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661: How to Avoid Duplicate Content Penalties
Many lazy and unskilled webmasters get the text content for their websites by stealing articles from other web sites. Most do not know that the search engines savagely penalize such actions. However, there is a way to use duplicate content legitimately.

662: How to Make Great Landing Pages
How to make great converting landing pages. If you have ever tried to make great landing pages you know that you need to test and retest your pages to make sure they convert.

663: Which Is Best - Training Dreamweaver Personnel Or Contracting For Web Design?
In today's business climate it is mandatory to have a company web presence. From a one-page brochure site for lone contractor to a sophisticated catalog order application with hundreds of pages, you need to be online for customers to find you. Some companies hire web design companies to create their site while others use internal personnel.

664: Whats Your Websites Purpose?
The number one thing your website must do is have a purpose. It doesn't matter how well-designed your website is. It doesn't matter how easy it is to navigate. It doesn't matter how attractive it is. If your website doesn't get your visitors to take a predetermined course of action, it's a liability.

665: Designing Your Site Is Part 6 Of How To Start An Internet Business
Internet Online business has wide coverage in today's market. Most of 99% business runs through internet. Now for doing business online, you must have to build your site i.e. called website. Website is nothing but physical address or presence of your business on internet.

666: 10 Simple Things You Never Knew about Creating Powerful Web Sites!
Get ten powerful ways to create a great website. The keys are simple, but when followed, can develop a strong, well-crafted, brand-aligned web site that will serve your business and marketing needs.

667: Design - Changing the Way People See Your Site
There are established best practices for good design. You should research, or contact somebody who understands good design, in order to get your site to where you need to be. The best designers understand what works on the web and how to incorporate your brand and web needs in a seamless fashion. Whatever you do, don't create a good style first and then hope to create the design later to match.

668: Why The Worst Web Sites Are Well, The Worst
You know, there is an old saying about how hard work can make up for many misgivings, but even that old adage has its limits. Read on as I give you the down low on how to reveal whether your own website might be in line for the Worst Site award!

669: How to Simplify Web Design
If having an online presence is part of your business goals-and it should be-few things can be more intimidating than creating your own website. A quick search around the Web reveals site after site with professional-looking templates and user-friendly tools that seem out of one's reach unless you are a web designer or at least a major techie. However, SiteBuildIt can give you the online presence you need without the hassle of learning the ins and outs of web design.

670: Bleeding Edge Web Design Secrets That Will Automatically Create A 6-Figure Income
Many web designers seem to focus on building large content websites. These are effective for the search engines, but can prove extremely difficult to monetize. In reality you only need to build a two page website to be successful.

671: Server Side Includes (SSI) - A Web Designers Best Friend
As a web designer we know that frames are very bad for search engine optimization because it rids the code in the page source. So when Google and other bots trying looking through your web page all it sees is the frames. That's where server side includes come in handy. When you add a server side include to a page it cleans up the code while your working however when a bot searches your site it will appear as if that include is fully there, html code and all.

672: Exception Handling In C#
It has been observed rarely that a program runs successfully at its very first attempt. Mistakes are very common while developing a program and are considered as errors. The errors can be either compile time or run time.

673: Content Managed Websites - An Overview
It is very important to develop content managed websites. For this purpose one can use website content management software. This will in the long term save you much time and money.

674: The Importance of a Website When Starting a Business
The Internet is one of the first places that most people turn to when trying to find information on almost anything. Search Engine Research has shown that more and more people are using search engines in place of phone books. This is evidenced from the type of searches being made.

675: How To Attract The Most Eyeballs With Attention - Grabbing Content On Your Media Websites
If you are looking to make your web site look nice and grab the attention of the people that are looking at it, you need more than just text. After all, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In fact, whenever you are making a web page you should try only to put about 500 words on each page. The rest of it should be filled with different colors and different pictures.

676: Videos - A Must For Todays Website Design
In today's internet marketing industry, the use of videos in creating your website and in promoting your business is a must. The growth of video and video re-lated sites has erupted, the capabilities have increased tremendously and the cost has fallen to where almost anyone can afford them.

677: Whats Your Websites Hook?
If your website doesn't have a hook, you're losing business - more importantly, you're losing valuable repeat business; because an effective hook will not only reel visitors in the first time around - it will also cause them to return to your website over and over and over again. And since the average conversion ratio is only 1 to 2 percent. This means that up to 99 percent of your visitors will not purchase anything the first time they visit your website.

678: Website Creator - Google Page Creator
By using Google Page creator, you will be able to create and publish your own attractive web pages. Not only is it quick and easy, but it's also a free browser based tool. Google Page Creator is perfect for people who are non-technical and not familiar to website creation. You'll soon be a website creator with their easy to set up websites. With rich text editor mode, what you see is exactly what you get, just like creating a Microsoft Word document.

679: Choosing A Suitable Website Designer - Part 1
Choosing a website designer should be easy for your business but there are a number of hidden pitfalls. This article outlines some of the problems and how you can overcome them.

680: Utility Of ISP In Web Site Designing
The questions that are mostly asked, which one receives from his/her clients while designing a website are,"How one can choose an Internet Service Provider (ISP)? Actually ISP is a company that host one's website or we can say that it provides position on Internet where somebody's website is present.

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