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541: Website Success by Design
You never get a second chance at first impressions. Not only does this truth apply when developing personal relationships, it also applies in the world of website design.

542: Building the Right Yoga Website
A website can serve as a double-edged sword when it comes to enhancing the image of your yoga business. In many cases your website is the first thing that your potential students see and in some cases it is the only representation of your business they will ever see - so quality is important. The image that your site presents and the perception it creates is critical. A website should serve three very important functions for your business.

543: The Advantages Of Using Royalty Free Sound Effects
Royalty free sound effects are actually legal and a great way to help you increase your sales or to boost your project. There are countless of benefits with regard to royalty free sound effects and you can be the one to reap these benefits. In this article, we will look more into the different benefits of such royalty free sound effects.

544: Rich, Legible Content Holds Key To A Successful Website
Website content is one of the most important factors to draw visitors and keep them hooked. No matter how great the design is, if visitors do not find the content useful, they will give the website a miss. This article discusses some of the content-related mistakes we often tend to make and offers solutions.

545: Better Website ROI
These days, most businesses have websites. However, many are designed without consideration of future returns on the investment made. That's right; a website is an investment and should return its own cost to the website owner.

546: Web Design - What Is Important
A person's proper web design for his web site is the one that he thinks is correct. The question how to find out what is right is difficult as there are various styles of web design. A person can get lost while designing his site as there are several methods of designing the site. Eventually there are some people who may discontinue to design their web site.

547: Website Design - What You Need To Get The Most Out Of Your Site
If you are trying to distribute a product or service via a website, then the look and feel of that site are very important. The site needs to not only attract potential customers but give them a reason to actually make a purchase. For this reason website design is critical to both you and your earning capabilities. The marketing investment is definitely worth the return.

548: Does Your Website Need A Guestbook?
It's becoming more and more essential to make sure your website provides at least some degree of interactive experience for your visitors. While you may not think it's worth it, the difference between a website which offers no level of interactivity at all and one which offers one or two ways of interacting with the site can be a big one. There is also the fact that most people are more likely to come back to a website which lets them have some say in what they think of it, at the very least. Let's compare two virtually identical websites to see how this can work to your advantage.

549: 5 Essential Elements For Every Web Page
There are 5 must-haves for every professional looking website. Seasoned web users will expect these standard elements, and you cannot expect visitors to stick around if even one of these is missing. Consistent look & feel: This is the basic mantra of web design.

550: Less Is More In Web Page Design
How many times have you come across sites that are so cluttered with information and graphics that you feel completely lost? Isn't there a problem of plenty with animated graphics, pop ups, revolving text, blinking images and so on? It typically leaves you confused and irritated, doesn't it?

551: Brutally Effective Web Design Secrets That Will Maximize Your Conversions
Web design is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing. You need an extremely good design to convert traffic into sales. This is one of the challenging things about internet marketing that prevents more people from being successful. In this article I would like to go over the basics that will improve your conversions.

552: How to Make Great Mini-Sites
If you have ever tried to make great mini sites you know you need a good template collection. After you find some goods ones looking on the internet, you download them and can edit them in Photoshop. Photoshop is pretty easy to use and you can watch or download videos if you don't know how to use it. After to edit the header and footer.

553: The Fonts Secret - Why Downloading New Fonts Can Be A Refreshing Change
Fonts are a subject that most of us don't necessarily give a great deal of thought to. But that some of us obsess over.

554: Website Templates - Build Your Own Website
Once only big companies could afford to have a presence on the worldwide web, but those days have changed. Today, nearly every business has a website, and usually the few that do not will want to have one. Web hosting and domain name rights have become very affordable so having a web presence is available to even the self employed for very little money.

555: With Any New Web Design You Have To Ask Yourself - Why Would Someone Want To Come To My Site?
Whenever you set out to design a site it is a good idea to think very critically about why a person would want to come to my site. Say for example you have a beautifully designed site that looks absolutely fantastic.

556: Getting HTML Right - Even You Can Do It! Guaranteed!
I can convince those unbelievers, those who think they're not good enough or competent enough to program a webpage with HTML, that they are wrong and being silly. They can do it, guaranteed!

557: How To Improve Aesthetic Appeal Of A Website
It is very important to have such attractive professional design of your template. Find useful information and resources to improve aesthetic appeal of a website.

558: Getting HTML Right Part 3 - Basics
The blank screen waits for your first instructions in HTML. What to do first? Just get into the basics of manipulating simple text. Its easy!

559: The Art of Creating A Website
Creating a Website is like creating a virtual world. It is a way of really defining who you are and what you are about.

560: Top 6 Factors to a Good and Converting Opt In Page
Your opt in page is the first thing your visitors see when they arrive at your website. Imagine yourself owning a sandwich franchise and your opt in page is the same as your stall decor which is how your customers judge you when they first see your shop. Therefore it is very important for you to have a good opt in page that can attract your visitors to opt-in to your list.

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