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461: Easy Website Building - Building Your First Profitable Website From Scratch!
Technical knowledge is seldom necessary to create a web site from scratch in today's environment. With just a few clicks, you can get an array of tools as well as tutorials to help you build your own web site.

462: How to Create Your First Website - Even If You Have Zero Experience!
Until a few years ago, to create a web site, we had to engage a professional with expertise in web site creation. But, today, anyone with basic computer knowledge can create a simple web site...

463: Web Content Strategy - 2 Best Practices For Approving Translated Content
Deciding to translate your site's content adds a whole new layer of time and complexity to your development project plan. It is very tempting to look for quick shortcuts as time lines shrink and launch day approaches. This is where having a clear, approved, well-defined process helps.

464: Automator Workflow to Delete All Hidden .svn Folders For OS X 10.5
Anyone who has ever used Subversion knows that it can be a chore to clean up a folder that you wish to remove from source control. For example, you want to transfer a web site over to the web server, but don't want all the hidden .svn folders to be copied as well. On the Macintosh, it's even more of a pain because Apple's attempt to make the computer easier to use, has rendered it near impossible to manage hidden files.

465: Writing SQL Statements - Tips And Tricks For The Beginner
In case you are not an experienced programmer and know just enough about SQL to make you very curious about knowing more, these tips and tricks for the SQL beginner may help you with your latest SQL project. Assuming that you know some of the basics of writing SQL queries, these tips can alleviate some of your struggles with getting the query results that you are really looking for.

466: How Much Does A Web Site Cost?
This seems like a simple question but there really isn't a simple answer. It's similar to going to a builder and asking how much does a house cost.

467: Static And Dynamic Webpage Designing
A static web page will always have the same information on the page irrespective of the requests made by users. Here it is the conventional hypertext navigation that occurs. But now web navigation has become an interactive experience and it is possible for users to interact with dynamic web pages. On a dynamic web page, depending on the situation and context, the text images etc on a webpage will change.

468: Net Neutrality
Net neutrality, do yo know what it is? Should you know what it is? This is about to change what the net is all about.

469: FIVE Essentials To Display On Your Order Page
After going through every page of your site, your visitor decides buy your product. He/she comes to your order page. At this point there are some invisible factors that stops them to go through the process.

470: Review Of Free Marketing Graphics By Lucius Kern And Mike Filsaime
Find out the truth about Free Marketing Graphics and see if it is right for you at this time. Please read our unbiased review of Free Marketing Graphics by Lucius Kern and Mike Filsaime.

471: Profitable Internet Business - 3 Ways To Build A Great Website
Creating a website can be difficult or hard, depending on the path you decide to take. The biggest decision to make is whether you want to.

472: Web Templates - Why Your Web Site Design Is Costing You Visitors And Sales
There are many sites that we visit as internet users and find them hard to navigate, obnoxious to look at, or they just appear like any other site. Are your sales lower than usual? Are you experiencing a low amount of visitors coming to the site?

473: How To Build A Proper Website - Make Money For Years To Come
These days the search engines are getting better and better at determining what sites are good and what sites are not so good. I was always of the opinion in the past that you just need to go out and build a website as fast as you can and drive traffic into it using multiple techniques. While this did work to some extent, over the long term I was not getting the most out of the efforts I expended in doing this.

474: How To Save Thousands Of Dollars In Two Hours - Part 5B
Can you use a web site to give customers peace of mind? Can you use a web site to save money? The answer is YES to both.

475: Content Strategy - How To Offer Translated Content
Deciding to offer your site's content in multiple languages is a big step. There are many decisions that have to be made that set a direction that will be hard to reverse later. Care should be taken to think about the long-term future of your site.

476: Tips For Effective Online Website Promotion
Website promotion is the means of generating improved traffic to your website. So the sooner you can get your website listed on search engines like Google and Yahoo, the sooner you can reap the advantages of website promotion.

477: Build A Website And Watch Your Business Grow
Do you own your own business and are struggling to keep it afloat? The answer may be just around the corner, build a website! Building a website for your business may be the key to your success. Read on to find some tips and reasons for building your own website.

478: PHP Caching - A Great Way To Super Charge Your Server
Drastically reduce your server load by employing PHP caching. PHP caching is easy to set up and pays for the effort many times over with better system response time and less downtime.

479: What Your Website Can Learn From George Foreman
Just like a George Foreman infomercial running at 3 in the morning, your PPC campaigns can be directly impacted by the time of day. Discover the secrets to optimizing your PPC campaigns from expert web marketer and President of SGG, a marketing web development company in Orlando, Florida.

480: Planning The Content Of Your Website
Every website is different but no matter how big or small they are, or what kind of subject they cover, they all have one thing in common and that's content. Without good content your website will sink without trace, as there is nothing to attract the attention of visitors or keep them on your site once they arrive. The first thing to remember when you are planning the content of your site is to make sure it has a firm structure to slot into. If the structure of your site is constantly shifting and changing it will be very difficult for returning visitors to find what they are looking for - and it may stop them from visiting again in the future.

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