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221: Website Building Tutorials - Real Information Or Sales Brochures?
If you're looking through some of the many website building tutorials out there, a certain question may have crossed your mind: Are these actual instructional materials or are they just a sales pitch in disguise? That's a smart question and the answer is, "It depends on the tutorial".

222: What I Learned From Building My First Website
My first site wasn't necessarily picture perfect, but it was immensely valuable. The experience of putting it all together was great, giving me both the confidence and some of the tools necessary to make gains on future projects. Here are three things I learned from building my first website.

223: What Does Your Content Say?
Content is the most important part of a website but when was the last time you read through your site's content? Many people neglect their website content to the point where they cant even remember what it says in detail.

224: Effective Website Branding
How to effectively brand your website. Also discusses the secret techniques behind McDonalds, Bill Gates and Harry Potter.

225: Website Widgets - Is it Love Or Gadget Overload
A widget is a trendy web presentation tool, a portable chunk of code can be installed into a web page, to offer products, tidbits of information, free offerings, and a round up of web toys. The popular widget being more than a pretty face, can be interactive, informative, and make a web site sticky, but hazards are looming in this love affair.

226: Action Script 3.0 - The Switch Statement
The switch statement is very common in many programming languages. In VB.net it is called a select-case, but regardless of what it is called the process is the same.

227: What You Need to Design Your Web Site
You'll need the following items to start designing a web site to sell your products and services. A computer with an Internet connection and an email address to receive orders. You don't want to run to the library to check your emails and respond to email messages.

228: How to Make Money at Home With the Right Design
The design of your web site can say a lot about you and your business. Take the time to create a design that is professional and appealing at the same time. You want to be proud to show off your web site to others.

229: Important Tips When Buying a Website
A quick way to establish a profitable internet business is to purchase an existing website. Read four tips when buying a website.

230: Making a Cat Website - The Ultimate Labor of Love
American households love their pets, and a special place is reserved for the capricious cat. When making a cat website, providing a mix of feline charm, the value of human interaction, and pet responsibility, is the ultimate labor of love. For each cat that secures their place in a forever home, there are ten more cats waiting in the shadows, that are abandoned, or the offspring of a feral, seeking or never knowing the comfort of safety, plentiful food, play, and love. A good foundation for a feline website, is to possess a true passion for the well being of cats.

231: A Family Reunion Website - A Must For Any Successful Family Reunion
With family members spread across the country and around the world, it becomes more and more important to make use of the Internet to keep everyone up to date with family reunion plans. Here are some important steps in setting up your family reunion website.

232: Three Common Web Site Title Errors
There are three very common web site title errors people make that can be very costly. It's hard to believe how many people do not take advantage of all of the easy tools available to them to improve their search engine placement.

233: Creative Cost Cutting For Businesses Needing Website Design - Development During the Credit Crunch
For the creative industry, the credit crunch has created opportunities, as much as it has reduced potential income. With two successive quarters of economic contraction, businesses need to make savings and a reduction in marketing spend is often a soft target. For many organisations, the pressures that marketing & design agencies are facing is creating the opportunity to have marketing products and campaigns implemented more cost-effectively.

234: For Blog Or Webpage Changes, Only Upload What You Need
It is easy to make blog or webpage changes. Only upload what is needed to change that particular portion that needs improvement without affecting the main portions of the page.

235: Start a Membership Site Without a Membership Site Script
Once the decision to start a membership site has been reached, the thought of setting up a membership site script, with all the potential pitfalls of installing and running the membership script, often puts people off. The idea of owning a membership site can disappear within seconds because of these thoughts.

236: Why Your Band Needs a Website
Why every indie Band should have their own website. Do it Yourself versus trying to get to a Corporation.

237: How to Tell If Your Website is Really Able to Make Money Online
Quick, what is the conversion rate of your website? If you try constantly to find out ways to make money online, the conversion rate is really the most important stats showing the healthiness of your website, because it tells how many of the site visitors will do the desired action.

238: Get a Website Builder and Build a Site That You Can Boast
The internet had truly created a different picture of how people do their businesses. From a traditional form of selling to the most modern marketing methods and from old-fashion advertising to the flashy type of advertisements, all these innovations you can find on the world wide web. Companies build a website in order to cater to a more discriminating market.

239: Why All Hotel Web Sites Look Alike and Why That Is a Bad Marketing Move
Did you ever go online to try to find a nice guesthouse in Marrakech? Or in Fiji for that matter, because the problem is not just a Moroccan one. It is not the fault of the country or guesthouse, but just an intrinsic characteristic of all locations that have a strong cultural identity.

240: Transcending HTML to PHP
PHP is now the most popular server side scripting language and the easiest to learn. If you ever wanted to learn how to have content updated from a database then PHP will have you doing just that in minutes.

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