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261: 10 Golden Rules in Website Design - Rule # 7
When it comes to your website, extra attention should be paid to every minute detail to make sure it performs optimally and serves its purpose. Here is the seventh of ten important rules of thumb to make sure your website performs well.

262: 10 Golden Rules in Website Design - Rule # 8
When it comes to your website, extra attention should be paid to every minute detail to make sure it performs optimally and serves its purpose. Here is the eighth of ten important rules of thumb to make sure your website performs well.

263: Basic Dos and Donts to Create a Website
There are many website Design Company who can help to build your online image/website. So having a website is not sufficient to achieve your target. You should take proper care to run your website smoothly.

264: How to Install a New Blogger Template Easily
This is how I learned how to install any new Blogger Template easily. Learn how you can do it too.

265: Outsource Asp.net Application Development
Software development companies today, provide post maintenance services to build up healthy relations and prove their efficiency to their clients. There are numerous custom software development companies in India, providing outsource asp.net development services. Going for outsourcing of .net development in India not only saves times for such enterprises but importantly, a significant amount of money as well. The trend is evident for the past few years now, as more and more companies are looking to outsource such services to India.

266: Synthasite - The Next Best Thing, Or a 101 For Flop?
I've heard very recently about Synthasite, a free website builder, and I decided to check it out. Created an account, and in a few steps I was setting up my first site. I was impressed - at first.

267: The Implemented Shades in the Web Process
When a task is designed, the management of the time consumption and the scheduling are the most mandatory factors which play decisive roles in every concern. When these conditions are fulfilled then the application is compatible with multiple platforms and this makes it very generic. Hence and application which can run without difficulties then it can generate a lot of revenue and the purchasing rate of the application also faces a rise and generates a lot of profit for the particular firm.

268: Introduction to HTML
HTML stands for hyper text markup language. Let's break that down a bit more.

269: Site Rubix Website Builder
If you're looking to change your life, regardless of the world's financial crisis, then building your own website with Site Rubix website builder is for you. No other site offers you the tools you'll need to be successful. May be you have no idea how to build a website. With Site Rubix no experience is required. This is the only online program that teaches you quickly. Once you build your first website you'll be amazed at how fast things move forward. It's fun, exciting and offers you an opportunity to make unlimited income.

270: Use Safe Identifiers Like Class Names Or Variable Names in Your Web Templates
Each programming or markup language has a different rule set for variable names, class names, etc. They are called identifiers in short. I am talking about HTML/XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and PERL. Those popular languages for Web development have a great deal in common. When learning the similarities, you can handle those languages with ease.

271: Maintenance For Website - 3 Important Tests
Any web maintenance cost is worth it if you want your visitors to keep coming back to become leads and then buy your service or product. In fact, 80% of your website is maintenance, so it's important to do it yourself or use a website maintenance contract.

272: Patenting Paradox in World of Website Development and Promotion Tools
The swirling demand for website creation, invention of various website development and promotion software is changing the pattern of legal habits in the world of online business. Many online marketers and big online brands don't patent their inventions and have serious reasons for it.

273: Creating a Successful Landing Page
While writing landing page copy, you need to keep some things in mind. First of all you need to identify your objective, know the target audience, and know about the product and service before you start writing.

274: Strategies to Make Your Blog Web Site More Valuable
One of the main ways to increase sales is to put offers in various places that are normally overlooked by Internet marketers. One such place is the error page. Another is the thank you page or the order entry form. There are different ways to market people when they finally land on your site, but you want to add offers wherever you think they might be visible to people, so even the error page can be a good place to add an offer. When your buyers see the trouble you've gone to in order to customize the site to add offers in places that can generate unexpected sales, they will be delighted and impressed. So, let's go through some of the details here.

275: Transferring Ownership of the Web Site When You Sell It
There are multiple steps to transferring a web site although the total process only has to take a half hour, if you did it all yourself. But, your buyer may want to do some of the work themselves or you may want to opt to have them do it, depending on if they are knowledgeable enough to complete these tasks. If not, you can do it yourself, but even though the process itself may take about a half hour, the total propagation of the site from one server to another may take several days.

276: Some Simple Things For Improving a Website
If you're like me you have been to hundreds of sites and one of the worst things a site can deliver is old out dated info. What I mean is a website that has material that has dates to articles and content that goes back months and in some cases years. Old content says to your visitors your not really there. It is a forgotten piece web real estate.

277: Transparent PNG Files in IE5 and IE6 Using Drupal
This guide is a working demonstration on how to make PNG images with transparency compatible with Internet Explorer version 5.5 and Internet Explorer 6 which does not properly display transparent images. This method is for Drupal 5.x and Drupal 6.x and uses the PNGFix module.

278: Learn HTML - Understanding the Basic Structure
To learn HTML you must first understand the basic structure of this markup language. This article will get you ready to dive right in and start working with HTML to build your own great Website.

279: Web Creation and Promotional Secrets - How to Make Your Webpage One of the Internets Sickest Sites
Having a page that stands out goes a long way. Every good webpage has something that it can be remembered by. It is important for your webpage to do the same.

280: Cross Browser Compatibility - Some Ways Around Your Problems
One popular browser refuses to comply with the standards, so you get browser incompatibility. Learn some ways that webmasters can deal with the problem other than praying that Microsoft will have a change of heart.

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