
Hiring freelance developers can benefit your business greatly, especially considering all the money you will save by contracting a freelancer instead of employing someone. Many types of jobs within smaller businesses (or even larger enterprises) don't require permanent employment, and hiring a freelancer can save you a whole lot of grief.

211: My Website is Gone - Lessons Learned From a Past Client
Yesterday I received a call from a distressed past client. It seems their website was no longer up and she wondered if we could help.

212: Some Points to Consider in Your Website
This article will help those who have been hit by recession and thought of their own online business. These will give them an idea about how to go for their online interface.

213: Designing a Website That Sells
Your web site is a direct reflection of your product and that is why you must have a well designed website that make sales, time after time after time. Your website is your grocery store; your car lot. You must have an atmosphere that is pleasant to buyers.

214: Give Life to Your Website Through Photos!
An important design element that can give life to your site is photos. Photos can add a lot of character to the site, put visitors in the correct frame of mind to view your site, as well as help someone determine in the first five seconds if they should even bother looking at any other pages.

215: Logo Design Software For Logo Design Creation
The article discusses logo design software and how does it influence the designing part. Installing well-equipped software leads to effective logo creation.

216: Write Better Web Copy With Thoughtful Link Placement
Links to other pages or sites naturally draw reader's attention, but their placement can negatively affect your copy's readability. Just a casual browsing of the web shows us that most of us are haphazard about our link placement. We put them in the middle of paragraphs, in the middle of sentences and just about anywhere else that seem like a natural fit.

217: Creating a Successful Fitness Membership Site
With the Internet playing such a large role in business marketing, it's not surprising that it contains a world of untapped opportunities. One popular way to advertise a fitness business is by developing a fitness membership site.

218: Dont Make These Web Design Mistakes
A list of things NOT to do when designing a web site. Include any of these 11 on your site to make it hard to keep your reader, hard for the search engines to index and impossible to make sales.

219: Why Detours Decrease Online Trust and Sales
Have you ever started going one place and then ended up someplace completely different? Sometimes it can be fun and you just may get an unexpected surprise. But when it comes to your customers you want to make sure they get what they're looking for. Find out how detours can put a damper on trust and sales.

220: Community Online Groups Gone Wild!
Have you found your home on web 2.0? There is a new innovation coming out this week that I believe will revolutionize the web. An online community group of communities that is family friendly and member driven.

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