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321: The Answer to the Computer Challenged is Creating a Free Website
In today's world, everyone needs a website. It is a major way to keep up with family and friends all over the world. A website is a necessity in this ever changing world of business endeavors.

322: Brushes in Photoshop
Photoshop CS3 comes with a variety of preset brushes that are available for your use. Twelve round soft-edged, six round, and hard edged brushes are all included in the default set of brushes. Airbrush, natural media, spatter, star shapes, leave shapes, and many more also come included in the preset brush tips. With Photoshop you have the ability to download more brushes to add to your collection. Saved brushes with defined characteristics are called preset brushes.

323: Animation in Photoshop
An animation is a sequence of images, or frames that are displayed over time. Each frame is simply different from the frames that come after, creating movement or other changes when the frames are viewed frame by frame. In Photoshop, the animation palette appears in frame mode, showing your animation in a frame format.

324: Vectors in Photoshop
Designing with vectors can enhance an image and make it cartoon like. The time to use vector graphics best is when you are creating an image that is going to be resized, because vector images do not lose their resolution or detail when resized. What is a vector? Vectors are the use of geometric tools like lines, points, shapes, and curves that are all based on mathematical equations.

325: Make Money by Putting Content on Your Sites
I'm not sure if this process just isn't popular or if people really don't know that you can actually put content on your website and get paid, but usually when I tell people about these two sites they are amazed that they can make real money by doing this. I'm only mentioning these two sites in particular even though there are other sites because I belong to these sites and I know they pay and they do work for sure.

326: How to Attract High-End Clients to Your Salon and Spa
Attracting high-end clients to your salon and spa is no walk in the park. You must first understand what your clients need from you and how you're going to give it to them. The visual elements and web copy of a site provide potential clients with a first impression of what your salon and spa is like. Don't leave room for error. Do your website right and watch the money roll in.

327: How to Build a Website That Works
The main purpose of your website is to be seen and then act as a selling tool for you. A website with no visitors is like a store with no customers. 35% of all customers entering a department store will buy something; the other 65% are just browsing.

328: How to Express Your Needs to a Web Site Developer
Once you have found the web developer for your website project there are some things you need to be aware of when you are communicating with him. This article can help you during this process.

329: Outbound Linking - Dont Lose Your Customers
Providing links to external sources to either provide further information to your visitors or perhaps to substantiate a claim or testimonial is a great idea - but by remembering this simple guideline, you won't give your traffic and perhaps customers away. People have a tendency to flit around the web - following links here, there and everywhere. Keeping a potential subscriber or customer's attention is no mean feat.

330: Can UK Website Content Be Written by Anyone?
How long does it take you to select a writer for your needs? If you're not careful a quick choice can turn out to be a poor one. You might benefit from a specific type of writer...

331: Web Content Strategy Inadvertently Supported by Jakob Nielsen
The ability to edit content, and determine the value to the reader, makes the Web Content Strategist the logical choice to create and act on a Long vs. Short website content strategy.

332: How to Write an About Us Page
The "About Us" or "About Our Company" Page is an important page included on your website especially if yours is a small, unknown company. However, no matter how small your business is, you must first stress benefits to your customer on the opening page.

333: Tips to Ensure That Everyone Can Properly View Your Website
Ensure that you try out accessing your Website from various old and new machines that have different versions of operating systems and resolution settings loaded on to them. This will help you to analyze and eliminate any potential resolution problem.

334: Web Design - 6 Critical Elements Your Small Business Website Must Have to Survive
A great number of small businesses have a website because everyone else does. Keeping up with the crowd if you like. If this is the reason that you have a website then there is a very good chance that your website is not performing as well as you would like. There is even a very good chance that your website has not been updated in a while. So, what are the 6 key elements to getting your website to perform?

335: How to Add Background Music to Your Web Page
Choose a good web host that supports music download.Before you add music to your website, remember that the music may be disturbing and annoying to some. Always make sure you have valid rights for the music file before you upload it.

336: 8 Steps to Create Appealing Travel Brochures For Online Travel Firms
A brochure plays an important role in attracting new customers, staying connected with existing customers and enhancing the brand identity of your business. The travel and tourism industry especially pays a lot of importance in designing a professional travel brochure in order to whet the wanderlust in their customers.

337: Use Your A-B-Cs to Make Your Website Dazzle!
Do you know the ABC's of a successful website? Learn how using your A-B-C's can help you build a website that will DAZZLE your audience AND bring back repeat business...the building blocks for success!

338: Simplify Your Website and Stop Losing Customers
Visitors to your website are on a mission: they want to find specific information. While it is good to have a professional or sophisticated website to impress potential customers, the key is to keep it simple. This article outlines the simple steps to help you focus on usability and content that guides your visitors and helps them instead of hindering them.

339: What Can a Free Photo Shop Download Do For Me?
When it comes to exploring the world of graphic design, a free photo shop download will certainly come in handy. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate user, or expert, there are plenty of ways to enhance your skills with the software program that brings newsletters, photos, and graphics to life. Today, the Internet is filled with plenty of free photo shop download opportunities for computer users to explore.

340: What Do All These Graphics File Extensions Mean?
How do I choose what file type to send to a graphic designer or printer? Here's a place to start deciphering all these file extensions.

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