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381: Tips For Building an Auto Industry Business Website
Building an auto industry website is a little tougher than building a website for a business in another industry because the auto industry is so focused on client contact. If you have been wanting to increase the web presence of your auto industry business but you're hesitant to increase the amount of business you do online because you're afraid of losing customer contact here are some things that you can build into your website that will help you build customer loyalty and give your customers the personal contact they want with an auto industry business.

382: How to Choose Offshore Web Development Services
Choosing the right offshore web development services can be pretty challenging. With a windfall of companies out there you need to find the one that will do the job, and do it well. Here are some tips you can use to make the right choice.

383: Choosing a Shopping Cart
Shopping cart software is often offered in conjunction with hosting services. Shopping carts can be hosted or licensed. A hosted cart is essentially a rented cart where a monthly fee is paid for use. Outright purchase of the shopping cart software is referred to as licensed. Outright purchase allows the cart to be moved; hosted carts have to be re-worked in the new format when changing providers, though it is a far less expensive upfront cost. When deciding on an independent shopping cart, consider the ease of interface with your site.

384: Cross Cultural Communication Web Tools - When to Toot Your Product Quality
Some cultures are described as being high on a scale of masculinity and are compared to cultures at the other end of the scale which are high in femininity. Some cultures will be drawn to masculine information more than others. Read on and discover why.

385: Cross Cultural Communication Web Tools - When to Use Themes of Independence in Web Communications
There are fives scales to measure different cultural behaviors. There are many tools that you can use to appeal to the different cultural behavioral traits of different cultures. This article will cover the independence factors revolving around certain cultures high individualism culture behavioral traits.

386: Cross Cultural Communication Web Tools - When is an Indirect Communication Approach Best?
There are fives scales to measure different cultural behaviors. There is more than one tool you can use to appeal to each of the different cultural behavioral traits. Let's look at Polite Is An Indirect Approach web tool. Read on to understand why.

387: What to Look For in a Dallas Graphic Design Contract
Signing an agreement before you begin a Dallas graphic design project is necessary for protecting both the designer and the client. However, many companies lack knowledge about graphic design, and they are probably unaware of what they should be looking for in a graphic design contract. This lack of knowledge exposes both the client and the designer to an array of misunderstandings and disputes.

388: Cross Cultural Communication Web Tools - International Markets Where Free Offers Work Best
There are many tools that you can use to appeal to the cultural behavioral traits of Uncertainty Avoidance. Read on and find out what they are and how to use them.

389: Cross Cultural Communication Web Tools - How Personalization Helps to Sell Across Cultures
Of the five different scales to measure cultural behaviors you will find more than one tool you can use. Read on to learn the first web tool for cross cultural communication to cultures with high individualism behavioral traits.

390: Sales Page Software Can Make Your Sale Page Look Professional
You can either choose to use one of the sales page generators or software available, or you could write your sales page from scratch using an html editor. Whichever method is more comfortable to you is fine.

391: Improve Your Company Intranet in 4 Steps
Many internal company web sites - intranets - just sit there, not really helping anyone. Here are some simple ideas how to change that.

392: How to Choose a Perfect Template For WordPress?
Many times new bloggers waste their time on searching templates for their personal blogs. Selecting a template for a blog is not a simple task to do but if we consider few points then we can certainly save our precious time and use it for some other important work like content creation.

393: A Sales Page Generator Adds Professionalism to Your Product Page
Everything has to come together, from the catchy headline to the payment button. You will notice that most successful sales pages are composed of many components that begin by attracting the attention with a great headline, progress through stages of content that entice the prospective buyer, show evidence of proof that this is the product he needs, and then assure the reader that even if he is not completely satisfied, he will get his money back with no trouble.

394: Building a Global Web Site?
I think my company's products would sell well around the world, but my Web site is designed primarily for the U.S. market. How difficult is it to redesign my site for an international audience?

395: Valuable Content - Is it Really Needed on Web Sites?
Content can make or break a Web site. That's why valuable content is so important. Without it, your site is prone to failure. With it, your site could very well be a winner.

396: Website Design - What Can PHP Do For Me?
This article demonstrates the power of PHP to avoid repetition in HTML code across multiple pages, i.e. when creating a common menu or global navigation structure. There was a time when I didn't know PHP, it was long ago and I look back at those pages and sigh at my naivety.

397: Can We Trust Young Web Development Companies?
The number of web development companies is mushrooming at an amazing rate with a new company arriving at the market for their share of the pie everyday. But are they really worth the money we pay them?

398: Perl of Wisdom, Perl of Laughter
You know all about Perl, I mean it's the most general purpose programming language around, and probably the most widely used for small 'glue' applications between other applications. It's been described as the 'duct tape' of the Internet.

399: Build Your Own Website - A Simple Guide to Guide You Through
You need a computer, a dedicated link to the Internet, and a little HTML knowledge to build your own website. When you build your own website, you will use the HTML computer language for coding. It is not that hard to build your own website, but it can become rather complicated unless you plan your work carefully in advance.

400: Is Your Home Page Set Up Correctly
If you expect to get the maximum benefit from your website you need to start by having your home page setup correctly. Let's take a look at a few of the basics that make this very easy to do.

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