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21: Creating a User-Friendly Website
There are many people out there that would love to create their own website. Many of them are put off because they do not know how to design one. If you decide that you are going to pay for someone to design your ideal website, it is important to find out if the designer is reputable or not.

22: How to Create Fresh and Unique Content For Your Website
It is possible to include new quality content each day. Follow my advice on where to get inspiration to add quality content each and every day.

23: Internal Website Links
Good and efficient internal website links are often neglected but they are simple to put in place and will have a powerful cumulative effect. They won't rocket your site or its pages to top ten positions overnight, but if you get into the habit of including them wherever you can you will give yourself a competitive edge.

24: Connect With Your Visitors Through Proper Website Design and Construction
What does your website say about you? Does it say "I invite you to search more and I value you" or "I put this up just do get some sales but don't really care"? Your designs, images and construction will exhibit a message whether you are aware or not. Every element plays a role in connecting or disconnecting with your visitors. The faster you can acquire that connection, the greater chance they will remain on your site and possibly convert to a lead or sale.

25: What is the Importance of Personalizing a Website
You create a website based on your targeted visitors. Even though you are not selling a product or service for a specific visitors, you need to personalized your website. The goal of personalization technology is that a website must fits every customer.

26: Create Different Departments in My Online Store
One of the questions people that are new to building a website store is: how can I create different departments in my online store? Well, the easy way to think of it is like building a physical store. Whether you are thinking doing it yourself or hiring someone to design your online store, you need to create different departments that meets the needs of your customers and you.

27: Here Are 5 Tips to Develop an Audience to Your Website
To be a player in the home based business game, website development is a must. It shouldn't be just thrown together in a snap.

28: Does Your Website Do the Job?
Before you even think of starting to build a website, you must put together a proper plan of how you want every part of you site to fit together, if you don't have a plan, you might as well forget about any success as failure to plan is a plan for failure. Even if you have a small one page website, you must make sure you run it to its optimum level, or you will see no rewards for your efforts whatsoever.

29: Preventative Measures - Tips For Professional Clipping Path Job
This article is a discussion about some precautions and tips to avoid mistakes in manual clipping path jobs. Some of these happen for ignorance and some for lack of skill. This article gives six suggestions to avoid these in professional practice.

30: The Importance of Firstly Being Just Good Enough
Here is a real life example of the benefits of 'Just Being Good Enough'. Just Being Good Enough is a concept I inferred from my favourite writer Malcolm Gladwell. In his book 'Outliers' he makes the case, that for luck to have it's effect on you, you must take some action. However, that action does not have to be perfect, it only ever has to be 'Good Enough'.

31: So Why Should I Bother to Make a Website?
You should bother to make a website because you never know what is round the corner. If you have a job right now, can you be sure that you will have a job in a year's time?

32: 5 Things You Must Discuss With Your Logo Design Company
Logo design plays a very important part in a small business or an organization's brand identity and marketing strategies. Yet, still some prefer to go for it in a rush to get their logo designs as soon as possible. However, not realizing the importance of a properly designed logo may even cause some adverse affects on your overall brand identity and marketing plans.

33: Wireframing Your Interface to Improve User Experience
Wireframing interface is crucial to improve the usability of websites and applications. This article presents all the processes necessary to improve user experience.

34: How to Create a Fast and Lightweight Web Page
Creating a fast and lightweight website page to spread the idea more. In spite of multiple opinions a few recommendations by most of the professionals given to design a faster, easier and lightweight website page are:

35: Website Success Strategies For Service Providers
There is a big market for a variety of services that can be delivered online. In fact, one of the fastest ways to generate income with an online business is to offer a service. Examples of successful online service businesses include graphic design, virtual assistance, web content writing, life coaching and marketing consultation.

36: 5 Expectations Customers Have When Visiting Your Web Site
In a previous article, I talk about how having a web site is very important to your business. But just having a web site isn't good enough. You need to satisfy the customer visiting your page. In this article I want to talk about what customers would expect from your website and how you can help fulfil those requirements.

37: Top 5 PHP Frameworks That You Should Be Aware About
The offshore application development scenario has transmuted into frenzy due to the inception of PHP, a widely used open source scripting language especially suited to the building of dynamic web pages. PHP applications are generally found to be hosted on Linux servers and the functionality is similar to Windows Platform by Active Server Pages Technology. PHP frameworks are ideally suited to the objective of increasing programming efficiency.

38: Free WordPress Themes Come in Abundance
Free WordPress themes come in abundance allowing you to distinguish yourself from the rest of the internet. Take the time to look through and find the ideal theme for your blog today.

39: Guide on How to Re-Design Your Home Based Internet Business Website
Planning on creating a website for your business? Or you already have one but needs improvement? Here is an article that will give you tips on how you can re-design your home based business website.

40: Tips to Build a Content Site
On blogs and sites, "Content is KING." People will not visit a site if there is nothing to learn.

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