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341: Your Own Money Making Site Within 24 Hours?
To make money on the Internet you need to drive traffic to any website where you sell some sort of a product. In this article let's talk about two easy ways that you can have your own money making site set up within 24 hours or less.

342: Four Things Every Business Should Have
A practical starter guide of establishing a professional online presence for small businesses. Just because it is a home business, it does not have to look like one.

343: User Interviews - A Basic Introduction
So you know your users. You understand them, what they do and what makes them tick. Really?

344: 5 General Rules For an Interesting Website
For a website to be interesting, it must be able to give its visitors a constant stimulation of freshness. Therefore, a successful website must have the ability to evolve as time goes by. For any good website, they must have the 5 factors so that the website is professional.

345: Meta Tags - Still Necessary?
One of the questions I get on a pretty regular rationale is whether or not Met Tags are a great deal important. To that I reply an undeniable, "Yes." For those who are not familiar surrounded by meta tags, lets start with a brief definition. Meta Tags are HTML elements used to provide information about a web page to search engines. Such ingredients ought to be placed as tags in the Head section of an HTML document.

346: 7 Steps to Creating a Niche Website
How do I create a successful niche website? What steps do I take first? Where do I find informative, resourceful information for even a newbie to create a website?

347: Turn Your Passion Into a Business
Have you ever heard this saying? "If you love what you do, you'll never work another day in your life." This sounds great in theory, but how many of us can actually get paid to do what we love?

348: Get Ready For .mobi
Now that PDAs and smartphones are becoming more popular and dropping in price, more people are snatching up their "mobile freedom". However, there is one caveat: web browsing is less than spectacular. To remedy this, the .mobi extension was created.

349: Before You Create a Website, Do These 6 Activities!
Here are some things you must keep in mind before you start the ambitious project of creating a website for yourself or your business. Test a host's customer support service before you become a member - some never answer their phones.

350: What to Look For in an ASP Web Host
When looking for an ASP web host, be sure that you find one that will give you the services you need. If your website depends on a database, you need an ASP host.

351: Customer Testimonials - A Great Way to Add Credibility to Your Website
When used properly, customer testimonials add instant credibility to your website. Ineffective testimonials, however, can easily ruin the trust you're trying to build with your prospect.

352: A Dozen Donts For Your Web Site
So many people tell us what to include on our Web site. But is their advice reliable? Not necessarily, according to the author, who has reviewed hundreds of Web sites. Consider his suggestions about what not to put on your Web site.

353: How to Get a Free Web Site Up and Running in Just One Day
There is a common misunderstanding among the general population that in order to create a website you need time, money, and patience. The belief that you need to hire someone to create a website for you, whether for personal use or business, is just a complete myth. In today's world, you don't need to know any internet coding languages to get started! The only thing you need to know is where to start. This article will tell you where to start - making your initial web development research unneeded!

354: Build a Web Page Using Modules
In the same way modular homes are easily assembled using a set of independent sections, or modules, the Web design process can be made much simpler using pre-built elements. The idea is to create a set of modules that you can pull together for any future design projects. You might use only a few modules per project, or you might use all of them at some point on every page you build.

355: An Introduction to HTML - Learning the Basics
Anyone who is interested in or thinking about creating their own web page should learn at least some basic HTML. This article is a brief introduction to HTML, what it is, and the basic layout of simple HTML documents.

356: Build Your Own Business Website - Site Build it Gets You the Click!
Why build a website when you can build a website that sell? Build your own business website, get it right first time with Ken Evoy's Site Build It. All the tools you'll ever need for online success.

357: Is Your Site an Online Obstacle Course?
To be successful, a small business web site should lead visitors toward taking action - whether it's purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, or clicking on a specific link - the site should provide a clear pathway for visitors to accomplish a goal. But sometimes, moving your visitors toward that action is harder than it has to be because of hurdles (however unintentional) that can block their path. To keep your visitors following the intended path to action, make sure your site isn't an online obstacle course.

358: First Web Site Success - Setting a Goal For Building Your First Site
Your first web site starts with an idea. Millions of people could give you millions of paths to reach your goal. You could hire a designer, you could use a free service, you could sweat it out on your own.

359: Installing Website Templates
I used to get frustrated with free web templates, trying to install them into Frontpage or Homestead, using the zip file they come in. I could never seem to get the pictures aligned or anything to stay straight. It ended up looking nothing like the Website! After much struggle, I finally learned how to upload these web templates and make them look exactly like I want them to every time. I am no expert, but uploading templates is not difficult at all.

360: The Debate of Using Free Animation For Your Website
Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images in order to create an illusion of movement. The most common method of presenting animation is in a motion picture or some type of video program. Not so long ago, if you went on the internet and entered "free animation" as your search, there may have been little to choose from, if anything at all.

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