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601: A Guide To Building Websites That Work
We all have different reasons for building businesses online. It depends on who you are, from raw "newbie" to marketing expert. It depends on what you want out of business and life...

602: PHP Cynosure Of Developers Eye
PHP has taken the IT world by storm. Developers have taken a liking for PHP because it is emerging as the most efficient, open-source scripting language. Besides, it's a well-known fact, that Apache is the most used web server in the world and that PHP is the most used language. The article discusses briefly what makes PHP the cynosure of developer's eye.

603: Build Your Own Websites
Back in the early days of the Internet, only a select few were able to, or could be bothered with, creating a website. The thing was that the Internet was still clunky and slow, and was the domain of nerds and real programmers who had the knowledge to make a website. These people understood HTML. There were no programs like Dreamweaver available back then. Building a website was very labour intensive, and not something that just anyone could do.

604: How To Create Your Free Website In 5 Simple Steps And Start Profit From It?
Ever dream of having a your own website? And start making some money online?

605: Using Custom Website Design to Improve Customer Service
Website design is at its best when it is built on as many aspects of customer service possible. Online business owners who create a custom website design that's focused on the concerns of their visitors can jump ahead of their competitors. Why?

606: Do You Need Website Design or Website Development?
If you use the Internet on a regular basis you have probably noticed the wide variance of website design; some are your plain vanilla type websites; white backgrounds with black text and very few if any graphics while others are distinguished by their heavy reliance on graphics such as flash animation. Website design is generally viewed as an aspect of web development.

607: Increase Your Websites Functionality By Using Scripts And Software
You can work with PHP and CGI scripts and software without knowing the language. Its just a matter of installing.

608: Do You Legally Own Your Web Site?
The copyright implications of independent contractor web developers creating websites for clients. Tips for client to assure that they have the copyright to their web site. Steps to take to assure that you own and control your own web site.

609: Website Building - How To Build Your First Website From Scratch
Everybody knows that having your own website is one of the key factors of creating success online when it comes to making money. But many think that building a website is difficult...

610: Usability - One Key to Web Site Success
Have you received feedback that your web site is hard to navigate? Are your users "dropping off" your site after only a couple of minutes or page views? Do you sometimes get lost on your own site?

611: White Or Black? Which Colour For Your Website?
Now, you are in a situation of making the important decision in your life. You just don't decide on something without any basis or supporting facts; it would not become a sound decision. Such a thing would apply when deciding to choose on what background to use on your website. Making a website is like painting, you need to have a canvass and then you use different color palettes to put it into a blank and dull space.

612: Why Dallas Website Designing Services Are In Demand?
The Dallas Logo Designing services are considered to be best because the logos designed by Dallas graphics designers are direct reflection of the theory "Logos should carve the credibility and identity of the business". The Dallas graphics designer always believes that Logos should be created as such that it evokes the professional expression in the mind of the viewer.

613: Website Design - Using CSS
An article on web design that highlights the use of CSS in web design. This article highlights the benefits of using CSS...

614: Design Vs Functionality
OK... So the debate rages on. One type of person believes the design is not important it is the content that makes the difference.. Then the other type of person thinks The design is all that is important - the content is secondary. I hear it all the time and it... Drives Me Crazy!

615: Metadata - The Key To Unlocking The Real Value Of A CMS
You've heard the admonishment "don't judge a book by its cover". How about when that book has no cover? No author or even a spine? You're probably not even going to bother with it, right?

616: Automating Optimization Of Your MySQL Websites
In a few quick and easy steps you can speed up your MySQL driven websites. A quick and dirty script and cron job entry and your clients will never complain of slow queries again!

617: My Answer to How Much Should I Pay for a Website?
The question small business owners ask me more than any other is, "How much should I pay for a Website?" My response to this question is always the same: "What are you looking to accomplish online?" I ask this because price can't even be considered until the clients needs are fully understood.

618: Need for Web Designing
This article will tell you why you need web designing? What are the important factors to consider while designing a website to make your online presence? Simple steps to create an effective web design.

619: Best Way to Set Up An Affiliate Site
A lot of times I get asked what's the best way to set up an affiliate site. Should you build it from scratch? How should you use data feeds?

620: Graphic Design For Your Website
Good graphic design is an absolute must for any website. With the large increase in the number of websites, graphic design industry is booming. Whatever the content of the site, well designed and attractive graphics are essential to keep people riveted to the site. It is essential to hire people who can design unique and attractive graphics for your web site. Both public companies and freelance designers are available to design your site.

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